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  2. congratulations to the Poopster!

  3. Ruben Ramos for Mayor CampaignAugust 15, 2013 at 2:31 PM

    See we told you all along. We're glad Grafix Avenger got this story out so people can see we were correct all along in the conspiracy prediction Frank "Pupie" Raia would negotiate himself onto the Zimmerists ticket.

    We told ya!

  4. Poor Doyle. Always a bridesmaid never a bride.

  5. All kidding aside anyone have the story why Raia and Ramos dislike each other so much.

    It is weird that people who worked for Raia not to long ago and now are working for Ramos are now slamming him every chance they get.

  6. Goes back a way when there was discussion over something and Ramos came back and so give me this and Raia's response was "Are you nuts?" Something like that.

    But then there was the Assembly seat under Stack. Pupie thought he was getting it and then Ramos went and got his buddy Carmelo Garcia on it. Clear as day Ruben Ramos in splendid Vision 20-20 money lighting up Stack's eyes said put Carmelo Garcia on the ticket and all will be good.


  7. Ramos has the unfortunate ability to piss people off. A shining example was his puffing out his chest and proclaiming in a crowded venue that he was taking Sires seat. He apparently believed his own s his press releases and thought all he had to do was proclaim his intentions which would scare Sires into retiring. Well, no. That did not work out so well for him and it has been down hill all the way since then. Scamming the Poopster in the Assembly seat Musical Chairs charade certainly did not win him any points. But he had already soured the well.

  8. As others have said, Ramos is widely viewed as having put the deal together to get Carmelo on the ticket- bumping Frank, of course.

    But there's new scuttlebutt floating around that Carmelo let the silent powers behind Vision 20/20: West New York developer, Renee Abreu, Brian Stack and Albio Sires, know that he would kill the project if he wasn't given the Assembly slot.

    Now, that's rumor, but the more we know about Garcia...

    In that case, Frank never really had a chance, and it's not all Ruben's fault.

  9. So we can assume when Ramos loses his cronies will get him another taxpayer funded paycheck.

  10. The yet answered question is why Ruben walked away from the Assembly to run for Mayor? I hear he has some personal grudge against Zimmer, something about "how dare you fire, let go, downsize" one of my cronies/family members from a city job.

    1. Ramos didn't walk away, Stack gave him the heave ho. Running for mayor was the only alternative. Has nothing to do with Mayor Zimmer, Ramos well knows she is a popular mayor but he has to give it a go.

      Otherwise it's back to teaching in Patterson. He's not so fond of the idea.

      Mommie Ramos is a legend for pissing off everyone with her entitlement attitude. But she's honest. She tells everyone she's into government here for a no-low-show job.

      Judy Tripodi's first action as fiscal state monitor was canning her. That says something.


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