Hello Kitty

Just when Councilwoman Beth Mason's warnings of "monster raccoons" and "dog-eating possums"  were turning her into a punchline, what should come to her rescue to make her look... well, less crazy?

Enter, a rabid kitten.

If a cute little kitty could be packing a deadly disease, then surely a monster racoon or a dog-devouring possum could be too, right?  In that case, Mason's spiel about seeing two possums and finding a dead squirrel then demanding an autopsy might NOT be loony but almost prescient... right?

To understand how rare a rabid kitty in Hudson County really is, look no further than the New Jersey Department of Health statistics for animal rabies cases in the state of New Jersey.

Hudson County has the lowest number of rabies cases in all of New Jersey.  Last year we had only 1 reported case (a monster raccoon) and only 21 reported cases since 1989.

As for cats/kittens, there were 4 reported cases of rabies in Hudson County since 1989.  

Monster raccoons?

Hudson County has had 12 cases since 1989.  Dog-eating Possum? None reported.  Zero ferrets, groundhogs and "other wild." Since 1989. 

Well folks, GA mourns the kitty, and hopes the bitten gal gets well soon. Note, handling a stray is never a good idea  but putting out food and water for one is a mitzvah.