The VBM Effect (Pupie Power)

Totals shown do not include provisional ballots

WOW!  Look at last night's BoE election results!

Provisional ballots have not been counted, so GA is not going to throw a party-yet. What has been counted according to Horsey are the VBMs, reflected in the revised election totals posted by the Hudson County Clerk late last night. .

Based on these numbers, the 'big picture' in the post-Carmelo Garcia era battle-for-VBMs is clear.

Frank Raia is the re-anointed King of the Harvest.

Branco's slate- Murray, Waiters and Danzker, was backed by former HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia and 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason.


The Branco-Mason-Garcia muscle bought "Parents for Change" a 4th place (Murray), 7th Place (Waiters) and 8th Place (Danzker) finish.

Not impressive.

Nope, Pupie has emerged as the clear 'muscle' in town as Numero Uno Farmer of the VBM Harvest, moving the 8th Place Rhodes-Kearns all the way to 7th Place!

While GA makes light of this, it's no joke.

'Word' is that Raia was miffed at Waiters and would not 'reward' voters if they picked her for the 3rd slot.   What if Raia had 'advised' voters to choose Waiters?  Patty Waiters would likely have bumped Angley out of third place and taken a seat on the School Board.

Folks, until the Feds interrupt harvest time (yeah, right), Reform must turn out in numbers to overwhelm the Vote-Farmers' VBM crop.

More on the election later.


  1. So once more, an old guard candidate could not get elected without what appears to be illegal means - the paying for votes by mail. Biancamano must have no conscience if this doesn't trouble him. Hoboken citizens are expected to look him in the eye and not feel anything but utter contempt. Never liked the guy - he always seemed to be too goofy for his role on the school board. And then there's the fact that he's one of Mason's sycophants.

  2. Yesterday, MSV alluded to County election officials being in town to monitor things, others made reference to valet parking service for those who keep an address at Church Towers but live elsewhere. Waiters violated the 100 foot rule, though she was probably ignorant of that law. Has there been any fallout from all this yet, or will they turn a blind eye once again. Out of 16,506 votes cast, 466 were VBM's for Biancamano? Please. Do we know the breakdown of which wards these magic ballots came from?


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