No Hoboken Police Investigation?

It's fascinating how the HPD  spared 2 detectives for one hour on August 22, 2011 when Councilman Tim Occhipinti's  feelings were hurt by GA, but a frail, sick woman is systematically, publicly terrorized at the HHA and our police seem reluctant to take a complaint.  

The woman is Jessica Coco, spokesperson of Save The Projects, who is being made an example of, so that others in her group remain in the shadows and others are too scared to join.

And the police?

They coaxed her in under false pretenses to force a confession that she posted 'fake' flyers  after Gene Drayton filed his 'NAACP copyright infringement' complaint.

When I arrived at the precinct, rather than speak about the car damage or about the threats to my person, I was subjected to interrogation by these officers...the questions asked by the officers were identical to questions asked to tenants by Mr. Garcia and the HHA. Officer Depalma repeatedly insisted I wrote and put up some flyer that I did not write... (Depalma)demanded to know the name of the person who was the creator and site administrator of our Facebook page and the names of the people in our organization, which I refused. He even went so far as to say he was going to investigate this information, if I didn’t give it to him. As I explained I cannot divulge any information on dissenting tenants, who do not wish to come forward, especially due to legitimate fears of vehicle damage, apts burglarization, and their children being harmed. I felt especially threatened when Mr. Depalma insistence this was all for “our health”, which sounded like a threat Once again no complaint was ever filed about the burglary or about threats to my person.From the conduct of the officers, it is obvious their main concern is not the helpless tenants, but working in collaboration with Mr. Garcia and the developers of Vision2020 to discover and prevent dissent against this plan by identifying dissenters.
You get it, people?   

(1) Carmelo Garcia shows fake-NAACP flyer to Drayton, (2)  Drayton complains to the HPD,  (3) the cops try to force a confession from Coco and IGNORE her pleas to take a complaint for threats and burglary. 

This officer was ready to investigate the author of her Facebook page, but wouldn't take her burglary complaint.

By the way, Coco did receive an apology from Chief Falco.

Apologies are nice.  Lovely words.  They sometimes prevent lawsuits. 

But what happened this past Sunday when she summoned the cops to the latest round of vandalism to her car?  The officer declined to go to her apartment to see damage to her door and take a complaint, saying he needed to check with the station.


Senator Stack has availed himself to help folks at the HHA resolve problems.  How can he turn a blind eye when his own running mate is the HHA's Executive Director?   Here is a TIMELINE of harassment- written by Ms. Coco.  
  • Early June. Car vandalized. The complete mirror panel of my 1992 Plymouth Voyager was ripped off its mount, as was the emblem of my car hood.   The door latch to my Plymouth Caravan was broken. Car’s air-conditioning not working due to damage to the electrical wiring, causing a power shortage. My apartment was broken into, some items taken. The deadbolt lock inside damaged.
(Note: August 4thCoco Goes on WBAI Radio to discuss tenant opposition to Vision 20/20)
  •   Aug. 8th. Car vandalized. Car rear side door damaged. Back rear window glued shut. My work ID stolen and HHA flyer found placed inside the vehicle in its place.
  • Aug. 8th. An HHA employee serves me with a statement that I am responsible for "lying, misleading flyers" to sign, then threatens me with eviction if I do not sign.  I do not sign. Threats I will be“set-up” by police, have my car further vandalized or destroyed outright or having my arm broken because of my skepticism about Vision20/20. HHA maintenance man admits my apartment had been broken into and lock broken earlier that summer.
  • Aug 9th. The HHA office will not give me a copy of the Aug 8 statement, but gives me HHA attorney Charles Daglian's  'Cease and Desist' letter.  The letter is attached to a fake flyer  (not done by myself or my tenant group, Save the Projects) and I am asked to 'cease and desist' activities for which I am not responsible.  Fake flyers are being put up around the HHA which I am blamed for- including one using the NAACP logo.  Earlier that week on August 7 NAACP President Gene Drayton files a 'copyright complaint' at the HPD for this flyer.  
  •  Aug. 13th.  Ms. A**** B*****, President of the HHA Tenant Association and another unidentified woman working in the polling station on HHA property attempted to block me from voting.  Neither confirmed my name nor address to verify I was registered in the voting records.  They blocked the exit from the polling station and motioned near me with threats of physical attack as they identified me by my opposition to Vision 20/20 “plan.”
  •  Aug. 15th.  Ms. A***** B*****, President of the HHA Tenant Association threatens to "hurt me" over the phone. 
  •  Aug. 16th. Car vandalized. The car’s relay wires have been pulled out. 

relay wires pulled
relay wires pulled

  •  Aug. 20th. Apartment is illegally entered, burglarized and vandalized again. Chain to the door is damaged and removed. Several items were stolen.
  •  Aug. 23th. 2nd Car vandalized. Damage to door handle, gas tank, and scratches to rear window, where Hoboken Resident Parking Sticker is. 
permanent scratches on rear window

permanent scratches
  •  Aug. 25th.  Cars vandalized (2 vans). 2 lawn chairs stolen from one. The other: water added to gas tank, rear gasket punctured, causing oil leak, transmission dipstick broken so can no longer pull out.
Wire cut to gas tank

poked holes in gasket

dipstick bent, can't be pulled out
handle popped to gain entry

  • Aug. 25th.  Twice someone  tried to gain access to my apt.  while I was there.
Busted deadbolt lock

So, why is there no police investigation?  Are they more concerned with Ms. Coco's Facebook page than "protecting and serving" her?

GA  won't discuss the private legal action that Ms. Coco will be taking.


  1. I would think the police response would be different if this had happened to Carmelo Garcia and his family.

  2. I would think that this has been brought to the attention of Chief Falco and that an investigation is ongoing. Looking forward to seeing the results of same.

  3. Civilian Complaint Review Board. An idea whose time is NOW!

  4. This really is outrageous, what kind of town do we live it? How can a resident be harassed like this and the cops do nothing?? Something is really wrong here, and I hope the "credentialed media" and whatever legal action is forthcoming will bring the mater to light. Can't someone in a position of authority contact the HPD and find out what's going on here? Isn't there any sort of oversight of the HPD? Very disturbing.

    1. HPD won't even release a citizen complaint requested by media with an OPRA. You think this is the first time nothing is done. I have stories and not old stories about how some police act toward citizens.

      We have other police who are outstanding in their service to Hoboken.

      Technically, the county prosecutor's office oversees the police dept. here. Do I need to tell you how bad that is for us?

  5. There is a Director of Public Safety to whom the Police Chief reports - Director Jon Tooke

  6. complaints:

  7. Carmelo the Ethic CleanserAugust 27, 2013 at 12:53 PM

    No ethical action may be taken. Everyone supports me and my Vision 20/20. Those who do not will face the thuggery of my employees and my allies. This is the will of God that I destroy anyone in my way. Vision 20/20 is a very large 401(k) plan for me. I've worked too hard not to cash in.

    If you don't let me and my pals cash in, you are creating a "hostile work environment."
    This is how we work.

  8. Someone get this woman a nanny cam so we can get some footage

    1. Great idea. If anyone has one to spare or wishes to donate one, please contact:

    2. A nanny cam is a great idea. That's awesome you would think that up and donate one.
      Please do contact Grafix Avenger!

  9. Speaking of "credentialed media" (??), is Patch officially dead? Aside from reader-generated posts, the most recent post is from Aug 22. Is Zac still there? I know AOL is cutting lots of Patch sites, not sure what's happening with ours.

  10. To all those relatively new to Hoboken and those who have lived here for a long time or born and raised:

    Welcome to the Vision for Hoboken of Carmelo Garcia!

    1. Tape or be taped! lol


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