Drumroll, please

No, no, no. I said drumroll-- not drumstick.

So where's the rest of the turkey? 

Found him!

Who's stuffing the turkey?

Well, holiday weekend or not-- time, tide and dish wait for no man (or woman).

Here we go...

Sources are reporting a third ticket is born: Tim Occhipinti at the top and the 3 At-Large slots are: Frank Raia, BoE Trustee Peter Biancamano and "a woman Occhipinti knows". 

GA was told that "things have gotten really nasty" and Ruben's Team has pulled out all stops to make it unpleasant for anyone on Raia's ticket: yes, the dirt-diggers are in over-drive.

One alleged casualty: Jamie Cryan. 

Sources say "they drove Cryan out."   How?   I don't know, but you can use your imagination. 

Better left forgotten
How far have they gone?

Some weeks ago, a femme fatale was dispatched to Cryan; a lovely and cunning spider, known for the strength of her bite.  Unaware of his predicament, Cryan was removed by others before he got wrapped in silk and eaten alive.

Now that's a weapon. A hot pair of X chromosomes.

Yes, folks it's gotten rough over on the Dark Side.  GA hears allegations of threats, blackmail, you name it; 'they' have been pulling out all stops to get Occhipinti NOT to run.

Take Vision Media's poll (Paul Swibinki) showing a 15-point spread between Zimmer and Ramos.  The message: Zimmer can be 'overtaken' in a 2-way race.

Are you listening, Tim?

GA doubts Timmy gives a rats's-patoot.  Running for mayor is a career move.  Plus he's surrounded by folks with money (Raia, Mason), folks with grudges against Ramos (Biancamano) or grudges against Swibinski (Raia); all are united by the hunger for that 5th Council vote.

Speaking of Paul Swibinski,  what happened to that promise he made to Nick Sacco in front of Mayor Zimmer?   Swibinski promised to stay out of the race.   Hmmm.

What about Mason?  GA hears a certain oily fish is pushing, pushing. pushing her to support the Ramos campaign, but she wants to stick with Timmy.  

Now the Biancamano run is interesting.  Does he plan to give up his Board seat?  Get in touch, Peter!

Finally, the 'Big Story' in Hudson County is the saga of Carmelo Garcia, the transcript and his ethnic-cleansing lawsuit.  What bearing will this have on the Ramos campaign? 

 Garcia is rumored to be telling people he's got  "two more tapes" he's painted as devastating to the Zimmer administration.  Hmmmm.  

The unintended consequences of such a rumor makes others ask themelves: what's he got on me?

Have a great holiday weekend, folks.


  1. JC is so effing stupid that he actually would think that the "invitation" for drinks was based upon his animal magnetism and general all around irresistible sex appeal. Barf. The Cryan men really are clueless when it comes to women. Especially slutty nut jobs.

  2. The 'all's fair in love, sports, war and politics applies here... "in Spades', which includes sneaky taping. The 'New Hoboken'is in a mode that can be likened to - "There's no right way to do a wrong thing". Let's see who really submits petitions and then the fight into November.

  3. Raia is going to cause a run off. He can't win and none of the locals care much for him. His close friends pump him up to run and he loses but never learns. He should realize that his friend don't even live in TOWN.

    1. There's no run off. Winner takes all after last year's public question moving the city elections to November and eliminating the run off.


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