Back Home?

juicy peaches and homemade donuts

Didn't know I was gone, didja? GA just returned from 2 weeks in Massachusetts.

Such is the blessing and the curse of WiFi in lovely, pastoral settings like the Berkshires: the horrors of Hoboken are only a tap-tap-tap away.  One can dabble in a little ethnic cleansing in the morning and hike the Appalachian trail in the afternoon,  report the harassment of an HHA tenant activist  then go horseback riding, blog about alleged HPD collusion with pro-Vision 20/20 forces, then pick wildflowers.

view from a hike in the Taconic region

This dichotomy reflects our unusual summer.  

Secret tapes!  Transcripts!  Ethnic cleansing!  Betrayals!  Lawsuits!  Vendettas! 

None of this theater is odd for Hoboken politics, but it is for August, typically the one month  it's safe for political bloggers to vacation.  Scratch that off the list!

oh, purple mountain majesty
These are some images from this region, only 3 hours away.

members-only food co-op; for an annual fee members grow the produce, allowed to shop once a week

view from the peak of Mt. Greylock- the tallest mountain in Mass. at 3,491 ft.
wild orchid
horses at 12 o'clock
along the Appalachian trail on Mt. Greylock
wildflower bouquet for mom, from LA (Little Avenger)
Funky, retro Americana: a tricked-out trailer serving fabulous, heart-stopping food (as in heart attack)
wind turbines- these clean-energy pinwheels dot the Berkshires.
GA and Horsey
Got a few hundred more, but you get the idea!

Hiking, swimming, rock collecting, horseback riding and ethnic cleansing... perfect together?


  1. Welcome back. Looks as if you had a great time in a great region. Were you anywhere near Great Barrington'?

    1. Thanks. I guess we were... darn, it looks cool. I may have gone a couple of years ago... it looks like a town with amazing antique shops I've explored.

      Have you been there?

  2. I have not been to Great Barrington. My granddaughter has just moved there; however, I have been to Stockbridge [home of Norman Rockwell], where she went to school.
    I will be visiting her soon in Great Barrington - looking forward to it.

  3. Welcome back!

    We just came home from two weeks in Lancaster County, not so much WiFi at the campground...

    -Carol Harrison.

    PS. Not only did my basil survive, I just gave giant freezer bag of it to my mom and it still looks like a jungle.

    Anyone want some heirloom organic basil?

    1. Thanks! Oh, I'll bet you had a great time camping- Lancaster County is beautiful. I haven't been there in an age.

      Have you noticed all of a sudden it's trendy to be Amish? Cable TV networks (TLC, NGC) have a couple of reality series about them... one called the 'Amish Mafia', another 'Leaving Amish,' etc. Are the Hasidim next?

      It's nice of you to offer your basil. How about grinding it up into pesto, then freezing what you can't finish?


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