Monday, April 30, 2012

Numb-Nuts Timnology

vs. Emnet Technology.

Which would YOU choose for flood remediation in Hoboken?

GA will introduce both, then you decide.

Numb-Nuts Timnology
Timmy was at the Biergarten with Ruben Ramos when his ward flooded last August.  Thank goodness Dave Mello was on the scene to help 4th ward residents!

What is Numb-Nuts Timnology?

Numb-Nuts Timnology is the flood remediation proposal endorsed by Councilman Tim Occhipinti.

It consists of watching the Weather Channel or asking a 4th Ward mom for "free information".

From the 2009 "Tim Occhipinti Statement on Flooding": 
Pumps alone will not fix the problem. That’s true, but what I don’t support – which Councilman Lenz and the administration did - was to spend $160,000 of taxpayer money to put “sensors” in the ground to monitor flood levels. We don’t need sensors to tell us: high tide + heavy rains = FLOODING. You can get this information for free from or from any mom in the 4th Ward. Had this technology been worth the paper it’s printed on then the North Hudson Sewage Authority would be funding it and endorsing it but they are not.*

(* Wrong, Timm-o. The NHSA jumped right on board with the City on implementing Emnet.)

This technology, which the mayor and Councilman Lenz still stubbornly support, has been discredited by a number of studies, including one from Steven’s Institute, which found that it would “be of no value.” We are under sea level and this technology simply won’t work to alleviate the problem**.

(**Wrong Timm-o. Emnet is a monitoring technology that is integrated with our existing infrastructure and new pumps to convey information in real time, optimizing performance, relaying information to 'smart valves' and expediting the dispatch of crews where needed)

The company called EmNet, which got a no bid contract to “provide proprietary provisions and professional services to initiate and maintain a real time flood monitoring system,” got paid $160,000 (no bid), $50,000 of which was for travel and living expenses since the company is located - in INDIANA.

Holy sh*t!   Indiana?    Where the hell is that?


Forward to 2012.

Like the wind rustling through a hollow cave Occhipinti's belief in  Numb-Nuts Timnology-  flood remediation via the Weather Channel or asking someone's mommy, remains the same. 

From Tim's letter in this weeks' Hoboken Reporter:

In his letter, Mr. Stuiver confuses Mayor Zimmer’s no-bid contract to Emnet, for flood sensor technology which cost the city over $160K of taxpayer money, including travel expenses for the Indiana-based company, to tell us exactly what we already knew – that a significant rain event combined with high tide will create flooding in our ward. I am 100 percent against this taxpayer waste.
160K is about 0.14% of the City's $100M budget.  Or... Ricky Mason's  weekly take-home pay.

OK, so that was flooding relief Occhipinti's Numb-Nuts Timnology way.

Timmy hid out in Boston when Hurricane Irene hit.  Timmy was at a bachelor party as his ward flooded and HHA residents lined up for fresh water.

Emnet Technology

What is Emnet Technology?

From The Atlantic Cities:
EmNet’s Combined Sewer Overflow Network relies on wireless sensors installed on the underside of manhole covers to monitor water levels at various points across a city. The sensors broadcast data via simple radio waves to a central monitoring facility, and can send messages telling smart valves to open or shut during times of peak water flow. When EmNet was formed in May 2004, scientists estimated that combined sewer overflows result in the release of 850 billion gallons untreated wastewater each year, leading to contaminated drinking water and human and animal sickness.
(South Bend, Indiana) estimates that the $6 million the city spent on the system has knocked as much as $120 million off the half billion dollars it plans to spend to bring its aging water infrastructure up to state and federal standards. These savings will show up in local water bills.

CHOICE (A): Lower water bills in perpituity for a one-time 160K investment (Emnet)
CHOICE (B): Watching the Weather Channel and higher water bills (Numb-Nuts Timnology).

I don't know!

Which would YOU choose?

Partying with Ruben Ramos while his ward floods- last August.

Nurse 'Kevorkian' To Meet and Greet Victims

Intended victims.

Because unlike Dr.Kevorkian's patients, these victims enjoyed a FULL recovery.

We know, Nurse Kevorkian.  You DID try.   Very, very hard.  What a shame it got away.

Don't feel badly, Nurse.  There are plenty of other things you can kill- like that garage bond refinance that wiped out $4 million from our surplus.  And anything else requiring a super-majority vote on the City Council.  


So get your gas-chamber souped up and ready to rumble.

Aw, cheer up, Nurse.  Maybe you couldn't kill our hospital sale, but at least you accused the buyer (HoldCo) of murdering patients!

Your "news source", Hoboken411 asked the question:   
"Is the HUMC primed to kill more patients?"

Well, Nurse Kevorkian?  Are they?

I guess anyone who doesn't want to get murdered should go elsewhere for medical services, right?

It would be a shame to go to the HUMC for an x-ray and end up with an amputated head or think you're getting a mammography but get a heart transplant instead. I even heard a story (from Nurse Kevorkian's  news source)  that a man went to the HUMC emergency room for an infected toe and came out a woman!  That's right, they lopped off his...

Is it true that happens all the time, Nurse Kevorkian?  The HUMC is turning guys into girls, and girls into guys?  Before or after they kill them? I read it on your news source.

In fact, your news source still tells us all sorts of awful things about the HUMC and it's owner, HoldCo. 

Look!  See all of that MONEY they're giving to lobbyists!  I'll bet NOBODY else does that.

Hey, is Ruben Ramos a lobbyist? He must be...
Assemblyman Ruben Ramos, (D-33), of Hoboken, has donated to charity $5,200 in campaign contributions after a news story revealed the donations came from relatives of a member of the group purchasing the Hoboken University Medical Center. 
So HoldCo paid Ruben, too?

I wonder who Nurse Kevorkian pays to get her news source to make up news for her. Like the story about the HUMC getting swallowed by a GIANT Zimmer head.   

Aaaaargh!  It's HUGE!  Bigger than Godzilla!  Run for your lives, patient-killers of the HUMC!

I have an idea.  How about we send those lobbyists to the HUMC for treatment... they'll never make it out alive according to Nurse Kevorkian's news source.

Well, what a nice surprise that Nurse Kevorkian is hosting a MEET and GREET for the lobbyist-giving, patient-murdering MANIACS of the HUMC!

That's right, a GA reader was handed this today:

Are you having trouble reconciling Nurse Kevorkian's campaign to kill the hospital sale...


...with holding a soiree for it's new leadership?


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tim's Tantrum (in the Hoboken Reporter)

How do you know who's won a war-of-words?

It's the guy who's laughing.

And when GA spoke with Jake Stuiver yesterday, he was positively gleeful.  Want to know why?

He'd found himself in a war-of-words with 4th Ward dim-wit Tim Occhipinti on the pages of The Hoboken Reporter! 

Yes, Tim has responded to Jake's sharply critical letter of April 8th.   But instead of returning fire with (equally) keen verbal artillery, Timmy's chucked spears of boiled asparagus.    

Thoonk.  Squish.

Which explains Jake's mirth.

Though GA would argue that debating Tim is like clubbing a blindfolded baby seal, he's opened up all sorts of fronts with his childish rebuttal. Yes folks, this letter will keep bloggers busy for days. Even by Tim's own petulant standards he's reached new pink, frilly petticoats of sissy-hood.

WAAAAAAAH!  Jake is a meanie!

Oh yes, people. Stuiver's letter to the Reporter sent Timmy into full-blown, fists-and-feet pounding spasms in his bassinet.

How do we know this?  Occhipinti showed up at last week's HHA meeting and intercepted Stuiver (a Commissioner) on his way out.  True.  Here's what thin-skinned Tim  said:

"Do you have something to say to my face?"

Imagine that!

An elected official confronting a constituent over a LETTER published in a free and democratic press! (well, sort of democratic...)

Clearly Tim's feelings got hurt.  Boo-freakin'-HOO.  Sniffity-sniffle.

Tim's feelings are delicate.  Remember he's the sissy who called the cops over a blog-post.  Then read it aloud at the City Council like it was the Magna Carta.   

So when Tim got up in Stuiver's grill and tried to provoke him into an argument, Jake turned to see  Matt Calicchio filming the entire thing.   A set-up.  Timmy had tried to bait Stuiver, so he'd  lose his composure on film. Next stop: Hoboken411.   That's when Tim ratted out political strategist Tom Bertolli as the mastermind of the set-up.

Timmy tells Jake it was Tom Bertolli's idea. Isn't Bertolli a handsome devil?

Well, Stuiver left.  Another Timmy-stunt gone bad.   

Can you imagine?  What kind of BEHAVIOR is that from an elected official?   All because he didn't like a constituent's letter.

Personally, I think Jake was beating around the bush when he said:  

Dear Editor:   

 I am writing in response to the glowingly self-congratulatory letter last week from Fourth Ward Councilman Timothy Occhipinti. Mr. Occhipinti is always quick to itemize very real, laudable accomplishments, very few if any are his for which to claim credit. I wish to offer a different perspective on Mr. Occhipinti’s “service” to the ward. 

For the past 16 months, our ward has endured what can only by the most generously loose definition pass for representation by someone who has proven to be a developer shill and corruption apologist. 

The interests of our neighborhood’s people have languished under Mr. Occhipinti’s tenure as our councilman in virtually every way, whether through his attempted sabotage of the hospital that serves and employs so many Fourth Ward residents, ridiculing the new flood-pump technology that has so palpably alleviated a long-standing problem for our neighborhood, or his transparent and sophomoric attempts to co-opt credit for the accomplishments of Mayor Zimmer, Director Pellegrini and the rest of her administration. 
Soft, no?

Jake, next time try these words: Armageddon, pestilence, miasma, cholera, plague, pox, abscess, stinking corpse, noxious, corrosive, putrescent, vermin, pus, scourge, curse, infect, contaminate, virulent, locusts, evil, cur, wicked, fungus, damned, abomination.

For starters.

Well, whatever you said sure pushed some Dumb-inatrix buttons because now Tim's pelted you with a bucket of boiled vegetables.  We'll get to that.

But for a moment think about what a bad idea it is for a City Councilman to engage a 'lesser' public figure in a tit-for-tat.  That's an unwritten rule of politics: don't engage someone at a lower 'rank' than yourself in a public argument. Simply put: Tim looks like a jerk-off sniping back at a constituent. 

It's the lack of decorum, petulance and immaturity we've come to expect from  Dim Occhipinti.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Bullet Hoboken Dodged

Thank you, Mayor Zimmer for keeping this drek OUT of Hoboken.   

GA lost some IQ points watching this preview- proceed at your own risk. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Tim Congratulates Self and You're Invited

Thanks to the reader who sent me this invitation- to Timmy Occhipinti's lavish 4th Ward bash, with live entertainment and snacks for over 8,000 constituents.

GA was wondering WHO was paying, since Timmy's plea for a $4,000 taxpayer-funded raise was denied at the City Council, and he seems reluctant to part with his own money.

Well, folks.  NOW we know who's paying!  Click to read.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Who's Watering Tim?

That was GA's first thought when I saw this:

Specifically this part:
There will be face painting, balloon animals, and snacks for attendees.
GA's a veteran of many birthday parties.  I know what that would cost for 12 kids for 2 hours.  A few hundred bucks.

 Oh yeah.  Just ask this guy:

Mr. Chuck E. Cheese

That rat chewed a hole in GA's wallet twice.

So, if that's what a party runs for a bunch of kids, imagine the price tag on face painting, balloon animals and snacks for the 8,152 residents of the 4th Ward?

Holy cow.  

But... but... didn't Timmy just ask for a $4,000 raise?  He claimed the money was needed for "communications".

So, if Tim is so hard-up for cash he's asking taxpayers to fund his 4th Ward mailers, if he's that reticent to dip into his own pockets to market himself in his own ward, if he doesn't have enough of a warchest to pay for his OWN communications but has to tap our wallets then:
WHO is paying for Timmy's party?
Because he ain't.  So somebody is.  Don't you want to know who they are?

Are they the same guys who painted Timmy's overpass in the 4th ward of Jersey City?

WHO is watering Tim?

Presumably the party is being sponsored by people  trying to buttress his political career, to keep in in office or move on to bigger things.  A political donation.  Will the public see who picking up the tab?

Clearly this is a Timmy-promotion, touting his Hercualean efforts to make 4th Ward green dreams come true.  But, there are Two sides to every story.

Here is Tim's:
"I’m very proud of this accomplishment and would like to celebrate with you and your family. I have been advocating for the upgrading of these parks since the fall of 2010,” he said in a release.
Here's the other side- what someone  said with inside knowledge of the development and planning of the 4th Ward parks told GA:

"Occhipinti has had no constructive role behind the scenes. He's done nothing with respect to lobbying the administration for them on behalf of his constituents nor working with them on the development of either of these parks."

So whom do you believe?

Back to the original question.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pool-itics- UPDATED

Folks, that's quite a show playing on Cablevision's Channel 77; GA urges you to watch it if you can.

What you will see is a baptism of the uninitiated in the unholy waters of Hoboken politics- which for  this discussion I'll call pool-itics.

What do I mean?

Two prominent, apolitical parent-activists were 'played' by a seasoned politician and an aspiring one.  The dads were unwittingly duped into a performance at the April 17th School Board meeting in which they have embarrassed themselves, the fine organizations they represent, and provided a 'campaign issue' for the political duo.

GA does not blame the parents here. But they are not entirely off the hook, as you will see. 

Now, if anyone is reading GA for the first time, here is what I am: a mom of a Wallace school 4th-grader, die-hard supporter of public education and activist for good government.   All the stuff I blog about.

And I too am on a jihad for a Hoboken community pool- see here and here and here and here and here and here.  In fact, here is one suggestion I made with respect to converting a giant sinkhole on Sinatra Drive into our long-awaited community pool:

What do you think?

The City didn't care for my plan and the hole's been since been filled.

Well, you know what they say: one man's road is another's magnificent swimming hole with a panoramic view of Manhattan plus a   water slide.

So you see that this issue is near and dear to my heart. 

Just like those two dads who came to the BoE on April 17th with that third one and waded unknowingly into the ugly waters of Hoboken pool-itics.

Here's the story.

Part 1- The Duped Dads

Hoboken businessman Joe Branco is currently running for Hoboken Housing Authority (HHA) Commissioner- an appointment to be determined by a vote of the City Council at their next meeting.  As an HHA Commissioner, Branco will essentially be Board Member Carmelo Garcia's 'boss' because, Carmelo is also the Executive Director of the HHA.

And guess what?

Branco and Garcia are best friends. 

Carmelo Garcia and Joe Branco helping HHA residents in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.

Nice, right?

Joe's done good things with his buddy Carmelo for our community- but what occurred on April 17 wasn't one of them.

On April 17, Branco came to the School Board meeting with the aforementioned dads- I'll call them Dad No.1 and Dad No. 2. 

Dad No. 1 runs an online dad's group, which Branco belongs to.   

Dad No. 2 represented himself as the husband of the founder of a new Hoboken mommy-site.

So why did these 2 Dads come to the BoE meeting spittin' mad?

Back in January, Dad No. 1 had contacted Marty Shannon,  HHS Athletic Director  to arrange a date for a group of kids to use the HHS swimming pool.  Here is the online Use-of-Facilities application that Dad No.1 was provided with in January:

See that?  The applicant is required to read and comply with all terms specified by the BoE's Use of Facilities Guidelines.   Which state:

Clear enough?  Insurance is required for "all outside users".  Further, Shannon instructed Dad No.1 that insurance for any outside group was required.

What SHOULD have happened next?

Dad No. 1 obtains his insurance and submits the form to Shannon.  The matter then goes to the BoE Finance Committee because this matter is under the purview of the Business Administrator.  The Finance Committee then puts the request on the School Board agenda.  Lastly, the pool request could have been discussed and voted on at a January or February School Board meeting.

But that didn't happen.

Then what DID?

Dad No. 1 advertised the event on Dad No. 2's mommy-blog- without BoE review or approval.    Dad No.1  never obtained  insurance to use the pool nor was the Use-of-Facilities application returned. Thus, the BoE was never notified about the effort to book the HHS pool.  Consequently, the matter was never introduced in the Finance Committee  to put the Dads' on the Agenda for approval.

NONE of the Board members even knew about the Dads' efforts to swim in the HHS-- except Carmelo Garcia. Apparently through off-line discussions.  One assumes with his friend, Branco.
 Pool-itics.  And so the Dads get duped.  Because either they were given inaccurate information- that their insurance would be covered by the Brandt PTO- or appropriate advice was withheld- that they needed to obtain insurance.

Dad No. 1 claimed that he was 'told' he would be covered under the 'Brandt PTO's insurance'.

WHO the hell told him this?

The Brandt PTO HAS NO INSURANCE.  Carmelo must know that.  Carmelo who has been on the BoE for 12 years and has to know that ANY GROUP that uses the HHS pool requires insurance. And that PTO's don't carry insurance for the HHS pool.

Instead of being helpful, he chose pool-itics. 

GA has no doubt that these Dads were used for a political stunt to make ONE Board member look like a hero, with his "WIN-WIN" proposal to CHANGE THE FACILITIES INSURANCE REQUIREMENT on the fly AT the April 17th meeting.   
And it worked. 

Because in the words of Dad No.1:  
"It seems there's just one Board member, Carmelo Garcia that puts Kids First."

Yup, he said that.  Pool-itics, baby.

Yes, Dads 1 and 2 you were DUPED.   

GA is sorry, because I am a parent- like you, would do anything for my child- like you, and want my kid to be able to swim in a nice pool- like you. But here's what you need to own up to:

Dad No. 1: a minimum of due diligence would have cleared up any question about whose responsibility it was to obtain insurance in January.  Superintendent Toback's telephone number is 2 clicks within reach. No excuses.  Repeatedly accusing the Board of mean-spirited behavior and not providing you with answers for "11 weeks"?  C'mon.  GA would have found out the answer in 11 minutes.  Read my blog.

Dad No. 2: you spoke incredibly disrespectfully to the Board.  You threatened to replace a good and decent member of the School Board after introducing yourself as representing your wife's (apolitical) mommy-site.  Bad idea- I hear your wife is  lovely woman who's working hard on what appears to be a terrific resource for Hoboken families.  To say a childless Board member or any other childless person out there can't understand what not having use of a pool means has hurt many people.  That was truly inappropriate.

Part 2- Pool-itics

GA was told by a reliable source:
Joe Branco has said if he is not appointed to the HHA, he's taking Kids First down.
Well, well.   If that's the case, the first salvo has been fired.   Branco brought two prominent Dads to bash the (Kids First) School Board and create a scenario under which his best friend ON the School Board is a HERO with a 'win-win' solution.

Mind you, Carmelo's win-win solution would have resulted in our insurance company dropping us like a rock.

But you know, that doesn't matter.

And that's Hoboken Pool-itics101.

(Updated, 4:30 pm)
Hmmm... more information coming in about whether Dad #1 was in fact duped or is a political partisan who was on board with the STUNT.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For the Birds

GA just had a conversation with a source, Ear Wax.

WHO is Ear Wax?

I can't tell you.  But just like that sticky, yellow substance you can't reach with a Q-tip, he's deep on the inside. And for some reason, Ear Wax likes GA!

(I've  been finding that lately;  more Hoboken born- and- raised folks are reading this site and not hating it much)

Well, Ear Wax and I were talking politics, of course.  The 2013 election.  And quite frankly, his confidence in this prediction was a bit unsettling.
All out war is going to be waged in 2013 because if they can't stop Reform and Mayor Zimmer then then they will have lost any real chance of getting power back.

The damn yuppies are not moving out fast enough. They're staying and getting involved.  Trying to take over things that's not theirs- like City Hall.  And no ones sure yet who the final person is but there's going to be one candidate (from the old guard) and it seems that Timmy is getting traction as the compromise candidate.

He does whatever he's told.  He looks presentable and he appeals enough to Hoboken's young demographic that when you combine it with the (old guard) base head to head they think he'll beat Zimmer.

It's not like Zimmer's doing a bad job.  She's doing too good of a job.  It's because she doesn't let  people wet their beak.  All she would have to do is throw a couple of bones and she could probably stay in office.

But  nobody believes that will happen so it's war.

And people think that Franz is a lock to win the at-large seat.  Because they'll make sure he gets the applied vote, and dress him up real nice.  He's presentable to the new residents.

(The old guard) looks at yuppies in basically 2 camps:  reformers like the mayor, Bhalla, Marsh. Mello- people that are going to stick around in Hoboken vs people that are here a couple of years then move to the suburbs. And there's more of the latter than the former.  All they have to do is appeal to larger number of the latter.

Mason is plain too toxic. She's done.

Timmy and Franz are plants, Manchurian candidates. Completely manufactured.

Ruben has too much baggage. 3 pensions,  he's a pig, been feeding at the trough too long, and he doesn't have any real independent power outside of Hoboken.  He blew that. 
Did GA hear that correctly?  Mayor Occhipinti?

Yikes, I'd better go clean my ears.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Best Thugs Mason Can Buy

Let's see... one Beth Mason employee, Tim the videographer, was recently seen lurking outside of the mayor's home where her 2 sons live.  And he showed up at a zoning board meeting then threatened to call the police after I addressed him politely.  Clearly, he was there to provoke an incident.

And film it.

The other Mason employee, Matt Calicchio, who goes with her everywhere, has a long history of harassing political enemies of whomever is paying him- like in 2007 when he harassed City Council candidate Dawn Zimmer while she was out walking her dog. 
On Friday, Zimmer was walking her dog when she got into an argument with an 18-year-old wanna-be paparazzi. Campos initially said he didn't know who the amateur photographer was; now it turns out it's Matthew Calicchio, the little brother of one of his supporters. The Campos campaign says they no longer want to talk about the incident. It's obvious that the confrontation between Zimmer and an 18-year-old wanna-be paparazzi on Friday was a political stunt.

Calicchio then filed a simple assault complaint against Zimmer, saying she cursed at him, grabbed his wrist and tried to snatch away his camera. Zimmer denies that also, saying at first she smiled and bantered with Calicchio as he snapped away, but became frustrated because he kept moving in front of her to block her path.

She says she asked him where he lives, and he said the Fifth Ward - though he's apparently registered to vote in the Fourth Ward. (His older brother told the newspaper they are moving to an apartment on Marshall Drive that is currently being renovated.) She also asked his name, but Calicchio told her he didn't have one.
And Calicchio's been at it ever since.

Here he is caught on a dry cleaner's security camera last year stealing Jen Giattino window signs while on the Mason payroll.

But it gets worse.  Much worse.

Back in September, GA had seen Calicchio outside of Wallace School after recess.  In fact, he stood at the playground fence and stared at me as I searched for my daughter in the crowd.

How bizarre, that an adult male would be lurking at a public school playground, political operative or not.  That crosses a line no decent person would ever cross- sending one's employee to a SCHOOLYARD to harass a parent in front of their kid.   No, this behavior goes against all normal parental instincts. Dispatching one's political operative to perform thuggery at a school with children  present.

One would have to be completely immoral or... crazy.

Well, Beth Mason has MORE to answer for.

Her employee, Matt Calicchio has a court date next month for (allegedly) stalking a School Board member in the company of her small daughter.  Calicchio had followed the two into an eating establishment where he sat across from them and stared, and stared, and stared while the child ate... ordering no food for himself.   On the street, he made threatening remarks to the same mother with her little girl at her side.

Mason's response?

Calicchio's got a high-priced defense attorney and she's dispatched 'prosbus' Bajardi to trash the mother on Patch.

You follow?

She doesn't give a damn.

I asked a friend who knows her how to explain this comfort level with employing thugs and dispatching them to stalk and harass political opponents.
I think her comfort with thugs comes from the fact that her narcissistic personality disorder requires attention – even when it comes from unsavory bullies. That she has to hire mentally challenged people like Calicchio, or surround herself with easily unhinged people like Lane, Kim, Ines and Sara, is an indication of how she really has scraped the bottom of the barrel. The ladder to claw her way to the top (or middle) of anything in the political arena in Hoboken or beyond will be Ricky’s money and I don’t believe the Old Guard has much use for her beyond the checkbook.

Well, as Calicchio's trial date nears expect more questions to be asked about the relationship between Beth Mason and her Thugs.

Like WHO is paying for his high-priced defense.

Because you know what that tells  me?

That she is responsible to pay for the consequences of what he was assigned to do.  

Think about that.

Tim Celebrates Earth Day

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dancing with Elks

GA's happy to report that last night's Wallace Spring Disco Dance at the Elk's Lodge was a smashing success!

Did you know that annual dance is a fundraiser for Wallace School's Field Day?  Aside from the crowd of parents and teachers who attend,  it usually attracts a slew of politicos. 

Not this year.

GA was genuinely surprised at the poor showing.

Here's who I saw: 5th Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham, Freeholder Anthony Romano and ALL 5 members of the Kids First School Board: Rose Markle, Theresa Minutillo, Ruthy McAllister, Irene Sobolov and Leon Gold.

Noticeably ABSENT: ALL other School Board members. No Carmelo Garcia, no Peter Biancamano, no Frances Kearns, no Maureen Sullivan (not surprised since GA heard that she advised parents to pull their kid out of public school- YES, stay tuned for that one)

I guess election year Field Days get more love from those running for office. Although I don't think the kids notice the difference.

Also missed was regular-attendee Frank Raia, who has always given generously no matter what the season- and paid his own way.  Unlike other Old Guard weasels who'd show up late so they could slip in without paying.

Anyway... as usual, LOTS of fun... disco dancing, great food, and of course BOOZE- enough to soak everyone's inner- Funky Chicken.

Much appreciation to Peter Cunningham and his Funky Chicken for their support.

And to all who came out to dance for Field Day 2012.  

LA (Little Avenger) and all the kids of Wallace love Field Day- it's a day of non-competitive sporting events with the emphasis on teamwork and fun.

From last night:

He's terrific on the City Council AND can dance with a drink in his hand!
Freeholder Anthony Romano who did NOT spook these geese last night.
BoE members Theresa Minutillo and Ruthy McAllister with GA's fave
Canadian redhead
Lovely ladies with Wallace's beloved Teacher's Assistant
Miss Delores and BoE member Irene Sobolov
Kurt Gardiner dances with GA while former BoE member
Jean Marie Mitchell laughs at us and look- it's the lovely Liz Mulholland!
Is that BoE member Leon Gold's Funky Chicken dance?
Beautiful ladies at the bar.  See what you missed horny single-guys?
There's the gorgeous and much-loved Wallace 2nd Grade teacher
(don't know her married name!)
Are we funky or what?
Thank you, lovely Wallace Parent Team President Barbara Melfi for
a great job!  Pictured with her handsome hairless hubby.

And there's Wallace Principal Jay Medlin with his wife.  He's tall-
at least 6'-4" and she's teeny-tiny.  Aren't they cute?

See you there next year!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Call an Exterminater!

After yesterday's startling earwitness report GA is concerned there may be a bug infestation at 1200 Washington Street. 

Do you know that address?

It houses 2 entities: an art gallery, Gallery 1200, and the headquarters of Councilwoman Beth Mason.

According the Wachtell Lipton Rosen  & Katz bio of husband Richard Mason:
"Together with his wife and children, Mr. Mason founded the Mason Family Civic League, a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to providing educational, art and civic support in Hoboken, New Jersey and beyond."
The Mason Family Civic League.  Has a nice ring to it.  Like The Russo Civic Association.

Gallery 1200 is sponsored by Mason's Civic League.

Sharing 1200 Washington with the gallery is Beth Mason's political headquarters.  There one can find   employees on her payroll- like Matt Calicchio.  

Calicchio is going to trial next month for stalking a member of Hoboken's BoE- a Mason political opponent.  It is believed Mason is funding the defense of her stalker-employee.  Did you know that his  victim is a mom who was with her small daughter when the incident occurred?  GA can attest to seeing Calicchio loitering at the Wallace playground at recess last September.  He stared at me as I searched for my daughter in the crowd of children.  Why is Beth Mason sending her employee to a public school to intimidate mothers with their children?)

Here's another Calicchio incident- which occurred at the corner of Washington and 12th Street, outside Mason headquarters.  An openly gay pro-Reform activist was passing him on the street when Calicchio simulated oral sex with his hand and mouth.  Was that an invitation or gay-bashing?

Charming that Mason's employee made this crude sexual gesture within feet of her headquarters.

Another Mason operative seen there: Sara (Timmy's Brain) Stojkovic who is in the above pic and the blown-up portion below.  Here she is, taking my pic.

There's the gal who texts Timmy at the City Council taking my pic after she scurried out of Mason's HQ

Mason also employs Tanya Garcia, the sister-in-law of BoE member and HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia. 

GA hears Ms. Garcia is a lovely woman.  And other than being forced to write endorsement letters for her employer without disclosing her relationship to said employer- she is not an operative as far as I know.  Merely an employee placed in an untenable situation by her boss with an assignment like that.  Take a look:

Yikes.  Poor Tanya.  If she wasn't held at gunpoint (figuratively) it must have been Stockholm Syndrome.

So, GA is concerned about Ms. Garcia, Matt Calicchio, Sara Stojkovic, and all the other workers at 1200 Washington Street.  You know why?

If GA's earwitness was right, then the place must be infested.

Federal investigations are long, slow information-gathering operations that unfold over months and years. Which makes their indictments air-tight- and their ability to flip minor players into cooperating witnesses a certainty.  Because the Feds are after BIG Fish- they aim to decapitate the head of the network and that's how they do it.

From the bottom up. Which takes time.

GA is going to exhume some posts that appeared on MSV last May from a poster that GA always suspected was a...  oh, never mind.

Note that last May when these posts appeared, it was the earliest days of the Ricciardi case; he'd been suspended- not arrested, and the Feds had only just received the City's data banks.

Certainly, many of those we know (or suspect) to have been interviewed by the Feds had not yet been.  So we can assume  that after a year of surveillance, wiretaps, tapping informants, interviews, and custody of the entire City's data banks, the scope of the federal investigation has grown. 

And in that year, the role of Big Fish in financing election fraud or hiding payroll from the IRS or participating in  the data theft conspiracy has been revealed by Little Fish. 

One way to get Little Fish talking is when the Feds present evidence gleaned from infested political headquarters.

Like this one.

You see how these infestations can be devastating.   

If it happened at the Russo Civic Association, can it happen at the Mason Family Civic Association?

The infestation I'm referring to is not the American Cockroach (Latin: Periplaneta americana) but with this creature, the Eavesdropper (Latin: Fedsara listening).
1200 Washington infested with Fedsara listening?
 Did you know that today's Eavesdropper can now "Listen-In" to your room conversations from truly incredible distances? That innocent looking Electric Outlet at the base of the wall can actually be picking up and transmitting every word . . . and every whisper . . . of your most private conversations. And, that harmless looking lamp can be hiding a Miniature  Eavesdropper that is revealing your most confidential discussions, or leaking out valuable information to agents in Newark? What about that illuminated sign projecting above your front door?  It may be stuffed with Eavesdroppers.

Wow, that is one pernicious bug.  I think there is only one way to get rid of it.  Like they did at 420 Adams.

On that note, this song goes out to my infested friends at 1200 Washington Street: