Tape-Gate Payback?

Why would the Ramos campaign make false accusations of pay-to-pay violations against the Zimmer campaign?

That's right, FALSE.

The Zimmer campaign DID NOT violate Pay-to-Play. 

Before HHA Comissioner Eduardo Gonzales' press release hit the media, Drew Moss, Zimmer's campaign Treasurer had already REFUNDED (2) checks of $150 each to the (2) donors who had exceeded  their not-to-exceed $300 contribution limit. 

And facing Gonzales' false accusation, yesterday the Zimmer campaign produced PROOF  to Hudson County TV- click here to view the video which shows a clip of the letter the campaign sent with the refund checks to both donors.  PROOF that the Zimmer campaign followed Pay-to-Play law.   Here is a screenshot of that clip:

Zimmer campaign provides proof excess contributions were refunded on Hudson County TV

While mud-slinging and false accusations are the norm in our politics, GA was wondering why Ramos would launch a media blitz over a piddly amount ($300) which would only attract scrutiny of his own ELEC, which is riddled with large out-of-town contributions.

Maybe Zimmer's campaign wasn't the only target, maybe the other was a donor.

GA got an email from someone who had seen the transcript- you know, the document that is "making the rounds", the one transcribed by the fellow who made secret recording. I'm calling 'Rat'.   
I told you I read the transcript. One of the people ******* taped was ****** and the other was Bernie Kenny.  So now you know why ****** sent Gonzales after him.  ******* is calling the shots not Ramos. 

So an HHA Commissioner targets a piddly contribution made by an alleged victim of the secret taping, made by Rat- whoever he is.

It sounds to ME like a little preemptive 'dirtying up' of a person who may not have appreciated being memorialized on tape by his wired friend.... and WHO KNOWS what's going on behind-the-scenes. 

If I were a high-powered, politically connected attorney- like Kenny, who got betrayed by a wired-friend, I'd probably have subpoenaed him by now, and be putting the screws to him in every way possible.  Behind-the-scenes.

In front of the scenes, HHA Commissioner Gonzales made a patently false accusation that the Zimmer has violated Pay-to-Play.

But it's the behind-the-scenes stuff that one imagines is much more interesting.


  1. GA its not false and there's More if you look over her elec. the say they were returned but it was still after 45day window that's allowed ....please tell me that this is not a fact?


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