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Sometimes GA feels like a tiny minnow swimming in a giant vat of testosterone.

That is, the male-dominated Hoboken blogosphere.  

Excluding the mommy-blogs of course; GA gives big props to the mommy-bloggers. I AM a mommy you know, and only wish they existed back when I was navigating pregnancy. Truth be told, I didn't know I had a mucus plug so didn't miss it one bit when it was gone. Or that I could put my kid to work at 6 months. Indeed, mommy-blogs would have been a convenient alternative to searching out tips on the playgrounds of Hoboken.  Which is what I did.  God knows what I picked up there and from whom.  My parenting was guided by such outdoor experimentation. But that was the way it was done BMB: before the mommy-blogs.

So, bless the mommy-bloggers and all the support they give us.

It's the other blogosphere I'm talking about.  Local news, politics, all-things Hoboken, which seems to be ruled by the XYs.

Which is why GA was excited to learn the testosterone pool just got a shot of estrogen- starting this March- from the Hoboken Girl Blog!

I found her blog today, went there and really like what she's doing. No politics, just local stuff as told from a girl's perspective.  Or a "Jersey Girl's" perspective, is how she put it.

Go, sister!

We girls are a vastly under-served demographic, considering we're at least 50% of the population. And in a city where some of the most powerful, influential people are women: Dawn Zimmer, Carol Marsh, Jen Giattino and (yes) Michelle Russo, who is a 'boss' of sorts.

So GA salutes the new girl-blogger,  Hoboken Girl and wishes her longevity.

*Here's where you let me know about all the other Hoboken girl-blogs I've missed- but please spare me Mooshu's cyber-drek.

Finally, a very happy Easter or good Pesach to their respective celebrants.

And don't forget- Easter chocolate goes ON SALE tomorrow!

(Update, 12:50 pm)

GA was remiss in leaving out the powerful, influential women of Kids First:   Rose Markle, Theresa Minutillo, Ruthy McAllister, Irene Sobolov and Leon Gold.

Sorry, ladies!


  1. really nice blog! with all the good coverage of local stores and restaurants, hobokengirl is bound to put another nail in the coffin of perry the retail extortionist at h411.

  2. H8411 could be considered a type (the evil kind) of girl blog since it's funded by and written for and about the the craven lust for power of one woman - the Queen of the Masonites, The Wicked Witch of the East (side of Hoboken), the Harridan of Hudson Street and financial underwriter of all that is sick, bad and wrong in Hoboken - Beth Mason.

  3. Did Leon get a sex change operation?


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