Earwitness News: Garcia Press Conference

GA has heard from three Earwitnesses that HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia will be holding a press conference today on that infamous 'secret' audiotape.

GA hears he will disclose the names of the parties that he secretly taped, and according to one Earwitness "they intend to release the tape."


How "they" will "release the tape" so is not clear. 

Will Garcia play selected excerpts for the press?  Will he play the entire tape?  Will he distribute mp3s? 

Will he distribute the transcript which he is alleged to have procured for use in an unrelated ongoing civil matter?

There has been no public announcement of  it's time and place. It appears this presser is by invitation only.   

I know a certain four-legged gadfly (or Horse-fly) who wasn't on the list.  GA contacted one of the parties on the tape and that person did not know where or when the presser was.

GA imagines it will be a highly orchestrated presentation with a narrative fed to selected media representatives.  The fact any objective or knowledgeable parties were not notified is a 'tell'.  In my opinion.  Because they might know the actual content of the audiotape and whether it may have been edited or otherwise cooked to support the narrative being pitched.

Well, let's see... if anyone who was invited would like to share the time and location, please do.  There is no reason the public should not be welcome.


  1. There is mention of a tape per your post but wouldn't there more likely be many tapes if he has been doing this for so long? Also makes you really wonder about the character of the guy if he feels he has to tape his every conversation.

  2. wow, crazy! he's delusional, or really rattled.

    this is either about to become a major circus or the beginning of the end for carmelo garcia and v 20/20. hopefully, both.

  3. Seems odd that he'd do this to trap or embarrass old guard types. Does he have some reformers saying bad things?

    1. Making your enemies look bad doesn't make Carmelo or the 20/20 plan look good. This is a losing strategy for Carmelo. The town is never going to rally behind the 20/20 plan.

    2. Not being obnoxious, but what plan? Has anyone seen it? And I do not mean that 10 page "brochure" that CG is handing out at his dog and pony shows. In 100 pages, there is nothing of substance, just a lot of empty "promises" and a non binding "bill of rights". Pathetic.

  4. Carmelo's increasingly erratic behavior should be a concern to anyone involved in the housing authority. Backers of Vision 20/20 should be even more concerned about the recklessness of their project leader. It's mysterious why they leave him in charge as their front person, particularly when support and public sentiment has plummeted in the last few months under his direction. In the business world, he would have been out on his butt.

    Perhaps the tapes will explain the mystery.

  5. CG's peeps are pumping rumors that he's got the goods on Zimmer and is reporting her to the feds. If he were to go talk to the FBI he should make no mistake that they are already very, very familiar with him and his new career as a wannabe-Dr. Dre recording engineer. And you can take that to the bank, suckers.

    1. That seems far-fetched and i hope it's not true. By the same token, if any reformers have done wrong then they need to be dealt with accordingly.

    2. Carmelo the FabricatorAugust 12, 2013 at 4:59 PM

      Hi, my name is Carmelo Garcia. I'm going to make up lies on the fly and hope you will be gullible enough to believe most if not all of them.

      I have tapes on you all?


      Garcia would have done his ugliest already if he could. This tape that's escaped was not of his choosing.

      It's Garcia's Waterloo and he's spinning like mad worse than a cocker spaniel chasing its tail.

  6. Wouldn't surprise me if Garcia has a nervous breakdown soon, the guy is taking a non-stop whipping from all fronts and his dream project is crumbling before his very eyes. He's losing it, sad to watch but it's all his own doing.

    1. Millions involved and very much on the table. Keep hope alive!

  7. Once someone admits to recording the conversations he has with people it will effect every conversation he has with anyone for the rest of his life.

    If Carmelo Garcia did secretly tape people I wonder if he recorded his conversations with Brian Stack ?

    If Garcia becomes an Assemblyman will he anyone ever trust him enough to speak with him ? I don't think so.

  8. Carmelo has to be desperate at this point

  9. Unfortunately, neither FBI nor Attorney General are going to be helpful in this matter.

    Police rarely get disciplined these days. They have virtual free reign to do as they please.

    I know someone who filed complaints with Internal Affairs, and has been continually harassed and intimidated as a result. He showed the FBI video of Hudson County Sheriffs and Detectives invading his home, then quickly leaving when they discovered that he wasn't alone, fiddling with a gun in a plastic bag that appears to be part of a plot to frame him.

    DOJ, Attorney General, FBI don't care for it. In fact, theyve erased any reference to his complaint from their systems.

    Civil suits are the only way to go. Absent a lawyer, Hudson County LEOs have little regard for your rights if you file complaints against their own.


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