Vision 20/20 Street Money?

Were HHA residents offered $10 (and a t-shirt) to attend Wednesday evening's public forum on Vision 20/20?

Yes, according to Save The Projects (on Patch):
Save the Projects August 01, 2013 at 10:33 PM
What Jen Giattino was shown at the Public Meeting yesterday was all staged and she knows it. She's not an idiot. It was obvious. Only 40 or so people showed up. All wearing T-shirts. Where was anyone else? Where were those who were out-spoken against the tearing down of the Projects? Out of 1300+ Residents of the Hoboken Projects, why wasn't there 1 person speaking against the plan or not wearing a Vision 2020 T-shirt?...  Councilwoman Jen if your reading this? I want you to know that Carmello at the block party gave people a T-shirt & $10? Most took the money and didn't show up to the meeting; showing they are not that stupid. You saw the way they treated you yesterday and you are a councilwoman.  Imagine a protestor? Don't let them intimidate you with voting you out office. The fact Carmello can't get more than 40 paid or deluded stooges should tell you the plan is not popular and something is brewing among its minority tenants and this is why so far they have boycotted the "supposed" public forum. ... As to you David & Tim we'll remember you on election day, you pieces of garbage! We know at the Projects this is a Racist attack on people of color like in New Orleans. We know that urban renewal really stand for n*gger removal. That's why the white projects aren't going to be knocked down in Hoboken, only the black ones. Against the Destroying the Projects; join us: Contact:
$10 is the (alleged) going rate for a Vision 20/20 sales pitch at the HHA?  Cheap.

I got $100 for a time-share sales-pitch in the Berkshires

$10 is an insult.  Would Church Towers or Marine View residents be given ten (alleged) dollars?

I wonder who paid for the (alleged) insult?  If 40 attended the meeting, that's $400 right there (allegedly) plus the money given to those who didn't show up.  Is this alleged money coming from HHA funds?  Political campaign funds?  A private donor? 

Are the t-shirts alleged too?  No, we can see them.  So who or what is underwriting this marketing paraphernalia?  And (alleged) street money?

Well, a few thousand bucks is a drop in the bucket for anyone with a business interest in a project that does not guaranty housing for current HHA residents.  That's the vast majority who don't wear t-shirts with slogans.


  1. My 2c on this is if you lose your home b/c of 20/20 it is b/c the residents of the HHA of the collectively as a group elected people who support the 20/20 plan. Don't ever vote for anyone like Tim, Garcia, Ramos, Russo, Mason or any of the rest who support this plan.

  2. Carmelo's 4D Philosophy

    I am dishonest
    I am deceitful
    I am devious
    I am double talking

    what are u? destined to be homeless?

  3. hha residents: should keep in mind that you can tell carmelo and his goons whatever they want to hear, but they aren't with you inside in the voting booth. once you get in there by yourself on election day, you can vote for anyone you want and they will never know the difference. you don't have to VBM, just say you'd rather do it in person.

  4. That how it used to work. VBM changed all that. No proof - no $$
    Hard to be strong when you are hungry at the end of the month.

    1. Well it is even harder to be strong when you lose your home.

    2. VBM stopped the former fast-change [campaign shirt] artists. They were paid and given a candidate's t-shirt. The then collected from the other candidate and changed to his shirt. That's the way it was in the 4th Ward. That's progress??? lol

  5. I think those in "the projects" who can afford to should get first dibs on empty units in Church Towers or Marineview.

    That said, any current "Resident" of any apt in any affordable housing who is subletting and not actually residing there should lose their unit ASAP. Anyone charging their sublease more than the actual rent should be punished under whatever law we can find to whack them with...same to people with 2 bedroom units that charge their roommate the full real rent.

    Church Towers, Marineview, and the rest are filled with illegally sublet and shared units.

  6. I walk by this morning and its a shame how dirty the ground are kept. The blocks along Jackson are terrible and with so much trash and deterioration. I like how they can find the $10 for 20/20 but can't keep the ground updated and clean.

  7. Vision 20/20 Justice - Admitted email theft is a real crime. No crime has been proven for the 4th Ward VBM. 5 years probation for the admitted thief. Will the others get away free? Will the Mayor get them (?), which will complete her promise to hold all involved accountable.

    1. You mistake 'mayor' for 'sheriff'.

      The F.B.I., U.S. Attorney's office and NJ Attorney General's office have the jurisdiction to hold those committing voter-fraud and wire- fraud accountable.

      The Mayor continues to be fully cooperative and provide access for LE agencies to investigate and hold "all involved accountable."

      How about it LE?

    2. The criminal aspect is the US AG's office and internal administrative disciplinary action can undertaken by the City of Hoboken against any city employees that may be involved. Accordingly, in this case the Mayor is kind of a Sheriff and can be the conduit to hold them all responsible. There are many paths to handle misconduct.

  8. Interesting comments on the hoboken forum regarding one the the individuals mentioned in the email theft criminal complaint and whose name came out in testimony by the former city BA and Lawyer in a Hoboken civil service administrative action.


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