Branco Slate Can't Spell!

It IS elementary!  Parents for Change can't spell.

And these three herald themselves the "change" needed to "improve" Hoboken district schools?

Um... no thanks! 

The printer is not responsible. He/she takes the artwork from the campaign (who proofreads their work before it leaves.)   In fact, the campaign manager is responsible for everything that goes out to print.   Which is why it is important to have a campaign manager who can read, write and spell.

So, voters must ask themselves: do we want our district schools run by doofuses?


  1. They have the Twitter logo on their flyers but I can't seem to find them on the site. Anyone else?

  2. HAAAAAAA! Hey, it's only a SCHOOL BOARD election, what's language proficiency got to do with it?? This says it all!

  3. Not only can't they spell, have you ever heard a coherent sentence uttered by Waiters, even an anti-Semitic one? Have you ever heard anything positive come out of Murray's maw? Exactly how does Danzker think her one "qualification", her religion, is helpful on a public school board?

  4. It's apparently a running problem: "Luckily for Ms. Stromwall and her slate, The Parents For Change candidates (and at least on candidate from the third slate) have offered another opportunity to debate, at a time and a place of Ms. Stromwall's choosing."

    Read more: Hudson Reporter - Snow days are burden enough

  5. You can question our disregard for foaming anti-semitism in our ranks, you can question our vote-buying in the HHA, you can even question whether our main objective is to be a trojan horse to take down the district schools on behalf of charters.

    But you can never question our commimtment.


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