Garcia Suit Alleges Zimmer had her own Vision 20/20 Plan


GA has read Carmelo Garcia, Plaintiff vs Dawn Zimmer, and all I can say is... wow.  

The complaint is a smorgasbord of fantastical lies, unverifiable claims, 'facts' unsupported by any  evidence and garnished with libel so potent, it begs for a counter-suit.   The whole document reads as though his lawyer, Louis Zayas, took dictation from the Plaintiff, favoring colloquial terms instead of the language a lawyer would use. For example,  Zayas notes each Defendant is "white"- not "Caucasian".

And if you question the propriety of noting the race of Defendants in the complaint, don't bother.

The complaint swims fluidly between race and ethnicity, using whatever is convenient to inflame its race-baiting narrative.

The illogic starts when the complaint notes the mayor is "white" (race), her husband is "white" (race), the HHA Commissioner is "white" (race) but Carmelo Garcia  is "Hispanic" (ethnicity).  In fact, the 2010 U.S. Census considers over 90% of all Hispanic or Latino Americans "white", and would certainly define Garcia as "white" racially, and Hispanic ethnically

The mayor has an ethnicity, so does her husband, so does the HHA Commissioner (GA's is Polish/Russian).  Garcia's complaint skips over that detail to lump the Defendants together racially as "white" (a.k.a. whitey, honkys, The Man,  blue-eyed devils, white devils, devils, crackers- or "crackerhead" as Jessica Coco, an ethnic Hispanic was recently called)... wink wink wink in what seems to be a calculated effort to throw gasoline on Hoboken's diverse ethnic and racial melting pot.

And as our community burns, perhaps we won't all be paying attention to that TRANSCRIPT.

Yep, GA believes this lawsuit is one big grenade thrown straight at City Hall to drag the Mayor and her husband into Court with sensational headlines about "ethnic cleansing" and distract from very embarrassing revelations in the transcript (Yes, I've read them).  In my view, it also seeks to gain popular support for Vision 20/20 while advancing a myth that Carmelo's the HHA's Evita;  standing up for poor residents being ousted by a trio of White Devils and ultimately creating an urgency to 'pacify' racial tensions by delivering Garcia's Vision 20/20.  

That's my OPINION.

Take a look at this conspiratorial jambalaya:

Nuttier than a Snickers bar

Yes, Garcia will get sensational headlines, but not the ones he wants.  

Craziest of all fictional claims is the one that Mayor Zimmer had her "own version of 20/20 Vision".  Seeing is believing- have a look:

Ummm... what the hell is he talking about?

In Paragraph 7 (above) we're told the Mayor and her hubby's wicked machinations began "shortly after moving to Hoboken" (in 2002).   In Paragraph 11 (above) we learn that Mayor Zimmer had a "Vision 20/20 project" to "force the relocation of a  majority, if not all economically disadvantaged African Americans and Hispanics living in Hoboken".

(Oh yeah, Carmelo?   Let's see you prove that in court.  Where's the paper trail?  Where's the plan?  Where's the mayor's communications with HUD?  Surely Patrick Ricciardi scooped up plenty of goodies from his email-stealing spree beginning in January 2010 through his suspension in May 2011). 

In Paragraph  32 (above) we're told that the mayor sought to implement "her version" of the HHA's Vision 20/20" from May 2012 to the present. In Paragraph 58 we are told Garcia proposed "his "Vision 20/20"" to Mayor Zimmer's administration "In April 2013 and continuing to May 2013". 

 Huh? That's the narrative of this lawsuit?

According to Garcia's own TIMELINE,  first Mayor Zimmer designed an EVIL "Vision 20/20" ready for implementation in May 2012.  Later, in April 2013 Garcia proposed a  GOOD "Vision 20/20" to the Zimmer Administration, to stop Zimmer's EVIL plan from implementation?  (Excuse me, make that the TRINITY's EVIL plan: Zimmer's, hubby's and the HHA Commissioner's)

Huh? This lawsuit may be nuttier than a Planter's factory.

The Mayor's letter to Garcia  of 5-1-13 eviscerates Garcia's complaint; guts it like a fish.   

Read it.


  1. Hobroken411 after a period of non-commentary, has re-emerged featuring a "satirical" cartoon of Dawn simply being her husband's puppet...tying in nicely with Garcia's claims about his meeting with him. Hmmm. Coordinated attacks?

    So now the tactic to get at Zimmer is a sexist attack. I mean, we attack Bet Mazin all the time, but it's only her husband's money we find offensive; she is clearly directing the show.

    1. The Grossbard strategy is a guaranteed loser, so I hope they stick to it! (sorry Real-Grossbard)

      It's offensive to all women-as though gals can only succeed when a man makes decisions for them.

      Politically it's an absolute stinker. Because at the end of the day, voters don't CARE. It's the old "are you better off" question. That's what the voters will decide.

      The problem is Zimmer drives her enemies crazy. They hate her too much to be analytical or clever. Assuming they have any political skills, that is. The only one that does, Tommy Bertoli, is too smart to work with those losers. And he is busy these days.

      The Dark Side couldn't hit a nail with a hammer and a map.

      Timmy running for mayor is great, great news for the blogging world. His race will be one for the books. Pop-up books.

    2. Zimmer drives them crazy b/c she is not on the take, not trying to get her idiot relative a job, not trying to steer contracts to friends & family and not in this for personal gain at the expense of her friends and neighbors. Hell, she and her husband don't even make money indirectly off of any of the decisions she makes like say a realtor would if they blindly approved every developer's pipe dream of a project or some guy who sells ads for half price drink specials would. Basically she and the people who back her are not like them and she stands in the way of everything they want. That is why they hate her. She is in the way of them and their friends making $$$$$. Just look at all the people swirling around the other side and you can just see how most of them have dollar signs in their eyes.

      By the way, you know a political op has gone off the deep end when his work shows up on 411. That is all I got to say on that.

    3. Ha! Well, if you mean Dave Liebler's 'comics', according to Hoboken411 they are the work of Jersey City political cartoonist Martin Kozlowski and "conceptualized" by Liebler.

      Here is Kozlowski's website:

      He's talented. Unless the guy works for free, we can all guess who's writing the checks for those toons.

    4. I have a relative who is an artist. They don't draw for free or on spec especially not if it is an entire series of cartoons. I seriously doubt he works for free and I fully expect he is laughing all the way to the bank hen he cashes those checks. I hope he charges an arm and a leg for his work.

  2. So what does Ruben do with this washed up and DOA "Vision moniker for his non-campaign? If anyone doesn't understand that previous BFFs and Carmelo and Ruben did not collaborate on the develop of a joint strategy around this "Vision" thingy, calling their respective campaigns Vision 20/20 and Vision for Hoboken, hoping to develop a "synergy" between the two then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. No amount of website scrubbing or removing pictures of Ruben from his HQ is gong to erase the peculiar odious stench that now surrounds Carmelo. Ruben is stuck with that stench like a two ton rock around his neck. Not sure how he picks his head up now.

  3. What of the BOE connection with Michele and Branco's BFF Murray? He has a 20/20 something plan too. Such nice cross marketing. Keep it simple. Isn't he a realtor?

  4. I thought Zayas was better than this load of malarchy.

    What a joke.

    ethnic cleansing? oh, the humanity.

  5. If this suit ever gets to court, here are a few questions that should be asked to LOW-LIFE
    Carmelo Garcia:
    1. Did you attend Stevens Institute for your masters degree in the day time when you were getting paid to be at City Hall? If yes, that's theft of services.
    2. When a director at City Hall, did you rent out the Multi-Center for special occasions for cash only? If yes, how come no deposits in the city treasury ever showed up?
    3. As a member of the Board of Education, did you arrange for a relative to get a job? If yes, that is a conflict of interest.
    4. Have you had any recent conversations with Rene Abreu, the convicted felon-developer about the HHA land not included in your 20-20 scheme? If yes, what is your percentage of the take?

    1. Hmmmm, I've heard about #'s 1, 2, and 4. Only one can be proven- that's #1.

      The story I heard was that everyone at City Hall up to the Mayor knew that he was enrolled at Stevens when he was employed full-time as a Director taking a Director's salary, but were "afraid" of him. The people who could have blown the whistle on him back then, didn't.

      Look what inaction created.

    2. He bullied them into cowering before his ugly threats to sue anyone for "discrimination" if he didn't get what he wanted. He is a low life political thug from the bowels of the ugliest segment of Hoboken politics. This leopard has never changed his spots and is incapable of changing anything at this point.Has anyone ever tried to decipher what all those seemingly random letters mean that he always seems to place after his signature? I am sure that they are a hoot.

    3. One story about Carmelo Garcia's time in City Hall was that when then Mayor Roberts didn't give him what he wanted, an enraged and screaming Garcia stormed off to his office an punched a hole in the wall.

    4. 5. while a BOE Trustee were the public school facilities ever rented out for cash? Who got that money?

    5. Renee Abreu is now a "man of god" and preaching "the word" in a little makeshift church (one room,) attached to a restaurant up in West New York.

      He encourages worshippers to donate as much as possible and to hold the envelope in the air and pray for it to multiply.

      I witnessed this all, first hand.

      Comes off as affable and charismatic, just like every other con-artist out there.

  6. I wonder if Garcia ever secretly taped Stack???

    1. I am sure that Stack is thinkng the same thing. LOL.

  7. Failed attempt at #3 documented here:

    1. from the HR article: " that he was "so distracted by the prevailing pandemonium that he inadvertently neglected to recuse himself from voting on his brother Sammy Garcia's promotion to the position of full-time maintenance worker."

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, i love it! "...inadvertently neglected to recuse himself from voting on his brother", HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. is this guy the least-trustworthy, biggest BS artist ever? how does he hold ANY position, let alone one of authority??

      so a pattern emerges: whenever carmelo doesn't get his way, he cries like a baby and sues the sitting mayor for interfering. it's always the mayor's fault, whoever that mayor might be at the time.

      poor carmelo, such a victim. carmelo has a sad, boohoo.

  8. so Terry and Micheal approved of carmelo attending school fulltime while NOT working at his full time City job, yet complain now about paying for some occasional professional development for current staff? Who paid his tuition? Isn't the HHA is now paying for his current "development" including airfare and hotel?

  9. That is because Terry an Michael are morally bankrupt.


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