BREAKING: AWOL Turkey Returned to Owner

BREAKING: Last night the AWOL holiday turkey was safely returned to it's owner, Ms. Jessica Coco.

Phew, what a relief!

A concerned neighbor had taken the bird 2 days ago, then forgot to give it back to her.  The turkey was well-treated and did not suffer any abuse in captivity. In fact, GA hears the turkey was treated like a member of the family, given a nickname, a handmade sweater and a seat at the dinner table.

Thank you, neighbor!   

In fact, not only is Brian Stack's heart not two sizes too small, it's three sizes too big!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, to the kind and generous Brian Stack, and to all the turkeys who got pardoned!



  1. Finally, some GOOD news in this world! Happy Thanksgiving Jessica, GA and readers!!

  2. Stack more than any other local politician understands street level politics and the importance of the earnest gesture. I suspect he was furious that his gesture was being undermined by the usual Hoboken pettiness and made an enraged phonecall. Next thing you know someone was saying, "Well fancy that - that other large object in the fridge the last 2 days is my neighbor's turkey. I'd best return it to her."

    Whatever. The right thing happened in the end. Just another nail in the nail-obscured lid of Carmelo's coffin.


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