Oh no! 8 More Weeks of Timmy

Stuff him back in his hole, FrankPlease.

Well folks, Punxsutawney Tim saw his shadow.

Which means 8 more weeks of Tim until election day!

Word has it Frank Raia, aspiring City Councilman, was searching for a spoiler to drive a stake through the heart of the Ramos campaign.

Rooting around in his (limited) garden of options, Raia noticed a large mound of dirt with a pair of beady, red-rimmed eyes glowing from beyond a large, filthy hole.  Raia bent down, and found the creature was ├╝ber-ambitious with the IQ of a turnip, social skills of a hyena, and most importantly, had a pulse. 

Raia asked: "Would you like to be on my ticket?"

"I'd love to run for mayor!" it chirped.

Raia reached into the hole and pulled out the grinning rodent.  

"Congratulations!" he said, "Now I'll  clean you up!"  

But hard as he tried, the filth wouldn't wash off.

"Out, damned spot!" Raia cried as he scrub-a-dub-dubbed the varmint's miserable record:  
 575 campaign workers in an election where 2,076 ballots were cast,  opposing FEMA aid after Sandy because he claimed Hoboken didn't have the kind of "structural damage" other towns did while he lobbied for a parade, obstructing our citys operations at every turn:  "Good luck passing the budget!",   voting  "NO" on replacing hurricane-damaged HOP buses , voting "NO" on repairing potholes to Washington Street and Observer Hwy, voting "NO" to bonding to repair Pier C park, voting "NO" to the Southwest park he campaigned on, the missing 5 tons of Lousiana's "Train of Hope" Sandy donations to Hoboken... there were too many to count, and none would wash off.
So Frank buffed it instead, then held it aloft for all to see (photo-simulation above).

 "Welcome to the race,  Punxsutawney Tim!

Now, it so happens this critter is already an elected official in Hoboken and Facebooks his heart out.

Yes, it is on the City Council  and barks out of turn like a coked-up Chihuahua.  Recently,  Corporation Council Melissa Longo observed it was only good at bobbing it's head and put it on notice of a coming Affirmative Action complaint.  Not just that- it's got opposable thumbs, a characteristic of many primates.

Caught having spent 98%  of it's campaign donations for a municipal race in 2015, GA noted:

Timmy opened up his Occhipinti for Council  Committee on April 20, 2012 for an election that's 43 months away, on November 12, 2015 and raised a total of $13,673.03!  How much of that came from 'small' donors?  $8098.03 or 60%.What's even MORE amazing than that? According to Timmy's ELEC, he has received $13,673.03 and spent $13,399.56- that's 98% of contributions received.  Wow.

Well, Id say that Frank picked a winner there, wouldn't you? 

Of course, this alleged third ticket is hear-say.  But if it ain't true, at least I got to add to my portfolio of Tim graphics.

Now, GA checked to see if Raia's opened a committee with ELEC yet.  Nope.  Unless he gave it a tricky Boy Band name like, Frankie and The Opposable Thumbs.

So, what about Ruben?

Sadly, not only hasn't his campaign caught fire, but he appears to have his own rodent issue.  But, Ramos is not giving up nor are the powers behind his candidacy.

GA hears the Ramos campaign is North-Bergen centric.

In fact, sources say that none other than North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco's strategist Paul Swibinski is "secretly"working for Ramos.

What happened?
This is curious as GA heard about Sacco securing a promise from Swibinski  NOT to work for Ramos-- in the presence of Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

Witnesses told GA that Sacco gets on like gangbusters with our modest lady mayor. So, did Swibinski really break his promise to Sacco? Is it true Sacco's guy Swibinski is secretly working for Zimmer's opponent?

How does one keep a secret from Nick Sacco?

Rumor or not, that is the scuttlebutt coming from multiple sources.

Treachery, shifting alliances, empowering rodents... what else is new in Hudson County politics?


  1. It is impossible to underestimate Tim Occhipinti.

  2. Timmy Bobblehead for MayorAugust 28, 2013 at 2:17 PM

    I'm with Timmy cuz I want a free bobblehead.

  3. Treachery and or betrayal is an everyday occurrence among politicians. Raia is the most dangerous threat on the ticket! Tim O is a Zero who is a means to an end now - his eventual end.

  4. Heard it was Swibinsky's son working for TimO not Swibinsky himself though I doubt that will matter much to Nick if Paul "forgot" to tell him.

    1. Father/Son - Birds of feather! There probably will be some ugly, nasty stuff.

    2. And Castellano's son is working for Ruben even though his Mother has knocked Ruben. Oh! All this family stuff.

  5. so does timmy attack ruben (and ruben attack timmy), or do they both just gang up on the mayor?

    hopefully timmy will at least get a merit badge or something out of his "run for office." how appropriate: timmy loses a mayoral race, just like his hudson st. puppetmaster. at least now they'll have something in common besides being nitwits.

  6. Who cares abou Timmy, JT's in town!


    1. Cory and JT, perfect together!

  7. Raia can't win and the locals hate him too.I bet he is getting backing from the big developers in town. Maybe he should focus on the problems over at the NHSA..

    1. Sorry anon but if Tim Runs he will quickly emerge as the main opposition candidate with Ramos basically marginalized - effectively the spoiler in the race. Tim's City Council position gives him a platform to lead and speak from. He will be the one framing the arguments against the Mayor with Ramos struggling to get a word in edgewise and when he does all he will be able to say is "me too."

      In a three way race Ramos is left with a dependable voter base of about 1500, and will have no ability to fundraise whatsoever so his campaign will remain as invisible as its been so far.

      This will be a Tim vs. Zimmer race.

    2. Also ramos's voter base will degrade as people understand thatTim is the only candidate who can beat Zimmer. Plus without money and with Garcia problems he can't even depend on the HHA vote.

      Prediction: Tim 5500, Zimmer 4500, Ramos 1000.

      If ra

    3. Ramos and his slate has always been viewed as an place holder until Russo, Raia and Mason were ready to jump in.

  8. Tim Occhipinti a white man who says he supports his black and Hispanic residents by supporting them out of town with Vision Eviction/Eviction

  9. The court pushing the rent control referendum vote back to November 5th rather than a special election in October, will only help increase the reform vote and maybe give another reason for Raia to take the leap.

    At the end of the day the old guard vote is shrinking and the more people looking to get a piece of it the greater the margin of victory for reform.

  10. It's all about the council. Even they don't care if Timmy gets in or not. They don't care about anyone but themselves.

    What's up with this new band of useful idiots like Timmy, Oland, Midak, Miani and Murry? Do they not know they are being used? Is it really that easy to blow smoke up someones ass?

  11. it seems that the formula is simple.
    1. Find someone who wants to be a political player. Maybe they complained about a park somewhere, or just looked like a general hanger on. If they get their news from 411, even more of a plus. 2. Start selling them on the negativity, it's easy to get someone to think that every little thing the administration does is wrong, and then ignore those transgressions that are made in the name of balancing power against the evil folks in power.
    3. Promise power. When that's not enough, promise more power. Timmy actually believes that he can be an Old Guard choice for mayor.

    Apparently Maurice was the master at playing this game, with him gone, the cluster**** has started to implode on itself.

    1. Exactly, compared to Maurice, they are neophytes. They are rowing without any oars in the water.

    2. Too bad Maurice's secrets died with him. He had dirt on EVERYONE...which is why no one ever "outed" him or targeted him with anti-gay BS.

    3. So are they dumb or complicit?


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