Wednesday, November 26, 2014

BREAKING: AWOL Turkey Returned to Owner

BREAKING: Last night the AWOL holiday turkey was safely returned to it's owner, Ms. Jessica Coco.

Phew, what a relief!

A concerned neighbor had taken the bird 2 days ago, then forgot to give it back to her.  The turkey was well-treated and did not suffer any abuse in captivity. In fact, GA hears the turkey was treated like a member of the family, given a nickname, a handmade sweater and a seat at the dinner table.

Thank you, neighbor!   

In fact, not only is Brian Stack's heart not two sizes too small, it's three sizes too big!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, to the kind and generous Brian Stack, and to all the turkeys who got pardoned!


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

No Turkey for You?

Oh, no, the Grinch came early this year. Only this time he didn't steal a Roast Beast, he filched  a turkey!

You see, every year turkeys are given to HHA residents courtesy of State Senator Brian Stack.  The turkeys are delivered to each door; if the resident doesn't answer the knock, the bird is left for them.

Local activist and HHA resident Jessica Coco, was home yesterday when her dog's barking alerted her to something going on in the hall.  Ms. Coco opened her apartment door to see turkeys had been left for her neighbors.  No one had knocked at her door nor left a turkey for her.

Could it be... his heart is two sizes too small?

GA doesn't believe it!   The Stack I know is a generous man. It must have been a Grinch.

Please Grinch,  repent!  Can you hear that sound coming from Who-ville?

Friday, November 21, 2014

Carmelo: "I got thrown off the Enterprise"

Carmelo got tossed off the Enterprise right into the Doomsday Machine!  OH, NO!!!!

Or, maybe it was, "I got thrown out by the Enterprise."

Let me check that lawsuit... which one is it?

Number one?  The sequel?  The sequel of the sequel? 

There!  On page 24, it says under "Count Six" that "these persons" (the Defendants) constitute an "Enterprise" -- the final frontier, where no frivolous lawsuit filed by Louis Zayas on behalf of Carmelo Garcia has gone before.  These are the voyages of... the uber-Litigious Dark Side.

Oh dear!  Poor Carmelo!  Tossed off the Enterprise by those terrible white people, into the  gaping maw of the Doomsday Machine!

Yes!  They ARE white!  White, white, white!

I told you!

Are you sure Dana's white?  She looks exotic to me.

I had him figured for a white guy.

What color is the Mayor's husband?

Aaargh!  A white invasion!

I knew the "Old Guard" wasn't white!   Mike Russo's a Klingon!  So's Terry Castellano!  Timmy?  I'm not sure, but he must have space rocks between his ears.  

Jeez, it's a shame the Enterprise turned white.  That means Lieutenants Sulu and Uhura got beamed onto a desolate asteroid, or else got tossed off the ship like space junk-- like Carmelo.  Oh wait...

Aren't most ethnic Hispanics white?    Isn't Carmelo Garcia white?  Yes he IS!  What about Louis Zayas...  is he white, too?

This is confusing.  Beam me up, Scotty!  (Who is white, by the way.)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

AC Beauty Pageant

This week all eyes (and ears) in NJ's political world are turned to the League of Municipalities beauty pageant in Atlantic City.  Just when you thought there were 2 contestants vying for the crown, in comes Ms. Bon Jovi- um, Murphy to steal some thunder from Ms. South Jersey and Ms. North Jersey!

Oh, I kid... the place is pulsing with testosterone.  In fact, from the looks of Politickernj's 2014 Power List, we gals have not come such a long way after all- at least in New Jersey.  Yep, Politicker's Power List has as much estrogen as the Sahara's got hot springs.  But I digress.

GA's been hunting for dish, and I've got some.  First, Augie Torres  (#73, 2014 Power List) hinted at it today:
I’ll let politically connected attorney Donald Scarinci’s Facebook entry explain:“Steve Fulop's private reception at the League of Municipalities turned into the hot ticket of the night. People were lined up at the elevators to get in to see the next Governor. It was a tastefully understated event by the pool at the top floor of the Water Club with breathtaking views of Atlantic City. If only I had my Nikon and my tripod ...

The most interesting view may not have been the host city. It was the Borgata spa pool where a certain Hoboken developer made a big splash at Fulop's party. I won't identify Captain Nemo because it was bad enough that he tried to dry off in the restroom where there are only hand blowers. Why embarrass the man, even if no one pushed him, according to witnesses.
Speaking of testosterone, GA doesn't have it (or not much) therefore I am not bound by any "gentleman's agreement." Phew.

So, I did hear who took a dunk in the pool, and if you ask me it's no big deal.  Especially if there was a lifeguard present. I'll bet Fulop knows CPR.  Certainly one of the egos in the room would've worked as a flotation device.  Really, what's the fuss?

It is NOT embarrassing to fall, fully-clothed into a spa pool. If that were really a fun party, everybody would have jumped in... GA's done it, jumped in a pool fully-clothed maybe after a gallon or two of wine.  Alright... here's what I was sent:

Poop in the Pool. Hilarious.

Holmsy ran around telling everyone that (redacted) should be treated with respect.  Just made it funnier. 
If you ask me, that's not half as interesting as the next tidbit:
Mason brought two busloads of housing authority residents down here.  She's utterly nuts.  They're all busy playing slots...
Whaaaaat?  GA asked another source about that, and this is all he/she had to say:
She is a walking joke down here.
Well folks, Mason can sponsor busloads of HHA residents on a junket to Atlantic City anytime. Why now? Did she invite them to her soiree for Sweeney on Tuesday?    How much dough is she spreading around and who got some?  Did any public officials for the City, State or HUD take any?

It is... weird.  If anybody's got more dish, bring it over to my place.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

PolitickerNJ Erases Mason from her AC Event


Now you see her, now you don't.

In a slice of the editorial knife, Politickernj has removed Councilwoman Beth Mason from its coverage of her cocktail reception for State Senator Stephen Sweeney.  Mason was billed as co-host of the Sweeney shindig according to's Auditor, who wrote this on November 12:

The Auditor has obtained an invitation for a cocktail reception honoring Sweeney hosted by his political benefactor, George Norcross, and Beth Mason ‚ a councilwoman in Hoboken, which borders Jersey City on two sides. The wealthy Mason modeled herself after Fulop when she was new to the Hoboken council 2008, but backed Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy in 2013, when Fulop ousted him. The event will take place Tuesday night at One Atlantic at the Pier Shops.

Now go to today's story in politickernj. 

Beth Mason has been removed from her event as cleanly as a wart lopped off with a laser, root and all.  Instead, Sweeney is billed as host, with no sight of Mason in print or in photo (unless that unidentified back-of-head is hers.) Mason does not even rate a mention as a "notable from the north:"

Notables from the north included a sizable Bergen County-based delegation, including state Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D-37), state Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D-37) and Bergen Democratic Chairman Lou Stellato, as well as Central Jersey stalwart state Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-19).


Politicker's Mason-ectomy is no accident.

Last year, politickernj's coverage of the Sweeney bash featured a photo of the beaming couple, hostess and hosted, at the same venue as this year's party, One Atlantic.

That was then, this is now.

Yesterday, Politickernj released its "2014 Power List" of the 100 most-'powerful' in New Jersey's political world. 14 of the 100 were identified as "political operatives"- and one of them, #30 is Tommy Bertoli who moved up 5 places since last year.  This annual recalibration of whose political influence is rising and whose is declining (or fallen) is the backdrop for the AC festivities, which include last night's cocktail party for Sweeney.

Mason has been erased, the question is why?

It appears that Sweeney's people may view her association with him a political liability.  Which can only mean...


Monday, November 17, 2014

Sour Grape Whine

Hoboken BoE ELEC filing status as of Nov. 17, 2014

GA got pretty tipsy from all that whine in this week's Hoboken Reporter.  Bitter whine, made from sour grapes.
Danzker was perhaps the frankest in her criticism of the election. “At the end, it was the political machine that secured two seats on the Board of Education and big money that secured the third seat,” said Danzker, ostensibly referring to Parents for Progress’ support from the Kids First majority and Mayor Zimmer, and Education for all Children’s backing by Hoboken politico Frank Raia. Danzker said she had support from neither, although her slate did have the backing of State Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia. 
I guess the "political machine" is Mayor Dawn Zimmer who wasn't quite as machine-y when she endorsed the HoLa expansion against the will of the Hoboken district School Board majority and its Superintendent.  One may assume the Mayor wasn't very machine-y then.  One may assume the "machine"endorsement was honky-dory when it served the self-interest of this candidate, who finding herself on the other side of the Mayor's endorsement now calls her the "political machine."

Then there's the allegation "big money that secured the third seat."

In fact, I agree that 'big money' is toxic to Hoboken's democratic election process.  And "big money" appears to have corrupted another election; when one candidate can score 466 absentee ballots- almost 6 times greater than number of VBMs counted for the machine vote winner (77) that's stinkier than a dead guy rotting in the closet.  That said, the "big money" did nothing for Frances Rhodes Kearns nor was it decisive for Peter Biancamano, who secured the third spot before 466 VBMs arrived.   

But you know, the source of the alleged "big money that secured the third seat" appears to be the same source who secured philanthropic grants for HoLa, such as $2,000 in "special revenue" noted below.


So, if a person accepts "big money" grants from a source whom they allege "secured the third seat" in an election with "big money," does he/she have the moral authority to complain about it?  Because if  Mr. "Big-Money's" generosity to HoLa is to be lauded (it is), his alleged generosity to "securing the third seat" is not.    To the whinemaker: it's your school who rewarded  Mr. "Big Money" with a Board Trustee position, now you complain about his "big money"? 

Finally, what kind of money paid for signs mounted 12' above street level all over Hoboken? Was it big money or little money?   Or in-between money?
Who paid for the design, printing and posting?
That kind of printing and distribution is  not cheap. Was it an in-kind donation?  Who paid for it, and how much did they give?  Check Parents for Change's ELEC report.

Oh, right.  They didn't file one.

Parents for Change is the only slate who has not  filed an R-1.

Why not? 

Friday, November 14, 2014


14 'Sandy-proof' generators ordered with federal grant money

Today MSV  featured HHA Interim Director Bob DiVincent's interview with Hudson County View.  DiVincent said:
"There are some investigations going on [at the HHA]. The biggest one I'm aware of is the Office of the Inspector General has requested some documents on contracts that were part of the procurement investigation that HUD already did."  
Just when you thought our federal agencies didn't care!   

The Office of Inspector General (O.I.G. ) no less. The OIG can easily access records, documents, correspondence, from another federal agency (FEMA) without courts, subpoenas, or any legal wrangling whatsoever.Thus the  O.I.G. could obtain the application of a local Housing Authority for FEMA grant money to repair or retrofit facilities against future storms (such as $ to raise building generators). They could obtain all records relating to whether the grant was awarded, how much money, and which agent of the Housing Authority actually signed for it and took the money.   If a check was issued to that Housing Authority, the Feds could track the deposit.  Finally, the Feds would ascertain the existing conditions at the facilities to complete their investigation into whether the work was performed- or not.  In order to discourage (rampant) abuse of federal grant money, the Feds might choose to make an example of a HUD official involved in such behavior, someone like... anybody we know?

It is interesting to look back at what the Feds were allegedly 'up to' at the HHA around the time Carmelo Garcia dropped his (first) 'ethnic cleansing' lawsuit, in mid-August of 2013.

GA wrote on August 30, 2013:
According to witnesses, the Feds were at HHA this Monday; one witness described the "white men in suits" on the grounds. The next day an HHA maintenance employee confirmed the visit and said the agents had been going into "boiler rooms."  Looking at generators, perhaps?  Ones that didn't get raised with federal grant money disbursed?  Stay tuned...
Then on September 2, 2013, GA was told by a source at the HHA, around the time of the Feds' visit, that Carmelo Garcia had left 'suddenly' for Costa Rica.  The source alleged:
When he returned home from the trip to Costa Rica, the Feds were waiting. They met him at the airport as soon as he landed.  Carmelo wasn't arrested. The Feds questioned him about the tapes. They wanted to know what he had, if there were more. He told them he didn't have any more tapes. They let him goGarcia allegedly had  been telling others he has two more tapes (one of an HHA Commissioner)... told HHA residents that he has "Brian Stack on tape", and has Stack "trained like a dog".
Then, on top of alleged federal investigations into HHA boiler rooms and secretly recorded audiotapes, there were rumblings of another investigation- of absentee ballot farming at the HHA.

On September 22, 2013, GA wrote:
A couple of little birdies flew over from the HHA this weekend and delivered  a BOMBSHELL. In fact, this delivery casts a whole new light on motives for Carmelo Garcia's sudden Absentee Ballot Education Drive.

The first birdie was called to a meeting last week with a high level Hoboken official and "someone from the NJ Attorney General".    The topic was absentee ballot fraud at the HHA.  The AG wants evidence on past and ongoing absentee ballot farming.   

The next birdie said:
On Thursday [September 10th] ****  was at the HHA with ballots. He gives $40 to sign and doesn't seal them. He's been doing it for years.  He'll work for anybody don't matter.  He don't live there.  The next day ***** got  a call from the office to come back. They told him the FBI is investigating the ballots. I haven't seen him back since.

"What office?" GA asked. "The HHA?"  
No, Frank Raia's.
This flurry of federal activity occurred against a backdrop which included revelations that Garcia had  secretly worn a wire to tape "friends," a bombshell  broken by Al Sullivan on  July 28, 2013.  The saga unfolded with a drip, drip drip of pages from a transcription of Garcia's secretly taped lunch with the mayor's husband!  Juicy.


And if that wasn't enough 'excitement,'  Garcia's 'ethnic cleansing' lawsuit dropped on or about August 15, 2013.  

The ramifications of the nutty charges reverberated in the Ramos camp.  Many believe Carmelo's lawsuit put the tombstone on Ruben Ramos' mayoral run.   A source told GA on August 21, 2013:

Did Carmelo's 'ethnic cleansing' lawsuit open the door to Raia's Third Ticket?
Stack's backing off from Carmelo. Everybody is. It's the lawsuit. That was the last straw.

Everybody thinks its crazy, accusing the mayor of "ethnic cleansing". Nobody thinks it was a good idea. It's embarrassing to our people and Ruben is stuck with it. That suit was all Carmelo.  Nobody told him to do it. He's always played the race card but taking it to court is a whole different game. It's hurting Ruben. People are leaving Ruben.  Rudy Garcia left the campaign.  Renee Abreau doesn't want the attention his name is out there and he doesn't like it.  He's in with Carmelo on Vision 20/20, made some deal.

The Raia-Mason third ticket is going to happen.  Timmy is at the top.  Nobody thinks Ruben can pull it off.
And the Raia-Mason ticket came to pass.   One week later, Timmy threw his dunce cap into the ring and declared he was running.  Buh-bye Ruben Ramos.

So here we are, one year later-- Lawsuit #3 and "multiple" ongoing federal investigations at the HHA.

Not much seems to change but the hands on the clock. When do one of these "multiple" investigations move to a grand jury?


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hoboken Mayor Garcia?

Never a dull moment in Hoboken politics!  An earwitness reports:
Carmelo Garcia has been telling people he's running for mayor.
If so, that would make Garcia the most litigious candidate for that office since Beth Mason ran in 2009.   Yep, the former HHA Executive Director just filed Lawsuit Number 3 against Mayor Zimmer:
In an complaint filed in Hudson County Superior Court by North Bergen attorney Louis Zayas, Garcia alleges that his firing was orchestrated by Zimmer in retaliation for his unwillingness to appoint politically connected professionals at the Housing Authority. Garcia also alleges that Zimmer and her allies fired him because of his Hispanic ethnicity.
Aye Caramba, not that again!

Garcia Lawsuit #1 accused the Mayor and her husband of ethnic cleansing at the HHA

You know what this sounds like to GA?  A(nother) great big whack at the mayor designed to build a constituency for his political comeback. 

Selected by G-d
Meanwhile, Garcia soldier Joe Branco has just declared war on Frank Raia.   On Saturday Nov. 1, Branco showed up at the Board of Elections to challenge the propriety of 225 absentee ballots, believed to be Raia votes.  Branco's complaint has launched an investigation, according to
Concerns over the ballots largely sprung from allegations made by the Parents for Change slate before the election. A representative for the team challenged 225 mail-in ballots on the Saturday before the Nov. 4 election.

Harper said 55 of the contested ballots have already been discounted because they'd been mishandled. He said someone had disrupted the "chain of custody" on the ballots, often meaning that somewhere between the voter's home and the clerk's office someone else handled the ballot but didn't sign it in the presence of the voter, as required.

This raises the concern that votes were forced, bought or even changed.
Joseph Branco, campaign manager for the Parents for Change slate, declined to comment on Wednesday, citing that he wanted to wait until the prosecutor's office considers the allegations
Wow.  Didn't GA tell you Branco declared war on Frank?  And by association, Frank's Harvest Queen (the gal with 466 absentee ballots.)

This may not surprise some, considering the words recorded by Garcia's hidden wire on Jan. 16, 2013; Garcia told his lunch companions about  Raia's "750" flooded ballots in the 2012 BoE race, calling Raia a "fucking buffoon":

Ouch.  I guess the Raia folks won't be campaigning for Garcia any time soon!

Hello Kitty

Just when Councilwoman Beth Mason's warnings of "monster raccoons" and "dog-eating possums"  were turning her into a punchline, what should come to her rescue to make her look... well, less crazy?

Enter, a rabid kitten.

If a cute little kitty could be packing a deadly disease, then surely a monster racoon or a dog-devouring possum could be too, right?  In that case, Mason's spiel about seeing two possums and finding a dead squirrel then demanding an autopsy might NOT be loony but almost prescient... right?

To understand how rare a rabid kitty in Hudson County really is, look no further than the New Jersey Department of Health statistics for animal rabies cases in the state of New Jersey.

Hudson County has the lowest number of rabies cases in all of New Jersey.  Last year we had only 1 reported case (a monster raccoon) and only 21 reported cases since 1989.

As for cats/kittens, there were 4 reported cases of rabies in Hudson County since 1989.  

Monster raccoons?

Hudson County has had 12 cases since 1989.  Dog-eating Possum? None reported.  Zero ferrets, groundhogs and "other wild." Since 1989. 

Well folks, GA mourns the kitty, and hopes the bitten gal gets well soon. Note, handling a stray is never a good idea  but putting out food and water for one is a mitzvah.


Where's a B-2 Bomber when you need one?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Harvest Queen

Isn't she lovely?

Congratulations, Harvest Queen!

It's a wonderful thing to beat out all the other contestants for the crown. Doesn't matter how you do it either, as long as you end up wearing the rhinestones. 

Hoboken has it's own Harvest festival: we call it "election day."  Instead of riding floats, our Harvest Queens sit in a chair at the City Council or on the Hoboken Board of Education.

Last week's harvest festival anointed a new Queen with a whopping 466 absentee ballots- an amount nearly 6 times greater than the machine-vote winner's 77 VBMs

Certainly, 2014's crop was not as bountiful as the 2010 Harvest Queen's, with 575 paid campaign workers  in an election where only 2,076 cast ballots, and nearly all "campaign workers" voted absentee.

original graph source: Blue Jersey " How much does it cost to Buy and Election in Hoboken's 4th Ward"


Both 2010 and 2014 Harvest festivals may have something in common: an investigation by the Hudson County prosecutor and perhaps even the NJ Attorney General or the US District Attorney.

G-d save the Queen!

The 2010 Harvest festival 'allegedly' paid $40 per ballot- um, apple... while in 2014 the 'alleged' price dropped to $35.

But here's the kicker: unlike 2010, in 2014 the 466 VBM harvest was not decisive. 

466 absentee ballots simply turned a School Board Trustee into a Harvest Queen. 

And that is sad for the Queen, who had earned a Board position before the smelly bumper crop of ballots was counted, and now is tainted by them.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2014 BoE Ward/District Election Results

Here are the ward/district results, folks.  GA was right: Biancamano got an astounding 466 VBMs total, and Rhodes-Kearns got 452.  And yesterday, MSV broke the news that the HC Board of Elections was turning 'suspicious' VBMs,  to the HC prosecutor.  These questionable ballots were first reported to the County by 'Parents for Change' campaign manager, Joe Branco.

The two candidates who received the unusually high number of VBM's are highlighted in yellow.

Thank you, Veterans

GA's nephew, new Marine
Don't interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.
-Abraham Lincoln

Folks, where would this country be today without the sacrifice of our brave, honorable heroes and she-roes?  

They have served with honor to safeguard our Constitution--which continues to be threatened from within by the enemies of free speech.  How sad, this cynical abuse of our courts by fellow Americans; their ultimate success would be the degradation of our sacred First Amendment:  
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
Generations of American soldiers have fought not only for this Right, but for all of our Constitutionally-protected liberties.  We all owe it to our veterans, men and women in service, and the generations that will follow, to respect, protect and fight for our Constitutional rights as they have (and will) sacrifice life and limb for our American way of life.

 On this Veterans Day, please remember them. GA thanks you for your service with all my heart.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Squirrel Autopsy Report: Cause of Death Found

The cause of death of the squirrel found by Councilwoman Beth Mason in her yard was determined today in an autopsy performed at the request of the Councilwoman.   Exclusively provided to GA:

MSV: The Coming BoE Voter Fraud Investigation

Branco VBM challenge leads to County investigation into BoE voter fraud?

Four years have passed since evidence of voter fraud by Tim Occhipinti's 2010 campaign was handed up to NJ Attorney General Paula Dow.  Then what happened?  Nothing. 

In Hoboken's 2013 municipal elections, "almost 300 Vote by Mail ballots, approximately 22% of the Vote by Mail ballots cast in Hoboken, were rejected by the County Board of Elections due to a variety of concerns including signature match and undisclosed assistance."  Horsey reports that findings from the Vote by Mail trial last February have been forwarded to the US Department of Justice.   Anything happen?   Not yet. 

Here we go again.

It seems to have started on Saturday, Nov. 1st, with 'Parents for Change' campaign manager Joe Branco challenging 226 absentee ballots at the Board of Elections.  MSV writes:
"Two BoE candidates, Peter Biancamano and Fran Rhodes-Kearns are believed the beneficiaries of approximately 400 Vote by Mail ballots with a core coming out of the Hoboken Housing Authority and select Senior Buildings. The county investigation appears focused on those Vote by Mail ballots.

The previous Saturday, Joe Branco representing the Parents for Change slate challenged over 200 ballots, zeroing in those out of the HHA on behalf of Carmelo Garcia's backed BoE ticket.

Garcia himself was the recipient of hundreds of similar VBM votes out of the HHA when he ran on the Frank "Pupie" Raia Old Guard ticket with Peter Biancamano and Fran Rhodes-Kearns in 2011."
Oh my, are Dark Siders eating their own?   

What in the way of 'evidence' did 'Parents for Change' campaign manager Branco present to Michael Harper, Clerk of the Hudson County Board of Elections, and how was this evidence procured

GA wonders why the 'Parents for Change' didn't wait for the machine votes and provisionals before making the challenge.  In hindsight, those VBMs were not decisive.  Certainly, if you have been one of the beneficiaries of vote-harvests, why would you want to bring in the Hudson County Prosecutor and the NJ Attorney General to sniff around?

GA guesses that if one farmer goes down' he/she will take a few rats with him/her.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Crapademics = Politics Disguised as 'Academia'


Look who's at it again! 

Here is what the author of the Crapademic graph ("Table 4") tells us:
Further analysis of Table 4 indicates just how decisive Biancamano's victory was since the very top of the error bar of the next highest vote getter (Stromwall) sits at the mid point of Biancamano's error bars.  

Ummm... Genius "forgot" something in his excruciatingly detailed analysis of election results.  In fact, it's the dead guy rotting in the corner that everyone can smell.

Peter B.'s "decisive victory" was enabled by a bumper crop of Farmer Frank's VBMs.   Just push aside the academic mumbo-jumbo which is meant to razzle-dazzle the layperson, and leave him/her in a mesmerized state where he/she completely digests the clap-trap of the doctorate-holder because, well... it sounds smart.   GA says, forget the razzle-dazzle and take out your bullshit-detector.

GA has "corrected" the Crapademic Graph:


REAL STRENGTH: Stromwall and Angley Win on Machines- Biancamano wins Harvest Queen

Here's what a friend sent me last Tuesday, on Election Day.
I was walking out of Brandt a few minutes ago after voting and who was in front of me. Michael Holmes. He had come in to get the numbers. Holmes got into a car that was waiting for him in front of Brandt. Frank Raia was driving and Petro was sitting in the passenger seat. As soon as I took out my phone to shoot a pic Frank sped off.
"Petro" is short for "Petrosino" as in Anthony Petrosino, Assistant to former Superintendent Jack RaslowskyMichael Holmes is a longtime Hoboken political operative, and Frank Raia is... you, know. Not only did Frank donate $5,000 to the Biancamano-Kearns slate, but is the muscle behind the whopping VBM harvest that got Peter B. nearly 6 times the number of  VBMs as the machine winner Monica Stromwall.  GA was told that this year's exchange rate was $35 for a Biancamano- Kearns ballot.  
"Petro" is also the author of the above crapademic graph and writes a blog stuffed with intellectually dishonest, crapademic political attacks and character assassinations on the  members of Kids First.  

So, what is Petrosino, who works in Texas, doing riding around Hoboken with a hardcore political operative and Hoboken's King of VBM Harvest "getting numbers" from polling places?

And... four days later this crapademic article appears on Petro's blog to burnish Biancamano's credentials as a political dynamo.

Well Petro does vote in Hoboken, according to his deposition in his 2010 lawsuit against the Kids-First majority School Board.

January 10,/2010 deposition of A. Petrosino
Dr. Anthony J. Petrosino vs. The Hoboken Board of Education.
The lawsuit- which he lost, and  the School Board's counter-suit against him which they won (Petro was ordered to refund the district a $3200.00 overpayment) is part of what looks to me like: (1) an obsession with 'bringing down' Kids First, and (2) bringing down anyone who supports them.

I can't talk about part (2)- not yet!  If you're interested, then surely you must be a Curious Gal or even a Curious Guy.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Possum Fever Sweeps Hoboken

From a reader:

Beth missing on a great economic development opportunity here!

Canned possum is sold in Hoboken?  With coon fat gravy?

I like mine fresh.

In fact, GA discovered that possum is widely eaten, most often in the rural South.  But there's no reason that urban dwellers like us can't chow down on a tasty Possum Pot Pie  or heaping plate of Possum and Taters

Those are real recipes GA found online in The Possum Cookbook.   

First things first.  In order to EAT (fresh) possum, you have to CATCH one.  One way to catch a possum is to hang around Beth Mason's neighborhood, because in her own words:
"In our neighborhood, everything from the ground hogs to the raccoons to the possums that are out. I had two possums out in the daytime. That's NOT good."
No, no, that IS good!  If you want to eat one. 

So your chances of catching a possum in Mason's neighborhood are excellent, because it's infested with dog-eating possums, monster raccoons and dead squirrels (which make nice appetizers.)   But most Americans don't live near Beth Mason, so here are instructions published in The Possum Cookbook:

Since all the recipes here involve possum, I figured it might be worth it to include a section on how to get your hands on one. I know of several ways to catch a possum. Perhaps the easiest is to simply drive around for a while in your truck. The problem will soon resolve itself. (SCCRRRREEEEEEECCHHH!!. . . SPLAT. . .) 

Much more fun, however, is to take your dogs and shotgun, and go into the woods and hunt one down. The advantage to this method is that you don't have to scrape the possum off the pavement. The disadvantage is that you do have to worry about shotgun pellets in the meat. (OUCH! Dadgum it! There went my best tooth!) 

Not to mention that a shotgun blast can really mess up the hide, which makes it a lot harder for the taxidermist. It is also possible to set traps to catch a possum, but this method is notoriously unreliable. Possums like to stay in the trees, and you're much more likely to catch something else. (Hey, Ed! There's something in the trap! See them bushes moving? Let's see what it is! . . . OH, $#&@! IT'S A SKUNK!!) 

 Another thing you might want to take into consideration is that possums are scavengers. They eat anything. If a possum is in the road, chances are he's there looking for lunch. Therefore, it's best to catch them alive if at all possible and feed them corn for a few days to clean them out real good before eating them. You just don't know whose garbage they've been into. After all, you wouldn't want to eat something that's been eating Aunt Edna's leftovers, would you? You know, she's the one who brings that stuff that nobody ever touches to the family reunion. (Hey, man, what IS that stuff? I think it's still alive!) 

 Possums are also notoriously hard to kill, and they, well, play possum if they feel threatened. (That's why they're called possums!) I remember hearing about someone who had a possum get in his garage one time. He was real mad about something, and having a possum rooting around in his garage making a mess just made it worse, so he took after that thing with a shovel. The possum never had a chance. He did have to chop its head off to make sure it was dead; otherwise they just get up and walk off. It was real strange; right after he beheaded the possum, lightning or something struck the garage, blowing out all the lightbulbs and giving him quite a shock. (If you don't get the joke here, don't worry.) 

Please note that we're talking about the North American opossum here. There is a species of possum (spelled without the leading "o") native to Australia which is endangered. It is strictly illegal to hunt, trap, or kill an Australian possum. However, this same species is reportedly a nuisance in New Zealand, so if you see one there. . . bon appetit! 

Of course, if you take this page seriously anyway... you might be a redneck. That ought to get you started. Now, on to the recipes... 
I don't know... that canned possum is sounding better...

Friday, November 7, 2014

Beth Mason Warns Hoboken: Monster Racoons! Dead Squirrels! Killer Opposum!

NOW PLAYING: Wednesday Night City Council Theater

Thank goodness for 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason!  I had no idea our city was under siege by "monster racoons" - did you?

Citizens, you have been warned.  Men, women, children and dogs are not safe from this terror.

These are the words of Councilwoman Mason:

"In our neighborhood, everything from the ground hogs to the raccoons to the possums that are out. I had two possums out in the daytime. That's NOT good."

No, it is NOT GOOD."  Now that we know these monstrous beasts are lurking about, waiting to prey on our young WHAT CAN WE DO?

Here she is, Beth Mason, warning ALL of us of this menace to human and animal life in Hoboken!

As George Bush once threw down the gauntlet to al Qaeda:  "This will not stand!  We're gonna smoke you out dead or alive!" so Beth Mason has thrown down the gauntlet to the monster raccoons terrorizing Hoboken streets- especially our garbage cans:
 "I demand an autopsy report for every dead squirrel and opposum in Hudson County!  Where's my report?"
Get her that report, dammit!  This is a state of emergency!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mason Orders Opossom Autopsy- Update

11/7 Update- Apologies to my friend- you were right!  It was a dead squirrel in the Councilwoman's yard. See the video at

Not ready for autopsy. 

In the most unintentionally funny exchange of Beth Mason's tenure on the City Council, the city of Hoboken was treated to a tirade about a dead opossom in her backyard.

In fact, so loony it was I thought perhaps I'd imagined it until I found this in my Inbox:
watching the city council mtg
Mason had a dead squirrel in her yard and Liberty Humane came to pick it up and she asked the reason for the animals demise -- She wants an autopsy!!!
Call CSI!!!!
Everyone snickering!!!!
She is talking about raccoons opossums  and squirrels OH MY!!!
Sorry to correct you my friend, I believe the topic was dead oppossum, not dead raccoons or dead squirrels.   

Can anybody out there cut the video please?  It was towards the end of the meeting. 

But really, the Councilwoman was highly agitated, and demanding to know why the critter was dead. I don't know... old age?  A  hard life?  Too much whiskey?    Who knows?  Someone please cut the video.

Maybe it's the whole Ebola scare.  Does Mason think it had Ebola?  Did it?   Check the eyes.  Usually bright red. 

Here's a stuffed opposum- GA took the pic on vacation in the Berkshires:


How come the Councilwomen didn't stuff her dead opposum?  

It seems kind of a waste to have it picked up by Liberty Humane; they'll just toss it out.  It would have made a fine mantelpiece or even a door-stop.  One of her servants could have gutted and stuffed it- no fuss, no mess. 

I am not sure the folks at Liberty Humane perform opposum autopsies.  Should they? There must be hundreds of dead opposums all over Hudson County. Must we know how each of them died? Or just the one that died in Councilwoman Mason's yard? 

GA is pretty squeamish. I wouldn't like to find a dead opposum either. Some people cook road kill- ask Ted Nugent.  Got any recipes for opposum stew?  Let's say it had Ebola- wouldn't cooking it take the Ebola out?  I don't know, I'm asking you. 

Anyway, I am very, very concerned about the cause of death of that opposum that croaked at la casa Mason.  Maybe the buxom banana that works for Mason's charitable, tax-exempt Civic League could perform an amateur autopsy- the kind that kids do with dead bugs and worms. 

Everyone, stop what you are doing and call your Congressman or US Senator to demand that taxpayer dollars be spent on opossum autopsies and other such matters of national security. Hurry! 

Somebody please cut that video. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Frank 'Blocks' Patty from Third Place Finish?

Blocked by Raia?

At the recent HHS Open House, "Parents for Change" candidate Patty Waiters was heard openly venting at Frank Raia.  According to a source, Waiters held a list of  VBM requestors that she'd  obtained at the County- nearly 1,000 names, then described how Frank had told a friend to erase Patty as the 3rd vote on her ballot allegedly saying "I'm not paying for 3 votes."

Why now?  It's not like Raia hasn't harvested absentee ballots for Waiters before.

For example, in 2010 Raia ran a slate of BoE candidates: Patty Waiters, Kelia Colon and Ken Howitt.   Take a look at those election results below:

Ken Howitt, candidate for the 1-year seat, also scored 255 absentee ballots.

It isn't clear why Raia blocked Waiters for the 3rd slot on his VBM crop.   But it appears if Raia had granted Patty that third slot, she would have picked up the 188 vote-difference separating  her from 3rd place winner Sharyn Angley, and bumped Angley out of the winners circle.   

Oh dear, imagine that.

A friend speculated that Raia blocked the 3rd slot to burnish Biancamano's stature as a political figure by having him 'stand out' as the top vote-getter.   

Anything is possible, right?

The VBM Effect (Pupie Power)

Totals shown do not include provisional ballots

WOW!  Look at last night's BoE election results!

Provisional ballots have not been counted, so GA is not going to throw a party-yet. What has been counted according to Horsey are the VBMs, reflected in the revised election totals posted by the Hudson County Clerk late last night. .

Based on these numbers, the 'big picture' in the post-Carmelo Garcia era battle-for-VBMs is clear.

Frank Raia is the re-anointed King of the Harvest.

Branco's slate- Murray, Waiters and Danzker, was backed by former HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia and 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason.


The Branco-Mason-Garcia muscle bought "Parents for Change" a 4th place (Murray), 7th Place (Waiters) and 8th Place (Danzker) finish.

Not impressive.

Nope, Pupie has emerged as the clear 'muscle' in town as Numero Uno Farmer of the VBM Harvest, moving the 8th Place Rhodes-Kearns all the way to 7th Place!

While GA makes light of this, it's no joke.

'Word' is that Raia was miffed at Waiters and would not 'reward' voters if they picked her for the 3rd slot.   What if Raia had 'advised' voters to choose Waiters?  Patty Waiters would likely have bumped Angley out of third place and taken a seat on the School Board.

Folks, until the Feds interrupt harvest time (yeah, right), Reform must turn out in numbers to overwhelm the Vote-Farmers' VBM crop.

More on the election later.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

BREAKING: Bubbles Gets Popped, It's Mutz-Man, Angley and Stromwall!

Congratulations, WINNERS!


8:47 PM: Talk about suspense!  Our neighbor Jersey City has only 67 of 181 polling sites reporting but is projecting winners in its BoE election!  And Hoboken?


9:01 PM... and bupkis. WAKE UP!  JC is reporting 125 of 181 polling sites.   What are we, chopped liver?

9:07 PM: No change...

9:18 PM: JC is reporting 158 of 181polling sites.  Now we know Hoboken is chopped liver.

9: 30 PM:  JC is reporting 175 of 181 polling sites.  GA is pretty sure that Steve Fulop is sitting in the Hudson County Clerk's lap, reading poetry.  Possibly licking her face.  What gives?

Horsey is reporting "unconfirmed" results...  now projecting that Biancamano, Angley and Stromwall have prevailed.   
Add caption

Well, GA is going to wait for the numbers, which should be coming any year now.

9:40 PM: Here they are!

Like Meatloaf sang: 'Two out of three ain't bad."