HHA activist: Car Vandalized, Served with Eviction Notice

The war declared on HHA residents who oppose Vision 20/20 took an appalling turn yesterday, according to an activist with the group, Save The Projects. 

On Tuesday, August 6, HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia posted this notice (below) through-out the HHA.  It reads in part:

Please be aware that someone is inappropriately spreading vicious lies about the Vision 20/20 Plan and myself. It is shameful that someone would use 1990's fear tactics to confuse and alarm residents of the Hoboken Housing Authority. 

You will not lose your home and no one will be displaced. The Vision 20/20 Plan is a 10-year plan that enhances your quality of living! 

We do not approve of unwarranted solicitations and do not recommend you sign anything you do not understand. 

Please call the Hoboken Police Department if you feel threatened or harassed. 

 HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia's notice to HHA tenants dated August 6, 2013

"Please call the Hoboken Police Department if you feel threatened or harassed."

GA hopes SaveTheProjects takes Carmelo Garcia's advice.

Carmelo Garcia is right: if a person is threatened or harassed they must file a police report in order to establish a record of the incident. And if their property is stolen or vandalized, and/or their landlord attempts an illegal eviction, they must file a police incident report then seek legal recourse for attempted illegal eviction of a tenant of federal housing, a violation of their civil rights.

Legal Services in New Jersey provides full access to essential civil legal aid for all economically disadvantaged people who cannot secure a lawyer on their own. 

Here you go, honey:

Northeast New Jersey Legal Services 
574 Summit Avenue Jersey City, NJ 07306  
County: Hudson County 
(p): (201) 792-6363 
 (e): NNJLS@lsnj.org 
Office Hours: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM 
Website: www.lsnj.org/nnjls
A member for the HHA tenants group, Save the Projects, alleges this happened yesterday:
I want to let you know, my car was broken into and another passenger side door broken and my work ID stolen. Moreover, I now know it was them who broke into my car a little over a month ago damaging the passenger side door... I didn't suspect I was on their list, especially as I wasn't involved in any way, shape, or form organizing last month at all.   I didn't even talk to anyone about Vision2020 or anything. Other people were involved, but I wasn't. I only recently got involved. However, after the incidents of this morning, I now know they were involved. The Housing Site manager came to my door demanding I sign a statement or otherwise I would be evicted immediately. I told her I won't open my door, but to slide to the clipboard. The form said it was a notice of service for eviction the section marked other was checked and it read in tiny writing something to the effect of: I claim sole responsibility for putting out lying, misleading flyers. I threw the clipboard back, which was stupid on my part. When I asked why I was being served, she told me they knew from day 1 last year I was involved, because...   She was embarrassed. She was put up to say this. A maintenance man who is friendly to me & fears losing his job approached me yesterday. He commented to me about the door. Said they broke into my apt, too last month when I wasn't home, but didn't find anything, except a *****  they confiscated. In fact, I cannot find the **** and there's also a ***** missing... There maybe other things, but I haven't noticed anything else, yet. He told me there are millions going down, he's going to evict you, damage your vehicle, break your arm, and set you up as an example to others.
Excuse my blue language but, what the fuck?

(1) 'Fake' flyers appear all over the HHA, made to look like they were done by SaveTheProjects- they were NOT.   One flyer co-opted the NAACP logo prompting NAACP Chapter President Eugene Drayton to file a "copyright infringement" complaint with the Hoboken Police Department.

(2) A member of that group claims to be served with an eviction notice grounded on "lying, misleading flyers".

The two lawyers GA reviewed this with concurred that "lying, misleading flyers" were ILLEGAL grounds for eviction.

Could this be why HHA Attorney Charles Daglian is so important to keep around?  

Does Daglian know what's going on?   That an outspoken tenant was (allegedly) served with an illegal eviction notice?

Charles Daglian has a lot of explaining to do. 

Eviction is a LEGAL process, and Daglian is the HHA's LEGAL advisor.  Perhaps if Stuiver and the Reform Commissioners had not been thwarted at every step to replace the HHA's attorney, perhaps this (alleged) disgusting effort to illegally oust a person targeted for her FREE SPEECH would not have occured.

Maybe.  Maybe not.  

In any event, GA asks the Reform Commissioners to confront Daglian and find out why eviction is allegedly used as a weapon against tenants of federal housing for the crime of FREE SPEECH-  illegal, and a violation of their civil rights.


  1. Vision 20/20 is a 10 year plan that enhances Carmelo Garcia's quality of living.

    Garcia is well versed in the fear tactics of the 1990's to control his fiefdom and maintain his income stream.

  2. this story needs to go larger than local media. HR coverage is a start but the star-ledger, at the very least, needs to be aware and brought into the picture. make christie and stack feel embarrassed to be associated with garcia and this fraud of a project, throw an unwanted problem into their reelection campaigns.

    wpix does bogus segments about hoboken parking (remember that one?), they should pitched on this disgraceful display of intimidation and harassment by carmelo and his goons. get the money issue out in the open, and the numbers of current hha residents who will be displaced. get it all out there, and rub their nose in it.

    1. I agree, but these media outlets need to independently verify the source if this person wishes to maintain anonymity.

      My own view is that going public is the best protection, that cockroaches run from sunlight. But I am not walking in their shoes.

      This person is (allegedly) being terrorized simply because they oppose fundamental changes to their housing being provided by the HHA. Daglian must be held responsible if allegations are true.

      Who is preparing these eviction papers?

  3. A bogus scam eviction under phony pretenses to have a HHA resident sign their own death warrant? Why am I not surprised.

    If that woman doesn't get help, Carmelo Garcia will have her living in a homeless shelter! There won't be any story anywhere because he will have won and she will be out. Garcia is Stack's problem, in more ways than one.

    "Testing, testing, 1-2-3. This is Carmelo Garcia. I'm about to have a meeting with a senior elected official. If everything goes right, I will have the good on him for my audio library."

    What a complete scumbag.

  4. I say this if this really happened and they know who did it then absolutely file a complaint. If the person was served with an Illegal Eviction then they have rights and should fight the eviction in court. If its illegal I''m sure it won't stand in any court. Ive never heard of eviction notices being provided by site managers I have seen court appointed individuals serve them but never an HHA employee. Doesn't make quite sense. If this person is really being threatened, harrassed and intimidated they need to come forward stop hiding behind post and expose their truth!
    I also suggest to Grafix Avenger that when exposing stories look into the facts before writing on them because at the end of the day you really don't know what's behind it all and quite frankly if its not true such as the NAACP information provided it doesnt make you look too truthful.

    1. Thanks for the advice. Now shove it.

      'SaveTheProjects' and I have a mutual friend/acquaintance so the person is not mythical and does live in the projects and is part of a movement to stop the demolition of the HHA via Vision 20/20.

      Those are the facts.

      'SaveTheProjects' is trying to organize tenants in a hostile environment, and GA has published STP's own words, with the caveat they are his/her own opinions not mine.

      Those are the facts.

      I have expressed my disagreement with the opinions STP has about race- such as green being the only color that matters in this discussion, not race.

      Those are the facts.

      My commentary about NAACP was 'correct' with the knowledge at the time- that Drayton had unresolved concerns about housing for poor, needy families and withheld his endorsement of the project.

      Those are the facts.

      You schmucks are flailing about, doing everything to discredit the people whose right it is to speak freely and openly on issues that affect the future of the buildings they live in, and like you, wish to discredit those who support their right to protest.

      Those are the facts.

  5. Here's a question: how did Dayton hear about the flyer?
    And, isn't it convenient that Dayton had a meeting with Garcia immediately after hearing about the flyer?

    Can you say set up

  6. Politics is war - the strategy and tactics include much mis-direction. "Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed." - Mao Tse-tung -

  7. Old time politicians can t afford Anyone stepping out of line at the hha.

    Glad they are up against some who realize they can't be bullied into submission. Bullies and only abuse their victims if the victims remain silent about the bullying.

  8. If they are attacking him/her they know who he/she is so it seems anonymity isn't much of an issue anymore. This person needs to reach out to the authorities and media fast.

    1. Agreed. I've made that pitch to STP offline and I understand others have as well. STP's best protection is going public.


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