Mason Orders Opossom Autopsy- Update

11/7 Update- Apologies to my friend- you were right!  It was a dead squirrel in the Councilwoman's yard. See the video at

Not ready for autopsy. 

In the most unintentionally funny exchange of Beth Mason's tenure on the City Council, the city of Hoboken was treated to a tirade about a dead opossom in her backyard.

In fact, so loony it was I thought perhaps I'd imagined it until I found this in my Inbox:
watching the city council mtg
Mason had a dead squirrel in her yard and Liberty Humane came to pick it up and she asked the reason for the animals demise -- She wants an autopsy!!!
Call CSI!!!!
Everyone snickering!!!!
She is talking about raccoons opossums  and squirrels OH MY!!!
Sorry to correct you my friend, I believe the topic was dead oppossum, not dead raccoons or dead squirrels.   

Can anybody out there cut the video please?  It was towards the end of the meeting. 

But really, the Councilwoman was highly agitated, and demanding to know why the critter was dead. I don't know... old age?  A  hard life?  Too much whiskey?    Who knows?  Someone please cut the video.

Maybe it's the whole Ebola scare.  Does Mason think it had Ebola?  Did it?   Check the eyes.  Usually bright red. 

Here's a stuffed opposum- GA took the pic on vacation in the Berkshires:


How come the Councilwomen didn't stuff her dead opposum?  

It seems kind of a waste to have it picked up by Liberty Humane; they'll just toss it out.  It would have made a fine mantelpiece or even a door-stop.  One of her servants could have gutted and stuffed it- no fuss, no mess. 

I am not sure the folks at Liberty Humane perform opposum autopsies.  Should they? There must be hundreds of dead opposums all over Hudson County. Must we know how each of them died? Or just the one that died in Councilwoman Mason's yard? 

GA is pretty squeamish. I wouldn't like to find a dead opposum either. Some people cook road kill- ask Ted Nugent.  Got any recipes for opposum stew?  Let's say it had Ebola- wouldn't cooking it take the Ebola out?  I don't know, I'm asking you. 

Anyway, I am very, very concerned about the cause of death of that opposum that croaked at la casa Mason.  Maybe the buxom banana that works for Mason's charitable, tax-exempt Civic League could perform an amateur autopsy- the kind that kids do with dead bugs and worms. 

Everyone, stop what you are doing and call your Congressman or US Senator to demand that taxpayer dollars be spent on opossum autopsies and other such matters of national security. Hurry! 

Somebody please cut that video. 


  1. Does Liberty Humane have the contract for animal control in Hoboken?

    The rodent who was most likely feeding on Beth's garbage, was no doubt in search of kindred spirits. Opossum's are ranked as being more intelligent than dogs, on a par with pigs, which makes the little guy smarter than Mason. He is probably dead from being in the vicinity of the toxicity that is the Mason home and the woman who lurks within, who has done more damage to one city since Typhoid Mary. At least typhoid fever can be cured with anti-biotics.

  2. Opossum symbolism is that of diversion and strategy. Opossum is the best actor of the animal kingdom. Whenever things get too stressful, Opossum simply just plays dead! This is Opossum's best defense and usually can avoid trouble with this strategy. When the attacker is confused, Opossum can run away to safety. If this symbol is coming to you then it's a message that you may have to use strategy in a currently tough or stressful situation you are facing at the moment. Maybe you need to play dead for awhile? In other words, take a break from the problem if you can. If you can't, try and find your best strategy to overcome the problem.

    Yep describes Bet Mazin well enough.

  3. Saw it. I'm pretty sure that video clip will do to Beth Mason's political career what the 'Dean Scream' did to Howard's. Of course Dean was a viable politician and no lunatic like...

    But really is something going on w her these days? Looks like she's cracking up.

  4. Leave me alone Bet. I'm just sleeping it off. Who wants to face sobriety in her backyard. Not this opossum, obviously.

    "Opossum's are ranked as being more intelligent than dogs, on a par with pigs, which makes the little guy smarter than Mason."

    LMAO. I was rolling on that one. How true.

  5. Perhaps Brian Murray should take her to back roads in the suburbs, where deer routinely land on the side of the road, with skid marks on the road in front of them. "Next week on CSI: Roadkill, Beth and Matt find a squirrel and a bear."

  6. Maybe the possum was just playing dead - like Beth's political career!


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