AC Beauty Pageant

This week all eyes (and ears) in NJ's political world are turned to the League of Municipalities beauty pageant in Atlantic City.  Just when you thought there were 2 contestants vying for the crown, in comes Ms. Bon Jovi- um, Murphy to steal some thunder from Ms. South Jersey and Ms. North Jersey!

Oh, I kid... the place is pulsing with testosterone.  In fact, from the looks of Politickernj's 2014 Power List, we gals have not come such a long way after all- at least in New Jersey.  Yep, Politicker's Power List has as much estrogen as the Sahara's got hot springs.  But I digress.

GA's been hunting for dish, and I've got some.  First, Augie Torres  (#73, 2014 Power List) hinted at it today:
I’ll let politically connected attorney Donald Scarinci’s Facebook entry explain:“Steve Fulop's private reception at the League of Municipalities turned into the hot ticket of the night. People were lined up at the elevators to get in to see the next Governor. It was a tastefully understated event by the pool at the top floor of the Water Club with breathtaking views of Atlantic City. If only I had my Nikon and my tripod ...

The most interesting view may not have been the host city. It was the Borgata spa pool where a certain Hoboken developer made a big splash at Fulop's party. I won't identify Captain Nemo because it was bad enough that he tried to dry off in the restroom where there are only hand blowers. Why embarrass the man, even if no one pushed him, according to witnesses.
Speaking of testosterone, GA doesn't have it (or not much) therefore I am not bound by any "gentleman's agreement." Phew.

So, I did hear who took a dunk in the pool, and if you ask me it's no big deal.  Especially if there was a lifeguard present. I'll bet Fulop knows CPR.  Certainly one of the egos in the room would've worked as a flotation device.  Really, what's the fuss?

It is NOT embarrassing to fall, fully-clothed into a spa pool. If that were really a fun party, everybody would have jumped in... GA's done it, jumped in a pool fully-clothed maybe after a gallon or two of wine.  Alright... here's what I was sent:

Poop in the Pool. Hilarious.

Holmsy ran around telling everyone that (redacted) should be treated with respect.  Just made it funnier. 
If you ask me, that's not half as interesting as the next tidbit:
Mason brought two busloads of housing authority residents down here.  She's utterly nuts.  They're all busy playing slots...
Whaaaaat?  GA asked another source about that, and this is all he/she had to say:
She is a walking joke down here.
Well folks, Mason can sponsor busloads of HHA residents on a junket to Atlantic City anytime. Why now? Did she invite them to her soiree for Sweeney on Tuesday?    How much dough is she spreading around and who got some?  Did any public officials for the City, State or HUD take any?

It is... weird.  If anybody's got more dish, bring it over to my place.


  1. well, he did invent polyester right? Maybe he was wearing one of his drip dry suits?

  2. He could have fallen from the happens....just sayn'

  3. Maybe Carmelo was right about the Poop.

  4. Beth lacks the cultural an intellectual tools to understand what a condescending gesture her every act regarding race and class is. This one, if true, is especially cringe-worthy. I would recommend reading some Flannery O'Connor. Twice.

    As for her chosen profession... it remains to be seen, after all these years, whether anyone anywhere will lift a finger for Beth unless they get paid for it.

    1. It is true, Catfish. Source got it directly from Mason.


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