Sour Grape Whine

Hoboken BoE ELEC filing status as of Nov. 17, 2014

GA got pretty tipsy from all that whine in this week's Hoboken Reporter.  Bitter whine, made from sour grapes.
Danzker was perhaps the frankest in her criticism of the election. “At the end, it was the political machine that secured two seats on the Board of Education and big money that secured the third seat,” said Danzker, ostensibly referring to Parents for Progress’ support from the Kids First majority and Mayor Zimmer, and Education for all Children’s backing by Hoboken politico Frank Raia. Danzker said she had support from neither, although her slate did have the backing of State Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia. 
I guess the "political machine" is Mayor Dawn Zimmer who wasn't quite as machine-y when she endorsed the HoLa expansion against the will of the Hoboken district School Board majority and its Superintendent.  One may assume the Mayor wasn't very machine-y then.  One may assume the "machine"endorsement was honky-dory when it served the self-interest of this candidate, who finding herself on the other side of the Mayor's endorsement now calls her the "political machine."

Then there's the allegation "big money that secured the third seat."

In fact, I agree that 'big money' is toxic to Hoboken's democratic election process.  And "big money" appears to have corrupted another election; when one candidate can score 466 absentee ballots- almost 6 times greater than number of VBMs counted for the machine vote winner (77) that's stinkier than a dead guy rotting in the closet.  That said, the "big money" did nothing for Frances Rhodes Kearns nor was it decisive for Peter Biancamano, who secured the third spot before 466 VBMs arrived.   

But you know, the source of the alleged "big money that secured the third seat" appears to be the same source who secured philanthropic grants for HoLa, such as $2,000 in "special revenue" noted below.


So, if a person accepts "big money" grants from a source whom they allege "secured the third seat" in an election with "big money," does he/she have the moral authority to complain about it?  Because if  Mr. "Big-Money's" generosity to HoLa is to be lauded (it is), his alleged generosity to "securing the third seat" is not.    To the whinemaker: it's your school who rewarded  Mr. "Big Money" with a Board Trustee position, now you complain about his "big money"? 

Finally, what kind of money paid for signs mounted 12' above street level all over Hoboken? Was it big money or little money?   Or in-between money?
Who paid for the design, printing and posting?
That kind of printing and distribution is  not cheap. Was it an in-kind donation?  Who paid for it, and how much did they give?  Check Parents for Change's ELEC report.

Oh, right.  They didn't file one.

Parents for Change is the only slate who has not  filed an R-1.

Why not? 


  1. Her letter is pretty ballsy considering that when the final #'s are in, assuming Danzker's ticket gets around to filing their ELECs and the filing is honest (pretty big unrealistic assumption) it will show that they spent way more than PFP not to mention that whether you like Mayor Zimmer or hate her, one thing's for sure - there ain't no Zimmer machine unless her kids have built one out their leggos.

    1. It's called projection.

      Instead of repudiating her runningmate's antisemitism, Danzker said its not "board business" then lied to the paper that she hadnt heard about the antisemitic statements before........ when Murray told the paper they had discussed them.

      Loss can be a bitter pill or a lesson to be learned with humility.

    2. I heard Carmelo Garcia shopped his "jewish" award around to many prominent well respected people in Hoboken who turned him down flat before he found Danzker. Just say'n.

  2. It's as though Danzker is an opportunistic hypocrite who will continue to say anything to cover her true intention of screwing our schools which educate and reach many more underprivileged students and students with expensive special educational needs then her school district. Now, that is "heartless".

  3. Biggest bunch of bullshters around.

  4. So Rotary gave Hola $4,151? Did they give to the other charters, Elysian or Hoboken Charter? What about Stevens? Or All Saints? Or Mustard Seed? Or Hoboken Catlic?

  5. Branco is at ELEC screaming about Raia when his campaign hasn't filed a single report. Ballsy!

  6. "Raia Tech Plan"?? I'm afraid to ask.

  7. I have heard some bar owners like dealing in cash because it is harder to trace.
    Just say'n.


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