8:47 PM: Talk about suspense!  Our neighbor Jersey City has only 67 of 181 polling sites reporting but is projecting winners in its BoE election!  And Hoboken?


9:01 PM... and bupkis. WAKE UP!  JC is reporting 125 of 181 polling sites.   What are we, chopped liver?

9:07 PM: No change...

9:18 PM: JC is reporting 158 of 181polling sites.  Now we know Hoboken is chopped liver.

9: 30 PM:  JC is reporting 175 of 181 polling sites.  GA is pretty sure that Steve Fulop is sitting in the Hudson County Clerk's lap, reading poetry.  Possibly licking her face.  What gives?

Horsey is reporting "unconfirmed" results...  now projecting that Biancamano, Angley and Stromwall have prevailed.   
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Well, GA is going to wait for the numbers, which should be coming any year now.

9:40 PM: Here they are!

Like Meatloaf sang: 'Two out of three ain't bad."