Longo Puts Timmy on Notice of Affirmative Action Lawsuit!

Corp. Counsel Longo's tired of taking shit from the Bobble Boy.

Wow! Timmy Occhibobble took his third swing at Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo late last night and STRUCK OUT! 

Remember Strike Two,  on July 7th when Bobble Boy sputtered: "we shouldn't have to pay 2 million dollars to get it (high percentage of winning lawsuits) if you have good attorneys. And you know, competent in-house... "

Which prompted Longo to remind Bobble Boy that shaking his head was "all he was good at."    

Agreed!  That and spending 98% of his 2015 municipal campaign donations.

Well friends, it appears Longo is done taking shit from this intellectual flyweight.   In the closing minutes of last night's meeting, as a heated debate raged on about the confidentiality status of emails and documents,  Occhi-bobble took the floor:
Occhi-Bobblehead: "It's a bigger issue, Corporation Counsel, saying what is privileged and what is confidential. That is a bigger issue, hold on.." 

Melissa Longo: "I , I can say because I know the law..."

Occhi-Bobblehead: "...let me speak real quick. Because every email that we seem to get from this office is privileged and confidential...
Melissa Longo: "That's not true..."

Occhi-Bobblehead:"...when, when..." 

Castellano: "Pick and choose!"

Occhi-Bobblehead: "... it violates the law because all of these documents are public record."

Melissa Longo: "That's not true."

Occhi-Bobblehead: "Yes.."

Peter Cunningham: "That's not true..."

Melissa Longo: "That's not true."

Occhi-Bobblehead:"As soon as, as soon as the cases are over they're a matter of public record."

Mason: "(unintelligible) you've still gotta release it!"

Occhi-Bobblehead:"I OPRAed information on Sandy that was privileged and confidential... Mayor Zimmer.  You want to tell me how hurricane preparations could be privileged and confidential in this city?"

Castellano: "Catch phrase!"

Occhi-Bobblehead: "That doesn't make any sense at all..."

Castellano: "Conveniently!"

Occhi-Bobblehead: "How any of that information preparing for a hurricane could be privileged and confidential. Yet that came from your office.  You're abusing your powers of saying what is privileged and confidential to hide information. That's the problem..." 

Melissa Longo: "You should be very careful...

Occhi-Bobblehead: " ... that's the problem."

Melissa Longo: "You should be very careful  with the types of inflammatory things you say. You just said I'm abusing  my privilege? "

Mason: "Yep!"

Melissa Longo: (to Occhi-Bobblehead)  "I'm putting you on notice that I'm filing an affirmative action suit against you. This is now the third time. You have to abide by the affirmative action policy.  You are NOT.  So you're on notice." 


  1. WOW !

    But then again Timothy Occhipinti appears to have long festering passive-aggressive tendencies when it comes to women.

  2. HA!!!! Way to go, Melissa! Stick it to him and don't let up. Granted, he's probably too stupid to actually learn a lesson and change his behavior but hold his feet to the fire. She can probably kick Timmy's bobble-ass anyway.

  3. Tim O certainly makes himself look foolish, but I don't understand how his moronic comments are in violation of affirmative action law.

    Perhaps this could be explained?

    1. Purpose here is to inflame not provide facts.

    2. Did you just randomly reply to a story from a few years ago? At least you did it during daylight hours and not your usual 3 am posts that everyone laughs at

    3. 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... BLASTOFF!

      Beware the Ides of March!


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