Hoboken Mayor Garcia?

Never a dull moment in Hoboken politics!  An earwitness reports:
Carmelo Garcia has been telling people he's running for mayor.
If so, that would make Garcia the most litigious candidate for that office since Beth Mason ran in 2009.   Yep, the former HHA Executive Director just filed Lawsuit Number 3 against Mayor Zimmer:
In an complaint filed in Hudson County Superior Court by North Bergen attorney Louis Zayas, Garcia alleges that his firing was orchestrated by Zimmer in retaliation for his unwillingness to appoint politically connected professionals at the Housing Authority. Garcia also alleges that Zimmer and her allies fired him because of his Hispanic ethnicity.
Aye Caramba, not that again!

Garcia Lawsuit #1 accused the Mayor and her husband of ethnic cleansing at the HHA

You know what this sounds like to GA?  A(nother) great big whack at the mayor designed to build a constituency for his political comeback. 

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Meanwhile, Garcia soldier Joe Branco has just declared war on Frank Raia.   On Saturday Nov. 1, Branco showed up at the Board of Elections to challenge the propriety of 225 absentee ballots, believed to be Raia votes.  Branco's complaint has launched an investigation, according to nj.com:
Concerns over the ballots largely sprung from allegations made by the Parents for Change slate before the election. A representative for the team challenged 225 mail-in ballots on the Saturday before the Nov. 4 election.

Harper said 55 of the contested ballots have already been discounted because they'd been mishandled. He said someone had disrupted the "chain of custody" on the ballots, often meaning that somewhere between the voter's home and the clerk's office someone else handled the ballot but didn't sign it in the presence of the voter, as required.

This raises the concern that votes were forced, bought or even changed.
Joseph Branco, campaign manager for the Parents for Change slate, declined to comment on Wednesday, citing that he wanted to wait until the prosecutor's office considers the allegations
Wow.  Didn't GA tell you Branco declared war on Frank?  And by association, Frank's Harvest Queen (the gal with 466 absentee ballots.)

This may not surprise some, considering the words recorded by Garcia's hidden wire on Jan. 16, 2013; Garcia told his lunch companions about  Raia's "750" flooded ballots in the 2012 BoE race, calling Raia a "fucking buffoon":

Ouch.  I guess the Raia folks won't be campaigning for Garcia any time soon!


  1. Raia got 750 wet ones in 2012 but only got 466 this time around. Wonder how come.

  2. Where is Savino's? Gonna have to avoid.

  3. Yeah, and the "wet ones" were dumped into US mail boxes, which made the local voter fraud a federal crime. So why the hell don't the feds come to town, knock heads and clean up? Why do we have to live with the criminal dregs controlling everything? "Paging Bob Menendez" Bzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. If Mr. Carmelo can stop the rolling reevaluation he is in Zimmer is out!

    1. You may be even more delusional than Mr. Carmelo.

  5. Why would anyone want to stop local property owners from being accurately assessed?

  6. How is it that people like Garcia or Mason who should be running from the law run for office instead?

  7. If the reval was done properly no one would would want to stop local property owners from being properly assessed. But the reval was not done properly.

    Stack and Stack performed many tax appeals and 98% of the clients were from Willow up . Now was is that? Why hardly any west end property owners appealing their taxes?!

    Because the appraisal company socked it to the uptown residents. They didn't get into most west end properties where some can argue many old guard residents live who new better then to let them in. Us stupid reformers always do the right thing and in this case go screwed!

    The appraisal company guaranteed the residents that they would get into every Hoboken home. Well they lied and we residents above Willow are paying through the nose in taxes.

    The Mayor supports Pilots and abatements. She is going to ignore the fact that Marine View and Church towers pilots are up next year JUST WATCH!!! This is our opportunity to fix the tax inequalities and she is going to do nothing! Just wait!!!!!

  8. Failure to provide access to a home, condo or building should result in the highest possible assessment. Maybe then owners will have an incentive to allow access.

    Church Towers PILOT should be revoked entirely for non-compliance with the Beth Mason sponsored agreement that they entered. The taxes they would have paid had she not done this should be paid retroactively.


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