MSV: The Coming BoE Voter Fraud Investigation

Branco VBM challenge leads to County investigation into BoE voter fraud?

Four years have passed since evidence of voter fraud by Tim Occhipinti's 2010 campaign was handed up to NJ Attorney General Paula Dow.  Then what happened?  Nothing. 

In Hoboken's 2013 municipal elections, "almost 300 Vote by Mail ballots, approximately 22% of the Vote by Mail ballots cast in Hoboken, were rejected by the County Board of Elections due to a variety of concerns including signature match and undisclosed assistance."  Horsey reports that findings from the Vote by Mail trial last February have been forwarded to the US Department of Justice.   Anything happen?   Not yet. 

Here we go again.

It seems to have started on Saturday, Nov. 1st, with 'Parents for Change' campaign manager Joe Branco challenging 226 absentee ballots at the Board of Elections.  MSV writes:
"Two BoE candidates, Peter Biancamano and Fran Rhodes-Kearns are believed the beneficiaries of approximately 400 Vote by Mail ballots with a core coming out of the Hoboken Housing Authority and select Senior Buildings. The county investigation appears focused on those Vote by Mail ballots.

The previous Saturday, Joe Branco representing the Parents for Change slate challenged over 200 ballots, zeroing in those out of the HHA on behalf of Carmelo Garcia's backed BoE ticket.

Garcia himself was the recipient of hundreds of similar VBM votes out of the HHA when he ran on the Frank "Pupie" Raia Old Guard ticket with Peter Biancamano and Fran Rhodes-Kearns in 2011."
Oh my, are Dark Siders eating their own?   

What in the way of 'evidence' did 'Parents for Change' campaign manager Branco present to Michael Harper, Clerk of the Hudson County Board of Elections, and how was this evidence procured

GA wonders why the 'Parents for Change' didn't wait for the machine votes and provisionals before making the challenge.  In hindsight, those VBMs were not decisive.  Certainly, if you have been one of the beneficiaries of vote-harvests, why would you want to bring in the Hudson County Prosecutor and the NJ Attorney General to sniff around?

GA guesses that if one farmer goes down' he/she will take a few rats with him/her.


  1. Dark Siders killing the goose that laid their golden election eggs.

    Thank you.

  2. Yes, the rats are making empty threats. You share or we will expose you. They never will so the threats are empty. Kind of like Carmelo and his wire. Why was Carmelo wearing a wire anyway? Anyone ever wonder what he's got or more likely doesn't have? Is it to help turn states evidence against x if he gets hauled in for...

    1. Once a snitch always a snitch.


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