Earwitness Rumor: Carmelo's Lawsuit is "Crazy"

GA took notes from a chat with a dishy source on the Dark Side:
It was no accident Stack came down from the cliff when Carmelo was out of town.  He didn't want to be in the room with him, didn't want to be photographed with him. 

When someone asked Stack if he approved of his running mate Carmelo Garcia taping political figures and accusng the mayor of "ethnic cleansing" did he try to give him any political cover or DEFEND him? NO.  He backed away and said "I don't know".   Stack was asked if it's OK that tenants who oppose Vision 20/20 are threatened with eviction. Did he try to DEFEND Carmelo?  Did he say it couldn't be true or that he didn't believe it?  NO.  He said "I don't know it to be a fact".  Stack allowed that it could be a fact.  That's huge.

Stack's backing off from Carmelo. Everybody is. It's the lawsuit. That was the last straw.

Everybody thinks its crazy, accusing the mayor of "ethnic cleansing". Nobody thinks it was a good idea. It's embarrassing to our people and Ruben is stuck with it. That suit was all Carmelo.  Nobody told him to do it. He's always played the race card but taking it to court is a whole different game. It's hurting Ruben. People are leaving Ruben.  Rudy Garcia left the campaign.  Renee Abreau doesn't want the attention his name is out there and he doesn't like it.  He's in with Carmelo on Vision 20/20, made some deal.

The Raia-Mason third ticket is going to happen.  Timmy is at the top.  Nobody thinks Ruben can pull it off.


  1. How many bat-shit crazies can you fit into one election?

  2. Replacing one moron with another won't solve anything for the OG. Where do they come up with these horrible candidates? Not sure if I am more scared that people this bad get picked to run for office for the OG slate or that people are actually dumb enough to vote for these candidates.

  3. Tim O running hurts Ruben's 4th Ward Vote...Little does it matter since the Mayor's record is too good to be overcome. Raia has a shot to win a seat on the council because of his money; however, he has turned off a lot of his former supporters. Stack is a master at his trade, and will survive Garcia's blunders. Garcia tenure will be short lived in the Assembly. When the Mayor's team comes in, he will be looking for another job. Fulop will become a county power.
    He is the new gun in town....Bernie Kenny always comes up off the floor and Dave Roberts is buying a new red sweater. lol

  4. Gotta love how Carmelo Garcia enters a lawsuit then leaves the country.

    What a turd. Shows even he knows it was a misjudgment.

    This will get tossed - Stack will make sure of it.

  5. What will happen to poor Mindak and Miani? Will they join the "you will notice me" crowd or the more popular "gee, that was harder then I thought, I need a loooooong nap" club, like Nate Brinkman, Perry Lin, Kathy Tucker, Kim Glatt, Anthony Oland and Felice Vasquz

  6. Garcia is getting in a head to head with mason in the most disliked elected official category

    Maybe garcia is is right, he just may be a legend...or whatever it is he calls himself.

    1. "A hundred years cannot repair a moments loss of honor." - An old Proverb - Who will trust him - He will represent himself in the Assembly, which is NOTHING!


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