Uh-oh! Eyes on the VBM Harvest

Farmer Frank's harvest up in smoke?

Well, well, well.  A couple of little birdies flew over from the HHA this weekend and delivered  a BOMBSHELL.

In fact, this delivery casts a whole new light on motives for Carmelo Garcia's sudden Absentee Ballot Education Drive.

Yep, GA spoke to more than one birdie.  The first birdie was called to a meeting last week with a high level Hoboken official and "someone from the NJ Attorney General".    The topic was absentee ballot fraud at the HHA.  The AG wants evidence on past and ongoing absentee ballot farming.   

The next birdie spoke to me on condition I not name names.  
On Thursday (September 10th) ****  was at the HHA with ballots. He gives $40 to sign and doesn't seal them. He's been doing it for years.  He'll work for anybody don't matter.  He don't live there.  The next day ***** got  a call from the office to come back. They told him the FBI is investigating the ballots. I haven't seen him back since.

 "What office?" GA asked. "The HHA?"  

No, Frank Raia's.


GA's first question: why here and why now?  

Is it possible that Occhipinti, who won his 2010 election with 575 'campaign workers' nearly ALL casting VBMs, whose campaign was the subject of a criminal investigation, now at the TOP of a mayoral ticket was too much a finger in the AG's eye?  Was this the proverbial last straw?

GA thinks that is possible. But what may really be driving the sudden impetus to act is Mayor Zimmer's post- Sandy high profile.

Face it, jealous Dark Siders.

Our mayor is a national figure and a political-celebrity, winner of the National Society for Civil Engineers 'Service to the People Award',  a winner of  Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance Hero of the Harbor Award  invited speaker at the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction conference in Geneva, Switzerland, winner of the Eli Manning fundraising sweepstake and most important of all, appeared in Feb. 2013's Glamour magazine as 1 of 10 featured American women who "Get Sh*t Done".

Featured in Glamour because she "gets sh*t done"
Don't kid yourselves, green-eyed monsters: Glamour's 2012 circulation was  2,374,291.   That's nearly 5,000,000 individual eyeballs across America meeting Dawn Zimmer on the pages of their favorite magazine.  (And ladies, guys may put us down, mock our achievements, attribute our successes to men, but we know they are simply full of shit. And boy, do we love our magazines!)

Like Beth Mason wouldn't have killed for that Glamour nod?  (Pssst... before you hit the HPD on speed dial, or call an out-of-town hack to file a frivolous lawsuit, that is a figure of speech )

Anyway, think about it. From the perspective of the AG's office, what would happen if  Tim Occhipinti swept out Zimmer on a tsunami of absentee ballots?  Talk about a huge black eye for state and federal law enforcement- it would be a  national story, with everyone wondering how they 'let him get away' in 2010.

People, it's a sad fact of life; rich folks, celebrities- and political celebrities- get attention the rest of us don't.

You see how Zimmer was treated like a VIP at an annual Hudson County dinner event this year, when in past year's she's been ignored.  Not in 2013.   Witnesses told  GA our mayor was squired around by North Bergen's  Nick Sacco.   Mayor Sacco even had his chief political consultant Paul Swibinski promise to Zimmer's face that he ( Swibinski) wouldn't work for Ramos.  

Ooops. (Don't know why Swibinski broke his promise and made a jackass out of Sacco like that.  GA hears Sacco is a man of his word. )

Anyway, I do believe state and federal authorities are concerned about the attention a tainted  election of our famous mayor would bring.

GA couldn't think of a bigger 'F*ck You' to law enforcement than running an Occhipinti-Raia slate where the same old VBM harvesters are deployed at the HHA.

That may explain the why the authorities woke up in 2013.

And the HHA's Absentee Ballot Education Drive... why the big show?  To deflect attention from themselves?  Or take the VBM operation 'underground'- door-to-door?

Here's a 'what-if'...

What if a certain person were compelled to turn state's evidence and this 'door-to-door' re-education of HHA voters is a door-to-door harvest of information for authorities? 

By the way, I was just informed that Beth Mason has appeared on the cover of a past  women's magazine- my bad.

Cover Girl


  1. I smelled a RAT coming when Babs blabbed at the CC meeting. I pray that you are right.

  2. Some facts for your story. Carmelo "low life" Garcia's campaign spotlighting VBM is ludicrous considering the fact that he was the beneficiary of such a campaign in the 2008 school board election. In fact, some $16,000 of the campaign was diverted from mailers and newspaper ads to provide money for the VBM project. As a result, the consultant, Meadowlands Associates, Inc. (aka Tony Amabile) was not paid for the money and ads. He sued and gained a judgment for $15,000 against Garcia. Frank Raia, who was the treasurer for the campaign and who engineered the VBM on Garcia's behalf in the 2008 election, also testified (committed perjury) at the civil suit saying that he never received the last bill from Amabile (Meadowlands Associates Inc.). In her decision granting Meadowlands Associates Inc. the judgment, the judge ruled that Garcia and Raia were not credible and that Amabile was
    As for Swibinski's handling of the Ramos campaign, it is more an anti-Raia than an anti-Zimmer thing. You see, Pupie stiffed Swibinski for about $20,000 in a previous campaign, so this is get-even time.

    By the way Graphix Avenger, can you post a phone or e-mail through which someone can contact you with information?

    1. Yup. grafixavenger666@gmail.com

      When I know you better I'll give you my telephone no. Do you have any idea many crackpots are out there?

  3. They are 'Deadbeats' and they all will be soundly beaten by the Administration's candidates in the upcoming election.


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