Nurse 'Kevorkian' To Meet and Greet Victims

Intended victims.

Because unlike Dr.Kevorkian's patients, these victims enjoyed a FULL recovery.

We know, Nurse Kevorkian.  You DID try.   Very, very hard.  What a shame it got away.

Don't feel badly, Nurse.  There are plenty of other things you can kill- like that garage bond refinance that wiped out $4 million from our surplus.  And anything else requiring a super-majority vote on the City Council.  


So get your gas-chamber souped up and ready to rumble.

Aw, cheer up, Nurse.  Maybe you couldn't kill our hospital sale, but at least you accused the buyer (HoldCo) of murdering patients!

Your "news source", Hoboken411 asked the question:   
"Is the HUMC primed to kill more patients?"

Well, Nurse Kevorkian?  Are they?

I guess anyone who doesn't want to get murdered should go elsewhere for medical services, right?

It would be a shame to go to the HUMC for an x-ray and end up with an amputated head or think you're getting a mammography but get a heart transplant instead. I even heard a story (from Nurse Kevorkian's  news source)  that a man went to the HUMC emergency room for an infected toe and came out a woman!  That's right, they lopped off his...

Is it true that happens all the time, Nurse Kevorkian?  The HUMC is turning guys into girls, and girls into guys?  Before or after they kill them? I read it on your news source.

In fact, your news source still tells us all sorts of awful things about the HUMC and it's owner, HoldCo. 

Look!  See all of that MONEY they're giving to lobbyists!  I'll bet NOBODY else does that.

Hey, is Ruben Ramos a lobbyist? He must be...
Assemblyman Ruben Ramos, (D-33), of Hoboken, has donated to charity $5,200 in campaign contributions after a news story revealed the donations came from relatives of a member of the group purchasing the Hoboken University Medical Center. 
So HoldCo paid Ruben, too?

I wonder who Nurse Kevorkian pays to get her news source to make up news for her. Like the story about the HUMC getting swallowed by a GIANT Zimmer head.   

Aaaaargh!  It's HUGE!  Bigger than Godzilla!  Run for your lives, patient-killers of the HUMC!

I have an idea.  How about we send those lobbyists to the HUMC for treatment... they'll never make it out alive according to Nurse Kevorkian's news source.

Well, what a nice surprise that Nurse Kevorkian is hosting a MEET and GREET for the lobbyist-giving, patient-murdering MANIACS of the HUMC!

That's right, a GA reader was handed this today:

Are you having trouble reconciling Nurse Kevorkian's campaign to kill the hospital sale...


...with holding a soiree for it's new leadership?



  1. She really has no clue.

  2. Like its hostess, the event promises to have dual intentions: "Please join us for a meet and greet" as well as: "Please join us for a community forum". Well, which is it?

    One thing's for certain, it will be little more than a photo-op for the very disturbed Mason who tried to bring this institution down, throwing our finances, personal and public, into a tailspin.

    Are the representatives from the hospital so naive they don't know who this bat-shit crazy woman is? Are they unaware that Mason and any collection of her destructive council minority colleagues HAVE NO AUTHORITY to enter into agreements with the hospital, including a seat for one of their handpicked own, believed to be Ines Kreim, on their board?

    A community meeting with the hospital reps is a good idea - in a public forum, like the hospital itself. The MAnSON FAMILY unCIVIC association's and vote-buying headquarters, aka Mason's little shop of horrors, is not big enough to hold Mason's ego, a couple of corpulent Calicchios and her paid sycophants.

    If they wish to gain credibility and share their vision of a new and improved facility, the hospital should pull away from this toxic nightmare of a woman and host their own forum in a larger venue.

  3. The 24/7/365 campaign continues. God-willing she'll get roundly booed.

    1. What campaign? Her campaign of terror? Her campaign to destroy every positive change in this town? This certainly isn't part of a campaign to run for office at the county, state or federal level b/c in order to do that don't you think she'd be doing things to help out in this community instead of acting like the spoiled wretched piece of filth she has become?

    2. Cam-pain-in-the-ass for every sane, reasonable citizen of Hoboken.

      Perhaps she's hoping HUMC will open a much-needed expansion of its psych-ward. It can be funded through, named for and used by the Mason family and their cohorts.


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