Covering an Attempted Illegal Eviction

HHA attorney Daglian responds to explosive disclosure of illegal eviction served on HHA tenant activist.

What a difference a day makes.  And sunlight.

Yesterday GA posted an account by HHA tenant activist SaveTheProjects, where she told of her car being vandalized and property stolen, her apartment burglarized, and service with an eviction notice- the grounds for eviction were posting "lying, misleading flyers".

GA called it as what it was, an illegal eviction, and layed it at the feet of the HHA's attorney, Charles Daglian.   Daglian is responsible for legal proceedings against tenants and there was nothing legal about the service of this eviction notice, the notice itself or the grounds for eviction.  In fact, Daglian set up the Hoboken Housing Authority for a substantial wrongful eviction lawsuit.

What to do, when one gets caught with his pants down?

SaveTheProjects contacted me late last night:

I tried today to get a copy of the statement or the eviction notice. I was told to wait and I received the notice that is attached instead. The housing manager said two witnesses say they saw me personally put up this flyer, which is a lie. No one saw me put up anything in the hallway & I never put this flyer up or wrote up this flyer.  

Charles Daglian issued a 'cease and desist' letter (top of page) dated August 6 (Tuesday),  yet a notice was delivered to her on August 7 (Wednesday) to sign claiming she was being evicted on the grounds of "misleading flyers"!   When she tried to get a copy of the eviction notice at the office on August 8 (Thursday) she was handed the Daglian letter instead! 

Huh?  Talk about the cart coming before the eviction-horse.

So the HHA attempted to illegally evict SaveTheProjects before serving the legal notice to "cease and desist" the activity for which she was being evicted.

It looks like the sunlight on GA sent them scrambling. Well, there's more:

Attached is the boring flyer I put up in the mailrooms. The copy I put up had the radio program also on it.

SaveTheProjects attached this flyer, the one actually created by the tenants group, not doctored up by unknown persons.

Well, there's more sunlight ahead.

I understand that SaveTheProjects plans to 'go public' so that is good news.  It is a lot easier to bully someone in the dark than it is when everyone's watching.


  1. STP is a hero of HHA, and other tenants should take note and follow her lead. And thank you, GA, for pushing this matter out to the local media and the world, and supporting tenants rights.

  2. Thank you, Anon. I don't agree with all of the opinions in her flyer, but she's got a right to express them without fear, intimidation, destruction of her property, invasion of her home, theft and EVICTION. I do support her efforts to stop the Vision 20/20 juggernaut under its current management.

    She's incredibly brave, and I agree an example for other tenants. From what I know of her, they picked on the wrong gal. The sooner she goes public, the better.

  3. When you think of all the real criminals and criminal behavior in the HHA that Garcia and Daglian turn a blind eye, it makes this extreme over reaction look even more suspect.

  4. Carmelo the ScumbagAugust 9, 2013 at 12:02 PM

    Well look at what the daylight dragged in. What have we here, more evidence of Carmelo Garcia, scumbag x-trodinaire and his sidekick Charles Daglian.

    What utter lowlifes these people are!

    How dare Charles Daglian send a letter like this on HHA letterhead to a resident!

  5. Garcia and Daglian and Gonzales were oblivious to a thriving meth lab at HHA, who are they trying to kid with this fake "no tolerance" BS.

  6. 1-Where in either flyer does it STATE camelo garicia is engaging in corrupt and illegal behavior?
    2- Where is the proof that this person disseminated any flyers?

    It seems Gaglian has opened the HHA to a lawsuit. STP should file a legal complaint against the HHA for harrassment and libel based upon this letter.

    It's an understatement to say the HHA needs a new attorney.

  7. housing vouchers? good for two years? Who is Carmelo offering vouchers to and why?

  8. STP is incredibly brave and they should know that they have a voice here and on MSV.

    Lest anyone wonder why there is a need for anonymity on these sites, you have only to look at STP and realize what may happen if identities are revealed.

    Let Daglian and Garcia and their kind take enough proverbial rope. Hoboken is sick of the lot of them.

  9. Why is Carmelo evicting people and offering incentives to move when this giant project is coming? Isnt there room for everyone? Does he need a buffer? a few extra units to pass around?

  10. Lawsuit? for what damages? How was STP harmed in any way?

    The 'fake' letter appears to have been written by the same person that wrote the 'real' letter. It's quite obvious to the trained eye. I think STP was embarrassed to admit it, being that the 'fake' contained some caustic reference to white people.

    Daglian and Garcia are wasting taxpayer dollars on pure BS.

    One day, the HHA will be run by adults.

    1. It's quite obvious to the untrained eye that you are an idiot.

    2. Fortunately for STP, I'm sure her lawyer will be more familiar with her legal rights than an anonymous blogger no matter how well trained the blogger's eyes are.

      These two cops have probably thrown away their careers unless they can establish that they were directed to behave this way by a superior officer. If I were them I'd lawyer up and fast. Quickly telling the truth about who directed them is probably the only way to save themselves from a whole heap of trouble and the guys at the top won't hesitate to throw them under the bus to save their own pensions.


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