"He Chickened Out"

...said a source about Executive Director Carmelo Garcia's Monday's press conference, on the topic of a certain not-so-secret tape recording.

Folks, this one's a head-scratcher.

The "Monday press conference" was initiated by Garcia and/or his people. It appeared to be an effort to get ahead of the story--assuming the press is doing one, by presenting the best possible spin on the distasteful tale of a public official who secretly records his private conversations with others.

Friend and foe are rumored to be among the victims taped without their knowledge or consent.

One of them, State Senator Brian Stack, is rumored to be so furious that he is looking to boot Assembly candidate Garcia off his ticket. GA asked a source at the County if Stack had 'buyers remorse':
Yes, serious buyer's remorse. I heard discussion of trying to find a way to get rid of CG, only one being that legal analysis said that he can RUN for both Assembly and be Exec Dir, but can't SERVE in both positions if he were elected. Have no clue if there's any merit to this legal argument.
If only Stack had picked Ravi Bhalla. Too late. 

About the press conference that never happened: sources said the details of the secret taping- who was recorded- as well as actual reccording itself, were to be revealed.

The whole tale is bizarre.  Think about it.

The only reason we know about this taping, is because the transcript was introduced in a totally unrelated legal case.  By who and why? Interestingly, the transcription of the audiotape is alleged to have been done by Garcia and expressly given to the lawyer to use in this case which he (Garcia) had no part in.  Therein lies the mystery of this tape.

Why did Garcia think it would be useful in this case?

Did he understand that rules of evidence would require the other side to receive a copy of the transcript and expose his practice of secretly recording others?

Ooops. There go the unintended consequences of being a...

Now, the spin coming from the fetid dumpsters of the Dark Side is that another press conference is in the works, and bombs will be dropped on the second floor of City Hall... perhaps on others in reform.

Well, that's what you call a tall glass of lemonade made from a truckload of lemons.

All potential victims of these creepy secret recordings will be watching closely, I am sure.  As they wonder if they are next.



  1. Unbelievable. Can't tell if this guy is a total loose cannon and the most erratic, least-strategic politician/executive imaginable, or if he's just in so far over his head that he doesn't know what to do next. Can you imagine him trying to pull this type of BS in the corporate world??

    Amazing that the backers of Vision 20/20 are letting this guy stay on as their front man as he drives the project into the ground.

    1. I am amazed he was ever hired

    2. "Hired" is too kind of a word. I understand that many consider his behavior in getting the potion to be nothing other than out and out political thuggery.

  2. So Carmelo's gonna punch Zimmer/reform in the nose and make here bleed - tomorrow! Always tomorrow! And he's gonna hit her really really hard and she's gonna bleed a really whole lot - tomorrow!

    He sure is a tough guy. A real manly man! I'll bet that little girl mayor is quaking in her boots.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. your first sentence may be true, but your second one is unnecessary. no need to lower ourselves to their level, maybe you want to delete that comment?

    2. Anon @ 11:17 AM- that was beyond the pale, wishing violence on ANYONE is not acceptable commentary. Not here.

  4. I am Carmelo GarciaAugust 13, 2013 at 4:13 PM

    This story is 100% lies! I'm telling you it's all lies and designed to slander me, the HHA residents and the whole Vision 20/20 miracle story. Your just jealous of the empowered living I'm giving HHA residents in my Vision for Hoboken! You lied to us Grafix Avenger, you lied to us.

    Okay, how did you get this story? Please speak clearly into the mic and I promise nothing will happen to you. Or you can speak to my friends at the Hoboken Police Department. If you confess, you'll be fine and everything will be ok.

    Don't make me have to call Timmy and Beth to get the police over there.

    Brian I'm telling you this is all lies. I can prove it, I have you on tape!
    I'll record you all?

  5. Wow, This stuff is better then watching reality TV.

  6. Misdirection at its best!


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