Friday, August 30, 2013

BREAKING: Feds at the HHA

GA was keeping this quiet but apparently others aren't so here it is.

According to witnesses, the Feds were at HHA this Monday; one witness described the "white men in suits" on the grounds. The next day an HHA maintenance employee confirmed the visit and said the agents had been going into "boiler rooms."  Looking at generators, perhaps?  Ones that didn't get raised with federal grant money disbursed?  Stay tuned....

Drumroll, please

No, no, no. I said drumroll-- not drumstick.

So where's the rest of the turkey? 

Found him!

Who's stuffing the turkey?

Well, holiday weekend or not-- time, tide and dish wait for no man (or woman).

Here we go...

Sources are reporting a third ticket is born: Tim Occhipinti at the top and the 3 At-Large slots are: Frank Raia, BoE Trustee Peter Biancamano and "a woman Occhipinti knows". 

GA was told that "things have gotten really nasty" and Ruben's Team has pulled out all stops to make it unpleasant for anyone on Raia's ticket: yes, the dirt-diggers are in over-drive.

One alleged casualty: Jamie Cryan. 

Sources say "they drove Cryan out."   How?   I don't know, but you can use your imagination. 

Better left forgotten
How far have they gone?

Some weeks ago, a femme fatale was dispatched to Cryan; a lovely and cunning spider, known for the strength of her bite.  Unaware of his predicament, Cryan was removed by others before he got wrapped in silk and eaten alive.

Now that's a weapon. A hot pair of X chromosomes.

Yes, folks it's gotten rough over on the Dark Side.  GA hears allegations of threats, blackmail, you name it; 'they' have been pulling out all stops to get Occhipinti NOT to run.

Take Vision Media's poll (Paul Swibinki) showing a 15-point spread between Zimmer and Ramos.  The message: Zimmer can be 'overtaken' in a 2-way race.

Are you listening, Tim?

GA doubts Timmy gives a rats's-patoot.  Running for mayor is a career move.  Plus he's surrounded by folks with money (Raia, Mason), folks with grudges against Ramos (Biancamano) or grudges against Swibinski (Raia); all are united by the hunger for that 5th Council vote.

Speaking of Paul Swibinski,  what happened to that promise he made to Nick Sacco in front of Mayor Zimmer?   Swibinski promised to stay out of the race.   Hmmm.

What about Mason?  GA hears a certain oily fish is pushing, pushing. pushing her to support the Ramos campaign, but she wants to stick with Timmy.  

Now the Biancamano run is interesting.  Does he plan to give up his Board seat?  Get in touch, Peter!

Finally, the 'Big Story' in Hudson County is the saga of Carmelo Garcia, the transcript and his ethnic-cleansing lawsuit.  What bearing will this have on the Ramos campaign? 

 Garcia is rumored to be telling people he's got  "two more tapes" he's painted as devastating to the Zimmer administration.  Hmmmm.  

The unintended consequences of such a rumor makes others ask themelves: what's he got on me?

Have a great holiday weekend, folks.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Oh no! 8 More Weeks of Timmy

Stuff him back in his hole, FrankPlease.

Well folks, Punxsutawney Tim saw his shadow.

Which means 8 more weeks of Tim until election day!

Word has it Frank Raia, aspiring City Councilman, was searching for a spoiler to drive a stake through the heart of the Ramos campaign.

Rooting around in his (limited) garden of options, Raia noticed a large mound of dirt with a pair of beady, red-rimmed eyes glowing from beyond a large, filthy hole.  Raia bent down, and found the creature was ├╝ber-ambitious with the IQ of a turnip, social skills of a hyena, and most importantly, had a pulse. 

Raia asked: "Would you like to be on my ticket?"

"I'd love to run for mayor!" it chirped.

Raia reached into the hole and pulled out the grinning rodent.  

"Congratulations!" he said, "Now I'll  clean you up!"  

But hard as he tried, the filth wouldn't wash off.

"Out, damned spot!" Raia cried as he scrub-a-dub-dubbed the varmint's miserable record:  
 575 campaign workers in an election where 2,076 ballots were cast,  opposing FEMA aid after Sandy because he claimed Hoboken didn't have the kind of "structural damage" other towns did while he lobbied for a parade, obstructing our citys operations at every turn:  "Good luck passing the budget!",   voting  "NO" on replacing hurricane-damaged HOP buses , voting "NO" on repairing potholes to Washington Street and Observer Hwy, voting "NO" to bonding to repair Pier C park, voting "NO" to the Southwest park he campaigned on, the missing 5 tons of Lousiana's "Train of Hope" Sandy donations to Hoboken... there were too many to count, and none would wash off.
So Frank buffed it instead, then held it aloft for all to see (photo-simulation above).

 "Welcome to the race,  Punxsutawney Tim!

Now, it so happens this critter is already an elected official in Hoboken and Facebooks his heart out.

Yes, it is on the City Council  and barks out of turn like a coked-up Chihuahua.  Recently,  Corporation Council Melissa Longo observed it was only good at bobbing it's head and put it on notice of a coming Affirmative Action complaint.  Not just that- it's got opposable thumbs, a characteristic of many primates.

Caught having spent 98%  of it's campaign donations for a municipal race in 2015, GA noted:

Timmy opened up his Occhipinti for Council  Committee on April 20, 2012 for an election that's 43 months away, on November 12, 2015 and raised a total of $13,673.03!  How much of that came from 'small' donors?  $8098.03 or 60%.What's even MORE amazing than that? According to Timmy's ELEC, he has received $13,673.03 and spent $13,399.56- that's 98% of contributions received.  Wow.

Well, Id say that Frank picked a winner there, wouldn't you? 

Of course, this alleged third ticket is hear-say.  But if it ain't true, at least I got to add to my portfolio of Tim graphics.

Now, GA checked to see if Raia's opened a committee with ELEC yet.  Nope.  Unless he gave it a tricky Boy Band name like, Frankie and The Opposable Thumbs.

So, what about Ruben?

Sadly, not only hasn't his campaign caught fire, but he appears to have his own rodent issue.  But, Ramos is not giving up nor are the powers behind his candidacy.

GA hears the Ramos campaign is North-Bergen centric.

In fact, sources say that none other than North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco's strategist Paul Swibinski is "secretly"working for Ramos.

What happened?
This is curious as GA heard about Sacco securing a promise from Swibinski  NOT to work for Ramos-- in the presence of Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

Witnesses told GA that Sacco gets on like gangbusters with our modest lady mayor. So, did Swibinski really break his promise to Sacco? Is it true Sacco's guy Swibinski is secretly working for Zimmer's opponent?

How does one keep a secret from Nick Sacco?

Rumor or not, that is the scuttlebutt coming from multiple sources.

Treachery, shifting alliances, empowering rodents... what else is new in Hudson County politics?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

No Hoboken Police Investigation?

It's fascinating how the HPD  spared 2 detectives for one hour on August 22, 2011 when Councilman Tim Occhipinti's  feelings were hurt by GA, but a frail, sick woman is systematically, publicly terrorized at the HHA and our police seem reluctant to take a complaint.  

The woman is Jessica Coco, spokesperson of Save The Projects, who is being made an example of, so that others in her group remain in the shadows and others are too scared to join.

And the police?

They coaxed her in under false pretenses to force a confession that she posted 'fake' flyers  after Gene Drayton filed his 'NAACP copyright infringement' complaint.

When I arrived at the precinct, rather than speak about the car damage or about the threats to my person, I was subjected to interrogation by these officers...the questions asked by the officers were identical to questions asked to tenants by Mr. Garcia and the HHA. Officer Depalma repeatedly insisted I wrote and put up some flyer that I did not write... (Depalma)demanded to know the name of the person who was the creator and site administrator of our Facebook page and the names of the people in our organization, which I refused. He even went so far as to say he was going to investigate this information, if I didn’t give it to him. As I explained I cannot divulge any information on dissenting tenants, who do not wish to come forward, especially due to legitimate fears of vehicle damage, apts burglarization, and their children being harmed. I felt especially threatened when Mr. Depalma insistence this was all for “our health”, which sounded like a threat Once again no complaint was ever filed about the burglary or about threats to my person.From the conduct of the officers, it is obvious their main concern is not the helpless tenants, but working in collaboration with Mr. Garcia and the developers of Vision2020 to discover and prevent dissent against this plan by identifying dissenters.
You get it, people?   

(1) Carmelo Garcia shows fake-NAACP flyer to Drayton, (2)  Drayton complains to the HPD,  (3) the cops try to force a confession from Coco and IGNORE her pleas to take a complaint for threats and burglary. 

This officer was ready to investigate the author of her Facebook page, but wouldn't take her burglary complaint.

By the way, Coco did receive an apology from Chief Falco.

Apologies are nice.  Lovely words.  They sometimes prevent lawsuits. 

But what happened this past Sunday when she summoned the cops to the latest round of vandalism to her car?  The officer declined to go to her apartment to see damage to her door and take a complaint, saying he needed to check with the station.


Senator Stack has availed himself to help folks at the HHA resolve problems.  How can he turn a blind eye when his own running mate is the HHA's Executive Director?   Here is a TIMELINE of harassment- written by Ms. Coco.  
  • Early June. Car vandalized. The complete mirror panel of my 1992 Plymouth Voyager was ripped off its mount, as was the emblem of my car hood.   The door latch to my Plymouth Caravan was broken. Car’s air-conditioning not working due to damage to the electrical wiring, causing a power shortage. My apartment was broken into, some items taken. The deadbolt lock inside damaged.
(Note: August 4thCoco Goes on WBAI Radio to discuss tenant opposition to Vision 20/20)
  •   Aug. 8th. Car vandalized. Car rear side door damaged. Back rear window glued shut. My work ID stolen and HHA flyer found placed inside the vehicle in its place.
  • Aug. 8th. An HHA employee serves me with a statement that I am responsible for "lying, misleading flyers" to sign, then threatens me with eviction if I do not sign.  I do not sign. Threats I will be“set-up” by police, have my car further vandalized or destroyed outright or having my arm broken because of my skepticism about Vision20/20. HHA maintenance man admits my apartment had been broken into and lock broken earlier that summer.
  • Aug 9th. The HHA office will not give me a copy of the Aug 8 statement, but gives me HHA attorney Charles Daglian's  'Cease and Desist' letter.  The letter is attached to a fake flyer  (not done by myself or my tenant group, Save the Projects) and I am asked to 'cease and desist' activities for which I am not responsible.  Fake flyers are being put up around the HHA which I am blamed for- including one using the NAACP logo.  Earlier that week on August 7 NAACP President Gene Drayton files a 'copyright complaint' at the HPD for this flyer.  
  •  Aug. 13th.  Ms. A**** B*****, President of the HHA Tenant Association and another unidentified woman working in the polling station on HHA property attempted to block me from voting.  Neither confirmed my name nor address to verify I was registered in the voting records.  They blocked the exit from the polling station and motioned near me with threats of physical attack as they identified me by my opposition to Vision 20/20 “plan.”
  •  Aug. 15th.  Ms. A***** B*****, President of the HHA Tenant Association threatens to "hurt me" over the phone. 
  •  Aug. 16th. Car vandalized. The car’s relay wires have been pulled out. 

relay wires pulled
relay wires pulled

  •  Aug. 20th. Apartment is illegally entered, burglarized and vandalized again. Chain to the door is damaged and removed. Several items were stolen.
  •  Aug. 23th. 2nd Car vandalized. Damage to door handle, gas tank, and scratches to rear window, where Hoboken Resident Parking Sticker is. 
permanent scratches on rear window

permanent scratches
  •  Aug. 25th.  Cars vandalized (2 vans). 2 lawn chairs stolen from one. The other: water added to gas tank, rear gasket punctured, causing oil leak, transmission dipstick broken so can no longer pull out.
Wire cut to gas tank

poked holes in gasket

dipstick bent, can't be pulled out
handle popped to gain entry

  • Aug. 25th.  Twice someone  tried to gain access to my apt.  while I was there.
Busted deadbolt lock

So, why is there no police investigation?  Are they more concerned with Ms. Coco's Facebook page than "protecting and serving" her?

GA  won't discuss the private legal action that Ms. Coco will be taking.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Transcript: Conversation with God

GA believes it's not where one talks to God: a house of worship or the crapper; it's what you do not what you say, much less where you say it.

For example, one could have perfect attendance at church or synagogue or a mosque, but if he/she doesn't stop thugs from harassing Jessica Coco- such as busting the dipstick in her car, filling her gas tank with water, and trying twice to enter her apartment while she was home (all yesterday)-  then they might as well bathe in barbeque sauce 'cause Satan's warming the grill.  

Now, GA never talks to God in the crapper, but that doesn't make me a better person than one who does.

What makes me (and you) better people is that if we could stop a neighbor from being hurt, we would.  I would.  Wouldn't you?

What does God think about a man/woman in a position of authority who does nothing while another person suffers, then has a chit chat with the Almighty while allegedly taking a shit?  Certainly God doesn't care that the person is in fact taking a dump, allegedlyGA assumes God cares how we treat each other here on Earth. 

Of course, Satan doesn't.  Hence, his Grill Room (do political satirists go there?)

Now, when it comes to talking to God, if you are wearing a wire after trying to entrap the husband of the mayor and a longtime mentor in a midtown NY restaurant, and you are talking to God out loud then not only does God hear you, but the stenographer transcribing the tape does, too.  And he/she even captures your "bathroom noises". 

That may be TMI (too much information) for our Heavenly Father/Mother.  It is for me.

Well, it just so happens GA's got another excerpt from the transcript which, coincidentally, involves Assembly candidate Carmelo Garcia's conversation with the Almighty in a midtown NY restaurant's restroom.  GA hears this particular restroom has a single stall.

Note that the transcript abruptly shifts from the bathroom confessional to Grossbard- the tape may have been shut off for um, certain "bathroom noises", a portion redacted or it may be a stenographer error.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back Home?

juicy peaches and homemade donuts

Didn't know I was gone, didja? GA just returned from 2 weeks in Massachusetts.

Such is the blessing and the curse of WiFi in lovely, pastoral settings like the Berkshires: the horrors of Hoboken are only a tap-tap-tap away.  One can dabble in a little ethnic cleansing in the morning and hike the Appalachian trail in the afternoon,  report the harassment of an HHA tenant activist  then go horseback riding, blog about alleged HPD collusion with pro-Vision 20/20 forces, then pick wildflowers.

view from a hike in the Taconic region

This dichotomy reflects our unusual summer.  

Secret tapes!  Transcripts!  Ethnic cleansing!  Betrayals!  Lawsuits!  Vendettas! 

None of this theater is odd for Hoboken politics, but it is for August, typically the one month  it's safe for political bloggers to vacation.  Scratch that off the list!

oh, purple mountain majesty
These are some images from this region, only 3 hours away.

members-only food co-op; for an annual fee members grow the produce, allowed to shop once a week

view from the peak of Mt. Greylock- the tallest mountain in Mass. at 3,491 ft.
wild orchid
horses at 12 o'clock
along the Appalachian trail on Mt. Greylock
wildflower bouquet for mom, from LA (Little Avenger)
Funky, retro Americana: a tricked-out trailer serving fabulous, heart-stopping food (as in heart attack)
wind turbines- these clean-energy pinwheels dot the Berkshires.
GA and Horsey
Got a few hundred more, but you get the idea!

Hiking, swimming, rock collecting, horseback riding and ethnic cleansing... perfect together?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Ethnic Cleansing, Stack and HHA Victims

left:  tenant activist alleges the threat: "I'm going to hurt you" right: police report of incident

On Thursday, August  15, 2013  State Senator Brian Stack's running mate, Assembly candidate Carmelo Garcia dropped an ethnic-cleansing bomb on Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer, her husband and an HHA Commissioner.

In a lawsuit filed by Louis Zayas in Hudson Superior Court, Stack's running mate charged Zimmer with executing a long-term methodical "quest" to "transform Hoboken politically and ethnically consistent with their own political, cultural, and ethnic derivation," sweeping out minorities to turn Hoboken all-white and affluent.   One way Stack's running mate claimed Zimmer planned to transform Hoboken through "construction projects"which included her OWN Vision 20/20 plan, he described as an "ethnic cleansing initiative". 

Amidst this "ethnic cleansing" brouhaha continues the ugly saga of HHA tenant Jessica Coco. 

Because on Thursday, August  15, 2013 something else happened which nobody noticed. 

Coco was allegedly warned: "I'm going to hurt you" by a close associate of Stack's running mate.  Coco filed a police complaint.
Jessica Coco is the public face of Save the Projects, a group of HHA tenants who BELIEVE that Vision 20/20 is in fact Garcia's 'ethnic cleansing initiative' to demolish projects and displace the current tenant population out of Hoboken for lucrative deals with private developers, such one rumored with a West New York developer for a portion of HHA property.  GA has no confirmation such a deal was struck, perhaps the credentialed media can find out.    

How about it, credentialed media?   

 Since Coco has spoken to WBAI FM, The Hoboken Reporter, Grafix Avenger and Mile Square View and continues to do so, she has been served with an eviction 'statement', Charles Daglian's 'Cease and Desist' Order (with a FAKE flyer attached), her apartment burglarized her car vandalized.  Fake flyers, designed to look like they are the product of Coco's group, are being circulated around the HHA to gin up charges against the group. About the use of flyers to "get" Coco,  she spoke to someone close to Stack's running mate:
 **** insisted there is in fact a police investigation going on against me and I better take it seriously.  She insisted the flyers don't matter, he wants to get you on anything he can and he will and he'll pay others to get you for him, so watch out.  
Now she alleges she is being watched, followed, and her apartment entered while out (belongings are moved and/or small items missing) all of this a designed to let her know there is no corner of her life-- not even her own home, where she can feel safe. 
I had gone to Brian Stack’s secret public meeting, the maintenance man called management in front of me to tell them I had just stepped outside and was now walking towards the meeting. When I came home, I noticed my apt had once again been entered into, because a newspaper article I printed about Applied with phone numbers I wrote about the organizations that supported the tenants was missing. These people are continuously coming in and out my door. 
Ms. Coco, who is afflicted with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), is physically frail and frequently too ill to work, but neither she nor Save the Projects is backing down.  They are fighting to protect their home.
Near the end of May I was able to recover from chronic bronchitis and asthma torturing me since last year with little relief- I was in and out of the hospital emergency room more times than I can count, certain neighbors impressed upon me that I needed to do something about Vision 2020 now. I was the only person they knew who had any skills in organizing and had connections to any activist organizations. Because of this, I attended the July 28th meeting and after listening to Mr. Garcia speak and reviewing the online brochure, I joined the group.  

Coco has spoken for those who are too afraid to, she is an example of what happens to those who do speak out.   So while you're at it credentialed media, ask WHY residents like Jessica Coco who speak out against Stack's running mate and his Vision 20/20 are being harassed?   

Better yet, why not ask State Senator Brian Stack?

The Senator brought his "Mobile Senate Office" to the HHA on August 20, 2013:

Here is Stack's exchange with Jessica Coco at that meeting:

Does he sound like he was concerned and ready to help?

As State Senator for poor, minority HHA resident-constituents, it si incumbent upon him to PROTECT them from harassment by their tenant management.

 GA IMPLORES Senator Stack to use your authority to DO SOMEHING to protect Jessica Coco and all the residents of the HHA who speak out against Vision 20/20.

HOW do you plan to help, Senator Stack?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Transcript: Carmelo calls Raia a "f*cking buffoon", a "disgrace"

Oh, the humanity!   Look who got thrown under the Zeppelin!  None other than Hoboken's own Frank 'Pupie' Raia!

Each (transcript) day seems to bring with it a new victim, and today it's Frank 

Buh-bye, Pupster!

HHA Director Carmelo Garcia, all wired-up at Jack Dempsey's restaurant on that fateful lunch of January 16, 2013 blasts Raia amidst fascinating remarks about "750" absentee ballots turned to soup in Hurricane Sandy.  GA had posted that rumor on November 27, 2012:
GA has heard an unconfirmed rumor that an astronomical number of VBMs were thrown out- somewhere in the neighborhood of 600. (Were those the rumored soggy, barely-legible ballots that were warehoused at The Citadel? Double-votes? Under-aged dead people?)

Ha!  The rumor was true.

Those long, sad faces on the Dark Side were mourning what could have been, but not for Sandy allegedly flooding the basement of 450 7th Street.  The mass paper-drowning may also explain Finboy's unprovoked assault on Da Horsey on November 5, 2012  because those VBMs were supposed to spare him a loss-by-Nazi Truck and the disgrace of trashing Move Forward's campaign on a personal obsession.

Here is that excerpt from the transcript.  Note the following stenographer errors: Olin = Oland, Liz Vasquez = Felice VasquezRey = Raia.

Also note Garcia says: "I am against vote by mail..."  (that's called 'telling it to the wire').

Oh, my!  Frank told Dawn to "get rid of" Carmelo!

Alas Mr. Raia,  Mayor Dawn can't do that, it's outside of her jurisdiction. The Hoboken mayor has no authority over that HUD position- neither hiring nor firing.

It's the HHA Board of Commissioners who are empowered to "get rid of" the Executive Director, and that appears to be what compelled Garcia to set up the lunch in the first place: to "call off the dogs".

Interesting, no?  Don't you wonder what else is on that transcript?

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Earwitness Rumor: Carmelo's Lawsuit is "Crazy"

GA took notes from a chat with a dishy source on the Dark Side:
It was no accident Stack came down from the cliff when Carmelo was out of town.  He didn't want to be in the room with him, didn't want to be photographed with him. 

When someone asked Stack if he approved of his running mate Carmelo Garcia taping political figures and accusng the mayor of "ethnic cleansing" did he try to give him any political cover or DEFEND him? NO.  He backed away and said "I don't know".   Stack was asked if it's OK that tenants who oppose Vision 20/20 are threatened with eviction. Did he try to DEFEND Carmelo?  Did he say it couldn't be true or that he didn't believe it?  NO.  He said "I don't know it to be a fact".  Stack allowed that it could be a fact.  That's huge.

Stack's backing off from Carmelo. Everybody is. It's the lawsuit. That was the last straw.

Everybody thinks its crazy, accusing the mayor of "ethnic cleansing". Nobody thinks it was a good idea. It's embarrassing to our people and Ruben is stuck with it. That suit was all Carmelo.  Nobody told him to do it. He's always played the race card but taking it to court is a whole different game. It's hurting Ruben. People are leaving Ruben.  Rudy Garcia left the campaign.  Renee Abreau doesn't want the attention his name is out there and he doesn't like it.  He's in with Carmelo on Vision 20/20, made some deal.

The Raia-Mason third ticket is going to happen.  Timmy is at the top.  Nobody thinks Ruben can pull it off.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

R.A.T. (Recording Affidavit Touchscreen)

The following is satire submitted to GA by reader 'GrafixGroupeeGangsta'

City Hall, always the leader in high technology, releases a new app for all those weary souls worried about their next encounter with Carmelo Garcia:

R.A.T. (Recording Affidavit Touchscreen)
This incredible breakthrough in mobile technology allows you to always get an on-the-fly confirmation from Carmelo Garcia that he is not carrying or using a recording device during his conversation with you. You don't need to fill in Carmelo Garcia's name, and the convenient app already time/date stamps the affidavit when Carmelo touches the screen. The affidavit text is already set up and ready for Carmelo, it reads:
I, Carmelo Garcia, do solemnly swear that I am not currently operating or wearing in any concealed fashion a recording device or any means by which I may record this conversation.
Download and keep this app at the ready - available for iPhone and android devices (sorry no windows version yet) - just in case you bump into Carmelo Garcia, then follow these easy 3 steps:

Step 1: Start the R.A.T. app as Carmelo Garcia approaches
Step 2: Ask Carmelo to touch the screen on the check box next to the affidavit text
Step 3: Carry on with your conversation in full confidence you won't get ratted out or extorted afterwards

User Reviews:

"I started using R.A.T. app after I heard about Carmelo Garcia recording all his extortion-bent conversations. Since then I haven't even been sued once by Louis Zayas. It's amazing!"

"I was a bit suspicious whether this app was really going to make it easier to get an affidavit from Carmelo Garcia that he isn't wearing a wire, but after a few encounters with him at Teak, I realized that this is a really useful productivity tool. Imagine, no more paper and ink, just ask him to tap the screen, and talk away!"

Monday, August 19, 2013

Exclusive: The Transcript Revealed

Dogs make better friends

Folks, didn't GA tell you 'The Transcript' had been making the rounds? 

HHA Director Carmelo Garcia's secretly recorded conversation between himself, the mayor's hubby and a longtime friend is another open secret a county of open secrets; we all know the WHO, the WHEN and the WHERE.

Let's get to the WHY.

Garcia's attorney Louis Zayas will try to convince a Hudson County Superior Court judge that Plaintiff Garcia was a persecuted whistle-blower; that the Mayor had presented her evil ethnic-cleansing Vision 20/20 proposal; the realization of an all-white, all- affluent Hoboken that she and hubby had "embarked on" in their "ambitious political quest" "since arriving in Hoboken". She, her husband and an HHA commissioner persecuted Carmelo because he wouldn't lay ball with the Mayor's evil scheme, instead Plaintiff Garcia  proposed his own good Vision 20/20.

That's one version. The Peter Pan one.  Or Puff the Magic Dragon.

The other is based on reality: fact, circumstance and the transcript.

The transcript tells quite a story; this is my OPINION of the story it tells.

Garcia, who knows he's on tape 'for use later' couches his language carefully.  He uses phrases like "if my career is where I want it to be", "where I am in my career"  or "good standing in my career" to mean his dominion over the HHA will stay unimpeded by any reform effort to 'clean house'.  Remember the context of the lunch; power struggles between HHA Chairman Stuiver and Garcia over bringing in a new attorney, a new auditor, whether Garcia's employment contract was valid, and creating a Deputy Executive Director position.  Garcia, desperate to "call off the dogs" so that his career will be "where he wants it to be", arranges a meeting with the Mayor's hubby, all wired up to entrap him into making a statement which may be used as 'leverage' in a future discussion with the Mayor.   In exchange, he offers to throw his best friends and political allies under the bus, and join Team Zimmer.

GA doesn't believe for a minute that Garcia was serious about hiring Joe Garcia though he "all but offers the job" to him. Nope, GA believes that was about entrapping an honest, decent man like Grossbard to agree to contract steering, a federal crime. And that's the story of the transcript.

Now, with those two versions in mind: (1)  Zayas' ethnic cleansing/ whistleblower one and (2)  desperate, wired guy uses all means to keep his job and absolute  control of Hoboken Housing Authority- including setting up the mayor's husband, here is a portion of the actual transcript.   

Ruben goes under the bus!  Buh-bye, Ruben!  Watch out for those tires!

Joe Branco goes under the bus! Buh-bye, Joe!   See ya later!
(stenographer error calls him "Joe Garcia")

That's enough, you get the drift.  We may speculate about the two versions of the WHY the taping took place: Zayas' and the fact-based one, but it will be up to a judge to make his/her determination on Garica's claims.

Speaking of which, GA forwarded Garcia's complaint to my legal department, Not-Stempler.  I removed the attorney's name, etc. and just provided him with the claims.

You provided me with a copy (with the name of the law firm/attorney redacted) of what, upon initial review, appears to be a complaint of some sort that was filed in NJ Superior Court. You asked me to comment on the document. I am at a loss of words to describe the document that you submitted. It barely, and I am being generous, sets forth any legal theory upon which a judge could render a judgment. To go through the muck of race baiting allegations which are set forth in the document, unsupported by any factual statements is unproductive and would give the feckless individual who produced this document too much undeserved attention. Suffice it to say that the drafter (and I have to assume that this was not the final work product of an attorney) fails to set forth the requisite facts to sustain a CEPA claim in NJ. Nor has the drafter plead any facts (as opposed to setting forth wild allegations of ethnic cleansing) which would sustain a hostile work environment claim under the NJ Law Against Discrimination. Similarly, there is nothing factual contained which would support a claim of "extortion", under either criminal or civil liability. The document is so riddled with errors and lacks any foundation for the requested relief that it clearly will not sustain any serious scrutiny and raises questions with regard to the motives behind its filing. Respect for the profession does not permit me to go any further.

Thank you, Not-Stempler.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lunch with Stan

So, the long-anticipated media coverage of HHA Director Carmelo Garcia's taping hit this week's  Hoboken Reporter with Garcia's scene-stealing lawsuit arriving just in time for the print edition.

I mean, why shout "Fire!" in a crowded theater when you can yell, "I've got Ebola, my eyes are oozing down my cheeks and I just sneezed!"

After all, there is nothing like a charge of "ethnic cleansing" to clear a room or trump an effort to entrap the husband of Mayor Dawn Zimmer into contract steering for a new HHA attorney.

GA was told by sources that a portion of that conversation was missing from the transcript, in it  Grossbard warns Carmelo to be very careful because what he is suggesting is "illegal".  According to the source, the other lunch attendee, Bernie Kenny had excused himself to the bathroom so there was no witness to that exchange. With a redacted transcript, that exchange is 'he said-he said'.  

However, reporter Dean DeChiaro obtained the transcript, and while he stops short of any conclusion, but notes Garcia "all but offering the job to one lawyer- Joe Garcia..."  while Grossbard repeatedly responds to "advertise widely".
In the transcript, Grossbard suggests posting multiple advertisements for a new counsel on statewide municipal service websites, and counsels Garcia as to why he thinks it's important that both Garcia and the board trust a new attorney.

“I think I probably said the same thing in a million different ways,” said Grossbard in an interview last week. “I kept saying that a board needs to believe that when a lawyer gives them legal advice, that they’re not getting the board’s answer or Carmelo’s answer, but the correct answer.”
According to the transcript, Garcia then all but offers the job to one lawyer – Joe Garcia of the firm Chasan, Leyner & Lamparello – but Grossbard again advises him to advertise more widely. It is unclear why Garcia named that particular lawyer, though his firm signed contracts with City Hall in 2010 and 2011 worth upwards of $200,000.
Further, DeChiaro tells conclusively that Garcia initiated the lunch meeting.  Grossbard brought Kenny, a longtime mentor to Carmelo, with him.
Grossbard said that he thought being asked to lunch by Garcia was unusual.

“It was extremely unusual,” he said. “Carmelo just said, ‘We’ve never had lunch before, we should have lunch and get to know each other a little bit better,’ and I said sure. He didn’t tell me what the reason for the lunch was, and I didn’t ask.’”

 The January lunch meeting took place among Grossbard, Garcia, and former state Sen. Bernard Kenny, whom Grossbard asked to bring along after Garcia invited Grossbard to lunch.

Kenny is an acquaintance of both men who acted as an intermediary third party. His law firm, Florio & Kenny, is under contract with Zimmer’s administration and he has given Zimmer political donations for the current election, but he is also a longtime acquaintance of Garcia.

The lunch took place on Jan. 16, at Jack Dempsey’s Restaurant and Bar in Manhattan, not far from Grossbard’s office. Despite nothing
overtly illegal taking place, the lunch shows the interesting dynamic between Garcia, clearly desperate to improve his own working conditions, and Grossbard, who refuses to take a strong stand in replying to Garcia’s prodding about Housing Authority affairs.
You get it, people?

Garcia invites Grossbard to lunch wearing a wire, and tries repeatedly to discuss the hiring of a particular attorney, Joe Garcia, with a more nuanced discussion of "how to call off the dogs" at the HHA- of course playing into that well-worn, idiotic 'Stawn' narrative that Grossbard negotiates on behalf of the mayor (he doesn't).

Again, Garcia wears a wire to capture every word. Why?

Some might say the tape would be used as 'leverage' (blackmail) to get the mayor to "call off the dogs" Zayas said that Garcia recorded the meeting in an effort to gain proof of Grossbard’s alleged role as Zimmer’s de facto political proxy, and to provide evidence for the lawsuit against Grossbard and Zimmer, which has apparently been planned for several months.

We said- he said.

What was happening in January that might have prompted Garcia to call this meeting?

GA thinks that is the key to why the meeting was arranged and why it was taped.  The lunch took place on Wednesday, January 16, 2013.

Six days earlier, on Thursday, January 10, 2013...

....around noon, a resolution to hire a deputy executive director was added to that night's HHA meeting agenda. 

GA had heard through sources back then that this had upset Garcia very much. He might have felt this deputy would be groomed as his replacement, rather than another pair of hands to share the massive task of HHA management.  If so, he must have been frantic to "call off the dogs."

It's speculation, but this may explain the timing and taping of that lunch with Stan.
On Thursday night, the board of commissioners was scheduled to vote on the position. The resolution was added around noon on Thursday.

The deputy executive director — which essentially would be the number two — would be in charge when Carmelo Garcia, the current Executive Director of the HHA, is out of town or otherwise unavailable. The deputy would be hired as a consultant, rather than a full time employee.

Garcia said he was "suprised" by the proposal to hire a deputy on a consulting basis and called it "unfair and unjust."

"I don't need one," Garcia said. "I was surprised."

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Garcia Suit Alleges Zimmer had her own Vision 20/20 Plan


GA has read Carmelo Garcia, Plaintiff vs Dawn Zimmer, and all I can say is... wow.  

The complaint is a smorgasbord of fantastical lies, unverifiable claims, 'facts' unsupported by any  evidence and garnished with libel so potent, it begs for a counter-suit.   The whole document reads as though his lawyer, Louis Zayas, took dictation from the Plaintiff, favoring colloquial terms instead of the language a lawyer would use. For example,  Zayas notes each Defendant is "white"- not "Caucasian".

And if you question the propriety of noting the race of Defendants in the complaint, don't bother.

The complaint swims fluidly between race and ethnicity, using whatever is convenient to inflame its race-baiting narrative.

The illogic starts when the complaint notes the mayor is "white" (race), her husband is "white" (race), the HHA Commissioner is "white" (race) but Carmelo Garcia  is "Hispanic" (ethnicity).  In fact, the 2010 U.S. Census considers over 90% of all Hispanic or Latino Americans "white", and would certainly define Garcia as "white" racially, and Hispanic ethnically

The mayor has an ethnicity, so does her husband, so does the HHA Commissioner (GA's is Polish/Russian).  Garcia's complaint skips over that detail to lump the Defendants together racially as "white" (a.k.a. whitey, honkys, The Man,  blue-eyed devils, white devils, devils, crackers- or "crackerhead" as Jessica Coco, an ethnic Hispanic was recently called)... wink wink wink in what seems to be a calculated effort to throw gasoline on Hoboken's diverse ethnic and racial melting pot.

And as our community burns, perhaps we won't all be paying attention to that TRANSCRIPT.

Yep, GA believes this lawsuit is one big grenade thrown straight at City Hall to drag the Mayor and her husband into Court with sensational headlines about "ethnic cleansing" and distract from very embarrassing revelations in the transcript (Yes, I've read them).  In my view, it also seeks to gain popular support for Vision 20/20 while advancing a myth that Carmelo's the HHA's Evita;  standing up for poor residents being ousted by a trio of White Devils and ultimately creating an urgency to 'pacify' racial tensions by delivering Garcia's Vision 20/20.  

That's my OPINION.

Take a look at this conspiratorial jambalaya:

Nuttier than a Snickers bar

Yes, Garcia will get sensational headlines, but not the ones he wants.  

Craziest of all fictional claims is the one that Mayor Zimmer had her "own version of 20/20 Vision".  Seeing is believing- have a look:

Ummm... what the hell is he talking about?

In Paragraph 7 (above) we're told the Mayor and her hubby's wicked machinations began "shortly after moving to Hoboken" (in 2002).   In Paragraph 11 (above) we learn that Mayor Zimmer had a "Vision 20/20 project" to "force the relocation of a  majority, if not all economically disadvantaged African Americans and Hispanics living in Hoboken".

(Oh yeah, Carmelo?   Let's see you prove that in court.  Where's the paper trail?  Where's the plan?  Where's the mayor's communications with HUD?  Surely Patrick Ricciardi scooped up plenty of goodies from his email-stealing spree beginning in January 2010 through his suspension in May 2011). 

In Paragraph  32 (above) we're told that the mayor sought to implement "her version" of the HHA's Vision 20/20" from May 2012 to the present. In Paragraph 58 we are told Garcia proposed "his "Vision 20/20"" to Mayor Zimmer's administration "In April 2013 and continuing to May 2013". 

 Huh? That's the narrative of this lawsuit?

According to Garcia's own TIMELINE,  first Mayor Zimmer designed an EVIL "Vision 20/20" ready for implementation in May 2012.  Later, in April 2013 Garcia proposed a  GOOD "Vision 20/20" to the Zimmer Administration, to stop Zimmer's EVIL plan from implementation?  (Excuse me, make that the TRINITY's EVIL plan: Zimmer's, hubby's and the HHA Commissioner's)

Huh? This lawsuit may be nuttier than a Planter's factory.

The Mayor's letter to Garcia  of 5-1-13 eviscerates Garcia's complaint; guts it like a fish.   

Read it.