Garcia's 'Ethnic Cleansing' LIE

What ethnic cleansing looks like in the Sudan

'Ethnic cleansing' is the process of eliminating an unwanted ethnic or religious group through forced deportation, mass murder or genocide. Incredibly, this week,"ethnic cleansing" found it's way into Hudson County Superior Court this week, in a complaint against the mayor, her husband and a former HHA Chairman filed by HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia.

Garcia's allegations are stunning in their brazen flight from reality into a world where Dawn Zimmer's got "her version" of Vision 20/20.  To boot, it's an "ethnic cleansing initiative" aimed at turning the ethically diverse HHA into a 'White Utopia'.

I kid you not, folks. From politickernj:
“Mayor Zimmer’s version of the Vision 20/20 project was essentially an ethnic cleansing initiative in which Mayor Zimmer… sought to replace Hoboken’s minorities with white affluent voters,” the suit alleges. “By increasing the number of whites in Hoboken, Mayor Zimmer sought to increase her political base among the new guard. Mayor Zimmer did not generally enjoy the support of Hoboken’s minorities.”
Does GA need to tell you how Garcia's allegations are undermined by his own Vision 20/20 concept plan?

An attendee at Garcia's first public forum provided the following information, based on the Executive Director's presentation.  An anonymous commenter disputes this breakdown, saying all 806 units are reserved for public housing plus 1/3 of the additional 192 units, resulting in 67 additional low income units. Garcia presented the revised breakdown at his second public forum- AFTER Save The Projects Projects went public.

Which is correct?  GA is waiting for documentation of the breakdown to be forwarded.

As presented at the first public forum, Garcia's plan demolishes 806 units of affordable housing and proposes 1,002 new dwelling units:  1/3 luxury, 1/3 moderate income and 1/3 low income.  Garcia's own plan reduces affordable housing from 806 units to 334 units.  You can see, Garcia's Vision 20/20 does NOT target race; it targets the poor.

Garcia's Vision 20/20 is an economic cleansing initiative.

Which is why he desperately needs to keep the facts about Vision 20/20 hidden from residents, which includes a war on  'flyers' from Save The Projects and.... (get ready for this) discarding ALL copies of The Hoboken Reporter. 

Yep, GA was told by witnesses about the mass-dumping of last week's HR delivery to the HHA- the issue the one featuring Jessica Coco's tale of harassment and efforts to inform residents that their homes will be demolished:
They do not deliver the Hoboken Reporter to our mail rooms. Only the mail room at 4th st and Jackson near the office has any Hoboken Reporters put out. The papers are left in a big pile for residents. Last week Carmello had them thrown out. A maintenance man in a HHA green pick-up truck told us he was ordered to remove all copies of the Reporter & throw them down the incinerator
This destruction of newspapers brings to mind Bertoldt Brecht's Burning of the Books, written about the destruction of books under an infamous totalitarian regime:

When the Regime commanded that books with harmful knowledge
Should be publicly burned and on all sides
Oxen were forced to drag cartloads of books
To the bonfires...

Imagine that.

The banning of newspapers at the HHA. The creation of an alternate reality where the MAYOR is designing an ethnically-pure, all-white Vision 20/20.  Imagine believing that this alternate reality- though unsupported by any existing documentation or evidence- will be viable in a Hudson County courtroom. Imagine what provokes one to think of such a scheme.

That combines massive delusion, megalomania and balls the size of the moon.

No rebuttal for delusions is required, but here it is for the record: Mayor Zimmer has never put forward any Vision 20/20 proposal of any kind.  The Mayor's  5-1-13 letter to Garcia,  explicitly rejects his request for developer tax-abatements, and denies her support of his 'economic cleansing' Vision 20/20 plan.  Among serious concerns about Garcia's proposal, she cites design inadequacies, failure to provide back-up generators, and lack of community input. Zimmer goes on to defend the poor's right to occupy affordable housing units, writing "Public housing must go to those most in need of housing based on income."

So what is this all about?  Well, that's where we get to the bottom of this hollow, foolish lawsuit.

The transcript.  Stay tuned.

Creating an alternate reality at the HHA


  1. Carmelo Garcia is a desperate man on the way down and desperate people do desperate things.

  2. I hope this all blows up in Brian Stack's face.

  3. Carmelo should have his own news piped into each HHA apt like they do in communist North Korea. HHA Tenants should call him Dear Leader too. Then he wouldn't need a goon squad and people to break cars like Jessica Coco's. Everyone would be brainwashed and packing their own bags out of Hoboken while praising him as a great man.

  4. Nancy please check your facts before you start spreading lies. The 806 units remain the same, all afforable housing. Only the additional units - 196 units will be divided that way 1/3 1/3 1/3. That means that there will be an additional 65 units of affordable housing added to the 806, bringing the total of affordable housing units to 871. Not the 334 your claming. Please verify the numbers and correct your story. Thank you.

    1. Anon at 12:27,

      Do you have access to the full plan? No one else seems to

      Please provide a link to the full plan to verify your data. And I don't mean the 100 page brochure from a few years ago. Thanks in advance for providing us with the proof to back up your numbers

    2. Please forward documentation to support your claim the above is incorrect. Email:

      My numbers are based on an attendee of your first public forum who provided them to me. I see on Patch the breakdown was revised as you say for your second forum. That was AFTER they became controversial. AFTER Save The Projects went public. Which numbers can be trusted without supporting documention?

      I will be happy to clarify what I have written. Please forward the breakdown in writing to me. I will reflect the numbers above come from the first public forum and were changed at the second. But without documentation it is he said-she said.

      No lies have been posted. You need to put the specifics out on the HHA web site so they are indisputable.

    3. They need to put the actual legally binding documentation on the HHA website. I believe nothing that is not legally binding in a court of law when it comes to this 20/20 plan.

    4. No not legally bindingAugust 16, 2013 at 2:44 PM

      There's no binding documentation Carmelo Garcia will show. At all.
      It's all about a moving target to make Vsion Mullah Mullah!

      It matter nada whatever numbers are said are at any given forum. For Carmelo Garcia the truth is a movable feast.

      They will be revising "changes" right up until they start bringing people into new buildings from outside the HHA. Trust us they'll say, we had to and we'll do this other stuff later.

      It will be whatever way Carmelo Garcia and his pals can make the most money!
      Garcia publicly sold out "his people" in Applied to lower moderate income apartments from 90% to 30%.

      That's a matter of the public record. Tells anyone all they need to know about Carmelo Garcia and that's before he whipped out the tape recorder.

  5. Make the full plan public.

    Carmelo would do anything to push his real estate deal
    but he won't do that.

    No he won't do that.

    1. Carmelo the BosnianAugust 16, 2013 at 4:27 PM

      Why do you people keep insisting on a full public plan? I've authorized what plan you need to see and that's all your getting. That's how we do things Old Guard style.

      Why must all of you people insist on ethnically cleansing me?
      You're all racists.

      Stop victimizing me! I deserve millions for this abuse, millions!
      I'm going to get it too if I have to take you all to the UN.

      I'll sue you all?

  6. If I was the mayor I would be concern. Her husband is not street smart and could have if fact have said some incriminating things.??

    1. No, he did not. I did have the opportunity to read the transcript and my view is, this lawsuit was timed to distract from very embarrassing revelations for Mr. Garcia.

    2. Stan is a licensed NY State attorney-at-law. He is all-around smart.

  7. Carmello doesn't have balls the size of the moon. My mini chihuahua's balls are bigger. He doesn't reduce himself to attacking defenseless women like Carmello. He know what women are for.


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