City Council Enablers

Tomorrow night is a City Council meeting, and what a difference a couple of weeks makes. 

Since their last meeting, here's what we've got:

 (1) an (alleged) transcript allegedly made from a recording by a powerful official who allegedly has been recording all of his conversations with alleged friends and foes for months, allegedly speaking.

(2) the appearance of SaveTheProjects who alleges that HHA residents have been lied to about Vision 20/20 (their homes will be razed unless they support it),  have been threatened and intimidated by "goons" (one allegedly called an "(alleged expletive)" for not joining a protest ),  residents have been paid to attend the Vision 20/20 'public forum' at the HHA on July 31, 2013- as alleged by SaveTheProjects:
I'm not aware of anyone telling me that Carmello personally gave them the money or T-shirts. It was his goons that gave out $10; the T-shirt telling them the $ is to "Vote the Right Way to Support Vision2020 and there will be more $ for their support". One person was offered $40 to attend the meeting, but refused. Then Carmello made a speech and asked people to come to the meeting. However, no one came to the meeting. It's one thing to take $10, another to support Vision2020.
(3)  SaveTheProjects takes to FM radio.  A spokesperson for the HHA residents' group appeared on WBAI's '"New World Gallery" program last Sunday at 4 PM.   GA's read the Dark Side spin over on MSV, that STP is a "Zimmer Zombie", "Zimmer puppet" and " Dawn Zimmer with a sock over the phone"... hysterical.

(4) at least ONE of these City Council members was likely recorded by this allegedly tape-happy public official, whom GA will call 'Rat'.   My guess is, it is Mike Russo.  I'll bet there's enough alleged tape of Russo to knit him a suit, matching gloves (allegedly) and a nice alleged hat.  Imagine all the chit-chat between Rat and Russo memorialized on audiotape!  Allegedly!

(5) the transcript allegedly reveals that 2 associates of Rat's were thrown way, way, way under the bus- or monster truck.  Could one of the squashed pair be an 'associate' seated on the City Council dais?  Allegedly? Check the shoes.

 Boy oh boy, that's a lot of allegedly's.

And where is that transcript?

Who allegedly knows.  It appears to be (still) floating about in the miasma, elusive as ever.  My friend who saw the transcript figured it would have accidentally dropped into a copy machine by now and accidentally sent to the media... As far as I know, no one has.  Crap.  

Well, I predict that at least one of these Hoboken City Council members, Mike Russo, Beth Mason, Finboy, Tim Occhipinti or Theresa Castellano will dig himself/herself a nice deep hole tomorrow night.

Will Councilpersons Mike Russo, Beth Mason, Finboy, Tim Occhipinti or Theresa Castellano  acknowledge reports of retaliation to HHA residents who oppose Vision 20/20?    Will they dismiss reports of threats and eviction?  Will they attack SaveTheProjects?  The blogs?  Does 4th Ward Councilman Tim Occhipinti have any idea what's going on his own ward?  

Will Councilpersons Mike Russo, Beth Mason, Finboy, Tim Occhipinti or Theresa Castellano try to help bulllied and frightened HHA residents or enable the alleged terrorizer?

Stay tuned!

Maybe Finboy will show up at the meeting in a dress and blond wig?


  1. Any shred of hope a guy like Tim Occhipinti would do what's right for anyone especially the HHA residents is delusional. Timmy sold out Hoboken before day one and nothing's changed since except his constant refrain of negativity always blathering with "this administration..."

    Why would he have any care for the thousands of underserved residents in the HHA when he gets hundreds of them to "campaign" for pay? As far as he's concerned they got paid so now his Hoboken Soprano and Old Guard pals need to get paid to albeit at more than slightly elevated pay scales, re: the millions.

    Michele Russo is first in line with her son Mikie to collect on the bonanza.

    If you find it ironic the Russo crime family controls and maintains segregated housing for themselves in Church Towers, you aren't alone. These people are shameless in plain sight.

    The only color they care about is green.


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