Dirty Tricks Campaign

It looks like the dirty tricks to discredit the group opposing Vision 20/20 has begun, with the appearance of at least 2 flyers around the HHA.

First I got this (Flyer #1):
Subject: signs all over the projects
An HHA resident said that there are signs posted and distributed alluding to the 'savetheprojects' to call the police if you see anyone trespassing. So, c******'s intimidating the residents.  
Then later this (Flyer #2):

The first flyer appears designed to let HHA residents know that tenant activists opposing the demolition of the projects are being watched and, if they are seen in the 'wrong' place ("trespassing"), the cops will be called.

The second one is fascinating.  It was actually lifted verbatim from a GA blog post- without my permission.  The logo was lifted from the NAACP- without their authorization. The use of the NAACP logo atop the flyer appears to give the content below it's imprimatur. And the flyer's creation and distribution is supposed to appear to be from  'SaveTheProjects.'

Wherever NAACP local Chapter President Gene Drayton is, if he knows about this must be mighty pissed off.  Was that the idea?

Well, GA hears that Flyer #2 came from the Carmelo camp and (get this) they are spreading the rumor that I am 'SaveTheProjects'.  Get it?  They turn GA blog commentary into a flyer designed to look like an official release from the NAACP, then pimp the spin that I am STP.

In other words, they want you to believe there is NO tenant opposition to Vision 20/20.   It's a bunch of 'Zimmer Zealots'.

Yeah, right.

Should any media folk need 'evidence' that I am neither 'STP' nor involved in this flyer, before you go and write something stupid, let me know.

Here's the message in these 2 flyers: the campaign to stop tenants from organizing to oppose to demolition of the projects is ON.


  1. wha-what? who the hell came up with this convoluted attempt at a gotcha? does carmelo have minnow boy on the payroll, or is this from the genius elf or bucking branco?? from what i can tell, it's done nothing by spread STP's message. if any trouble does arise, a simple phone call discussion between STP and the NAACP or any media will set them straight.

    we should thank the lord every day that the dark side isn't particularly smart.

  2. Rats usually run instead of fighting unless they are cornered.

    Carmelo Garcia is running scared because he sees all his money making plans slip sliding away.

  3. Hoboken NAACP chief lodges infringement complaint over false flyers in public housing projects. HR headline 8/7/2013

    1. http://www.hudsonreporter.com/view/full_story/23308862/article--Hoboken-NAACP-chief-lodges-infringement-complaint-over-false-flyers-in-public-housing-projects-?instance=up_to_the_minute_hoboken

      if STP was setup and this is a bogus carmelo-created flyer, then they better speak up now and clarify.

    2. See the post above.

      It appears goons have been dispatched to make the STP rep's life very, very miserable even serving an (illegal) eviction notice.

      So, STP has their hands full at the moment. I do hope they have gone to the police and sough legal protections.

  4. The person commenting above that, "we should thank the lord every day that the dark side isn't particularly smart." says it all.


    They are exceedingly devious, and when, "cornered" can be desperately misleading.

    One of the reasons that they AREN'T particularly smart/intelligent is because for too long, they've pretty much had their merry way unopposed. Ruling by iron-handed fiat, they never had to develop persuasive arguments or even pay attention to previously meager opposition.

    In other words, they were and still want to be, "happy & fat (sometimes literally), (sometimes literally) "drunk on power." Previously unchallenged, arrogantly self-impressed with what is now increasingly realized as their own meager brain-power.

    Were not the stakes so often so high. It would be "comical" to see such amateurish and frankly intellectually-insulting efforts to get their way.

    This is becoming a classic example of fat, happy, power-drunk and arrogant officials launching foolish and much-worse often fraudulent attempts to get their way.

    People are getting tired of power-drunk/happy-fat officials greedy and grubby ways; taxpayers funds are increasingly scarce, hopefully increasingly better watched/spent.

    But the Old Guard won't give up their foul ways without a devious/desperado battle, albeit as realized, utterly intellectually corrupt. DickSheppard HCNJ

  5. It would be expected that if the NAACP isn't "taking sides," in this particular issue. It would be expected that the NAACP would be in high dudgeon of having their organization and good-name attached to a bogus attempt to present a bogus endorsement.

    Not only is it a devious and foul deed to misappropriate ANY organization's name/acronym and presumably trademarked name. But using the NAACP's is especially execrable because it presents the possibility of inflaming otherwise less-affecting racial impressions into the issue.

    Stooping to this level sharply reveals just how low and devious those supporting the V20/20 plan are determined to make their score.

    If the V20/20 proposal is a good idea on its own merits. Let advocates argue and persuade on THAT basis. Instead of, "as usual," attempting to "ram through" by iron-hand fiat. To ram through the plan and for some officials, "take that money and C-YA!!"

    By the time mislead and now housing-struggling former residents realize what's happened.

    The low-foul officials who are most anxious to have this plan swiftly "greenlighted" on the flimsiest of pretexts of what will actually happen and when.

    It will be too late for the hoodwinked residents, but "just in time" for certain officials who are looking for late-public-career scores. DickSheppard HCNJ

  6. Dishonest people usually are horrible liars b/c it is just too damn hard to keep your lies straight. That is why they always get caught and seem so stupid.


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