Beth Mason Warns Hoboken: Monster Racoons! Dead Squirrels! Killer Opposum!

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Thank goodness for 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason!  I had no idea our city was under siege by "monster racoons" - did you?

Citizens, you have been warned.  Men, women, children and dogs are not safe from this terror.

These are the words of Councilwoman Mason:

"In our neighborhood, everything from the ground hogs to the raccoons to the possums that are out. I had two possums out in the daytime. That's NOT good."

No, it is NOT GOOD."  Now that we know these monstrous beasts are lurking about, waiting to prey on our young WHAT CAN WE DO?

Here she is, Beth Mason, warning ALL of us of this menace to human and animal life in Hoboken!

As George Bush once threw down the gauntlet to al Qaeda:  "This will not stand!  We're gonna smoke you out dead or alive!" so Beth Mason has thrown down the gauntlet to the monster raccoons terrorizing Hoboken streets- especially our garbage cans:
 "I demand an autopsy report for every dead squirrel and opposum in Hudson County!  Where's my report?"
Get her that report, dammit!  This is a state of emergency!


  1. What's the difference between Mason and an Opossum?

    One's a hideously ugly, disease-spreading rodent with destructive habits and an ear-splitting screech that dwells in dark places, and the other is a cute little marsupial mammal who generally minds his own business.

  2. If you have rodent problems try Shake-Away! I had a gopher on Castle Pt and he never came near my plants:
    I'm unsure if it also works on rodent Councilwomen?

  3. Honest question - Was she drunk or some sort of medication? This video is very disturbing. This woman has a vote on the entire budget of our town and I can not say that she is of sound mind and body.

    1. most say she is batshit crazy. let's see which ho's take her $$$$ in 2015. Otherwise we're stuck with her unless someone in 2nd ward steps up.

  4. After Tuesday's election, we have 361 days to put up with Mason until she is ushered into oblivion, a place in Virgina, I believe. This may also be calculated as 8664 hours or 519,840 minutes, or 31,190,400 seconds.

    Imagine, in less than 32,000 seconds she'll be gone history!

    Tick Tock.


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