No Turkey for You?

Oh, no, the Grinch came early this year. Only this time he didn't steal a Roast Beast, he filched  a turkey!

You see, every year turkeys are given to HHA residents courtesy of State Senator Brian Stack.  The turkeys are delivered to each door; if the resident doesn't answer the knock, the bird is left for them.

Local activist and HHA resident Jessica Coco, was home yesterday when her dog's barking alerted her to something going on in the hall.  Ms. Coco opened her apartment door to see turkeys had been left for her neighbors.  No one had knocked at her door nor left a turkey for her.

Could it be... his heart is two sizes too small?

GA doesn't believe it!   The Stack I know is a generous man. It must have been a Grinch.

Please Grinch,  repent!  Can you hear that sound coming from Who-ville?


  1. Didn't Stack offer to fix her vandalized car or something a while back? While I might not vote for the guy myself, my guess is this "oversight" is the work of some HHA person and not something requested by Stack. If he's a mensch, he'll hear abut this and make it right.

  2. I am sure the carmelita gang would never leave a turkey for Ms. Coco. And if one was left, it was stolen.

  3. Jessica Coco-In all Fairness, this story is incorrect. I did receive the Holiday Turkey... about an hour ago. It is all a big misunderstanding. My neighbor, who was very embarrassed said she received it 2 days ago, but forgot to give it to me earlier. It turns out the delivery person knocked on her door first. This neighbor is rarely home, but she was that day. Thinking I wasn't home and fearing I may have my turkey stolen, she asked for mine, too. By the time, I got to the door 5 minutes later, because my dog was barking, I saw another neighbor, who told me he asked the delivery guy if I got the turkey, because otherwise he'd take it, but was told I already got my turkey. When I told him, no one knocked on my door, let alone gave me a turkey, he was puzzled, because there were several neighbors who weren't home and they had turkeys hanging on their doors. Obviously what the delivery person meant to say to this neighbor was that he delivered my turkey to the other neighbor and because he thought I wasn't home, he never knocked on my door. So it turns out Brian does have a big heart as do my neighbors. Thank you Mr. Stack for the holiday turkey. I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Stack is a lot of things, but he ain't stupid. Which is not good news for Carmelo.


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