Crapademics = Politics Disguised as 'Academia'


Look who's at it again! 

Here is what the author of the Crapademic graph ("Table 4") tells us:
Further analysis of Table 4 indicates just how decisive Biancamano's victory was since the very top of the error bar of the next highest vote getter (Stromwall) sits at the mid point of Biancamano's error bars.  

Ummm... Genius "forgot" something in his excruciatingly detailed analysis of election results.  In fact, it's the dead guy rotting in the corner that everyone can smell.

Peter B.'s "decisive victory" was enabled by a bumper crop of Farmer Frank's VBMs.   Just push aside the academic mumbo-jumbo which is meant to razzle-dazzle the layperson, and leave him/her in a mesmerized state where he/she completely digests the clap-trap of the doctorate-holder because, well... it sounds smart.   GA says, forget the razzle-dazzle and take out your bullshit-detector.

GA has "corrected" the Crapademic Graph:


REAL STRENGTH: Stromwall and Angley Win on Machines- Biancamano wins Harvest Queen

Here's what a friend sent me last Tuesday, on Election Day.
I was walking out of Brandt a few minutes ago after voting and who was in front of me. Michael Holmes. He had come in to get the numbers. Holmes got into a car that was waiting for him in front of Brandt. Frank Raia was driving and Petro was sitting in the passenger seat. As soon as I took out my phone to shoot a pic Frank sped off.
"Petro" is short for "Petrosino" as in Anthony Petrosino, Assistant to former Superintendent Jack RaslowskyMichael Holmes is a longtime Hoboken political operative, and Frank Raia is... you, know. Not only did Frank donate $5,000 to the Biancamano-Kearns slate, but is the muscle behind the whopping VBM harvest that got Peter B. nearly 6 times the number of  VBMs as the machine winner Monica Stromwall.  GA was told that this year's exchange rate was $35 for a Biancamano- Kearns ballot.  
"Petro" is also the author of the above crapademic graph and writes a blog stuffed with intellectually dishonest, crapademic political attacks and character assassinations on the  members of Kids First.  

So, what is Petrosino, who works in Texas, doing riding around Hoboken with a hardcore political operative and Hoboken's King of VBM Harvest "getting numbers" from polling places?

And... four days later this crapademic article appears on Petro's blog to burnish Biancamano's credentials as a political dynamo.

Well Petro does vote in Hoboken, according to his deposition in his 2010 lawsuit against the Kids-First majority School Board.

January 10,/2010 deposition of A. Petrosino
Dr. Anthony J. Petrosino vs. The Hoboken Board of Education.
The lawsuit- which he lost, and  the School Board's counter-suit against him which they won (Petro was ordered to refund the district a $3200.00 overpayment) is part of what looks to me like: (1) an obsession with 'bringing down' Kids First, and (2) bringing down anyone who supports them.

I can't talk about part (2)- not yet!  If you're interested, then surely you must be a Curious Gal or even a Curious Guy.


  1. Hola, Petro and Pupie are best buds with strong mutual political agendas and it is not surprising for Petro to cook up an way to try to smooth over Pupie's humiliating defeat.

  2. Both tickets made Hola the center piece of their campaigns. Pupie and Petro are both Hola Board Members, yet they both picked politics over their own Hola parent! So much for unity.

  3. Serial bank robber when as why he robbed banks he said because that is where the money is.

    With a hundred million dollar budget and many opportunities for political patronage jobs the HBOE is where the money is.

  4. Petrosino's double life: Texas university professor and Hoboken Old Guard political operative.

  5. dont forget full time "hateucation" blogger.

  6. I hear the doctor has a piece coming out that examines the link between the traditional kosher diet and the life expectancy of jews in the 1940s. The doctor argues that reduced dependence on high cholesterol dishes accounts for the stabilization of the jewish population in the 1950s and following. Riveting stuff.

  7. What utter crap that article is. He says that since the error bars overlap, that means that the difference is statistically significant. No, error bars overlapping indicates that the difference is not statistically significant. And I am ignoring the fact that the error bars he includes are simply +/- 1 standard deviation, when real "error bars" are typically 1 standard error of the mean. He probably doesn't know the difference.

    Second, summary statistics such as average and standard deviation are used when sampling from a population in order to estimate the entire population. In the election, the entire population is included, since data exists for all of the voters of interest. The vote totals do not have error bars, since they are actual vote totals, not estimates.

    It's crap like this that pisses off this statistician.

    1. Petrosino is not a statistician he is a politician.

      A lie is as good as the truth if you can get someone to believe it.

  8. That must be why he doesn't allow comments on his "educational" blog. Afraid someone may actually school him.

  9. The twisted anger drips from every post. I cant even imagine what his few non-Hoboken readers think about his eductional blog that probably posts random anti Hoboken non sequators about 75% of the time. Doesn't take an advanced degree to read between the lines.

    1. Wonder why he bothered to change the name from Hoboken Curriculum Project to Education Project. He has nothing whatever to say about education. Just a mouthpiece for a guy whose idea of political commentary is "no pahkin'... still no pahkin'... no pahkin' heyah neithah..."


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