HHA Activist Allegedly Told She "Can't Vote"

Another day, another allegation of harassment against a vocal  member of Save The Projects, the HHA tenants group opposed to demolition of the HHA for Carmelo Garcia's Vision 20/20.

File this one under alleged "attempted voter disenfranchisement".

Yesterday HHA resident Jessica Coco went to her HHA polling place to vote, and here is her account of what happened:
I was told I couldn't vote, because I didn't live there. The woman didn't ask me for my name or ask my address, but she did comment that I'm against Vision 2020.  She knew enough who I was to know I'm against Vision 2020 because I didn't tell her. She refused to let me vote because she said I don't live here, because I'm a "crac". Twice she repeated this and stopped short before blurting out "cracker". It was comical, because she wanted to say cracker so bad, but was forced to stop herself twice. I threatened to call the police, but they laughed. Then they saw a witness listening to the conversation and they didn't know who he was. When they realized he was with me and I threatened to call the Sheriff's office & Board of Elections finally Arlette told the other woman who refused to give me her name that she has to let me vote, because I live there... Arlette talked about her son Dio, said he was Carmello's friend and how honest Carmello is and told me you can't put up any flyers without asking Carmello. Then she threatened to take down all flyers she sees throughout the HHA & tear them down, because she's the President of the Tenant organization and doing this on their behalf.
Coco described the altercation as lasting  "15 minutes" before she was finally allowed to vote.

How kind of the pollsters, to allow a registered voter in the United States of America to exercise her right to vote at her polling place!   It warms the heart, doesn't it?

The name 'Dio' mentioned as the son of one of the pollsters allegedly obstructing Coco from voting, rang a bell. 

GA recalls a 'Dio Braxton' being a heavy earner on the Occhipinti campaign. Is it the same Dio?   

GA has no idea.  But wouldn't it be ironic, if so?

We all know that a criminal complaint of voter fraud by the 2010 Occhipinti campaign was handed up to Paula Dow, the former NJ Attorney General.  It contained allegations of cash exchange for votes, witness affidavits.  So GA's looked through those ELECs enough times to recognize names that pop up numerous times- on a single ELEC report.

Speaking of Dio Braxton,  he earned $700 as a "campaign worker" for Occhipinti in 2010 (4th Ward special election):





Then Braxton earned $635 as a "campaign worker" in Occhipinti's 2011 municipal campaign:


That would certainly be ironic if this fellow who is up to his elbows in DEMOCRACY by participating in FREE and fair elections in Hoboken's 4th Ward is related to a resident who allegedly tried to disenfranchise a voter because of her First Amendment right to oppose Vision 20/20.

What a world!  Allegedly.


  1. This woman needs to get a lawyer. ASAP. Start documenting EVERYTHING. She should not go to the police or board of elections without her lawyer

  2. Should have recorded the conversation.

  3. The whole conversation was recorded and witnessed. I also made a complaint with the Board of Elections. I want to make it clear that although I'd like to laugh the experience off, it was a really scary experience as I was experiencing it and still disturbs me now. I couldn't sleep last night over it. The very, heavy big black woman who refused to let me vote and eventually called me a "cracker...head", blocked the door so I could not leave. She had no reason nor right to block the door. She was menacing and threatened to strike me. It was this that prompted my friend to immediately approach the door and for me to threaten to call the Sheriff's office instead of the police a 2nd time. I truly believe the woman would have struck me.

    1. You appear to have evidence that can be brought to the Bd. of Elections, the PD, and perhaps enought to file a racial hate complaint. I would obtain legal advice as well. Additionally, blocking the door could also be considered false-imprisonment. This could be a civil action.

  4. Carmelo and his goons are out of their minds. Spiraling out of control makes him a pretty dangerous kind of guy.

  5. Help Mr. Wizard!!!!


    At Minute 4:50.

  6. Carmelo's ThugsAugust 14, 2013 at 12:35 PM

    Yo what it be my brotha. We are thuggin it out for the people, keeping it real.
    Sounds like some serious Civil Rights Violations going on at the HHA.

    Congratulations to Carmelo Garcia, Charles Daglian and the Carmelo Goon Squad.
    The Braxtons are all over the ELEC reports getting Hoboken Soprano money.
    So this is no surprise, none.

    How to see them all find their way into the appropriate jail space.

  7. being a street thug is one thing (and bad enough), but interfering in a registered voter's right to vote is a huge deal and violation of federal, law. honestly, who ever did this should be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law because, ya know, there's that thing where people HAVE DIED in defense of our inalienable right to vote. this is not some BS small-time hood move, this is a serious crime.

    jessica, it's been said here before but please, GET A LAWYER! it's the only way you can fight back.

  8. I've called the Board of Elections to complain about the behavior of the Challengers and the lack of following rules by the poll workers. I've resorted to always bringing a copy of "State of NJ Voting Information" handout from the Division of Elections I downloaded. I've highlighted the section on challengers and have handed it directly to them...and stated loudly "Under the law I don't have to answer any of your questions. I have the right to ignore you."


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