Earwitness Rumor: Race Riots and Deals

What's this talk about race riots at the HHA?

A warning from SaveTheProjects, the HHA resident who's exposed gangster tactics at the HHA to control residents (eviction, property damage, violence) and manipulate them ($10 'prizes' to attend Vision 20/20  meetings, free t-shirts, bullying):

In fact, there's serious talk on the street about organizing race riots, which we need to prevent at all costs, because no one can benefit from them.
HuhRace riots?

Hoboken's seen its share of riots among combatants of different ethnicities. There was the anti-German riot of 1851...

ANTI-GERMAN RIOT, 1851.  Hoboken nativist gang called 'Short Boys' attacked Germans celebrating May Day. credit: Granger

And the Italian riot of 1902...

The NY Times, May 6, 1909

One of these was fueled by anti-immigrant hatred, the other the death of a child. 

But has Hoboken ever seen a riot fueled by a real estate deal?

Let's face it, what is being fomented in 2013 at the HHA under the guise of 'race' appears to be about REAL ESTATE;  a mega-millions deal- federal housing sold to a private developer- a deal NAACP Local Chapter President Gene Drayton is concerned will lead to "homelessness".

Who is the Race-Riot Fomenter-in-Chief?

GA doesn't know.

But this tactic reminds me of when HHA Commissioner Stuiver was called at his PA home and asked him to resign 'before things get out of control'... after Joe Branco publicly declared he was funding buses of HHA residents to Stuiver's home. 


“I think Jake feels left out, that nobody’s protesting infront of his house in Pennsylvania,” Branco continued. “So tonight, I am goingto pay for the bus with money out of my pocket so we can go to Pennsylvania to Jake’s house so his neighbors can see what Jake does to us in Hoboken.”

 “I have very concrete, substantive information leading me tobelieve that the threat of bringing a bus of angry housing authority residents tomy house in Pennsylvania is a very real and active plan, and is a plan thatstands a very real chance of entailing an actual danger to me and my family,” (Stuiver) said, noting a phone conversation with Garcia in which the executive director allegedly asked him why he didn't resign and warned him that he had reason to believe tensions could escalate during the protest.

Whatever happened to that bus trip? 

The same intimidation tactic used on Jake- quit or I bring a busload of angry residents to your family's home where things may "get out of control", is now being turned on the city of Hoboken in the threat of race riots.

No bus rentals required.

The aim of tactical 'race riots' would be remove public opposition to razing the HHA.  It's about saving the deal. 

Speaking of a deal, here's an unconfirmed Earwitness rumor  that GA's heard from other Earwitnesses:
******, who went to jail in a corruption scandal in West New York and has been accused of being Albio Sires' bag man, is building a high level luxury complex right next to the property ***** is planning for Vision 20/20. Someone suggested that ****** made a deal to give a portion of the housing authority land to him.
What was allegedly 'dealt' away?


  1. That one is easy - first name starts with an "R".

  2. Rene Abreu has found a more tried and true scam: religion. That's where the real money is!




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