Mason's Kooks Attack Patch

Strange times on Hoboken Patch's message boards.  A rather absurd 'war' has been going on lately between those who've been using Patch message boards to disseminate anti- Zimmer administration spin lies, and hate- and the rest of us who debunk their garbage.

Now, this is all 'inside-baseball' stuff.  And idiotic, to boot.

However, the hijacking of discussion threads by political operatives and now, the latest attack- coordinated censorship (deleting) on Patch message boards- is destructive to Patch as a business, for those who like the site and want it to stick around.  The behavior of these operatives- manipulating  WHO and WHAT can be posted on discussion forums must be driving down traffic and Patch's ad revenues with it.

The way these fiends destroyed Hoboken411 via censorship, they've attacked Patch.  For them it's a platform to fight a proxy war on the Mayor.  For the rest of us, it's a place to get local news.

An email asked yesterday "What's going on at Patch?"

OK, you asked for it.

PART-1:  First Strike!

Here's how (and when)  it ALL started.

A tsunmai of comment deletions hit on March 15th- the day GA posted Six Days From Cammarano, which reported that political operative Lane Bajardi had appealed to the City Council to allow Cammy to KEEP zoning appointment powers SIX DAYS AFTER Cammy had dealt 2 variances to Solomon Dwek at the Malibu Diner.

Cammy sold the 2 variances to Dwek on July 16, 2009.  Bajardi implored the City Council to keep zoning powers with Cammy on July 22, 2009. (Odd, don't you think?)

So, GA published this discovery here on March 15.  The same day,'mysteriously' ALL of my posts on Patch referencing the Bajardi-Cammy-Dwek connection and linking the piece disappeared as fast as I could post  and re-post and re-post them.   24 posts of mine were deleted.   

With many posts of others citing my story.

GA Note: Freak-out in the House of Mason!  Silence her!

PART-2: Return Fire!

The following week, the Patch message boards were hit by mass-deletions of posts by political operatives 'Curious Gal' 'prosbus' and 'Out of Control'. ALL their postings were deleted, and those responding to the ops-- members of Reform's 'rebuttal team' - ere hosed with them (If a post is deleted- all replies below are automatically deleted)

GA Note: Someone with access to 3 IPs (or perhaps a 'team') decided a little payback was in order for the Kings and Queens of Censorship. GA's got no idea who was responsible.  My personal feeling is that the posts of these operatives should be left alone. 

PART-3: Meltdown!

The clean sweep of ALL their Patch drivel sent the 2 political operatives Curious Gal and OOC over the edge in an unprecedented online breakdown.   Their cyber-tantrum began last Friday, March 30 and went through the weekend. Those 2 Queens spammed Patch, in posts to Claire- their hysteria, frustrations and rage apparent- citing the deletions and raging at 'Zimmer Zombies', over and over again.
Claire/PATCH Tech Support- Please note activity on THIS thread between the hours of 8pm-10:05pm, specifically between 9:45pm-10:05pm on Fri 3/30/12. A number of comments were deleted. Furthermore, when attempted to be REPOSTED, a response occurred saying in effect, "Oops, this is a duplicate comment" indicating that the original text is likely still mirrored on the site. Should be pretty easy to track down now. ---- More information----- 3 additional deletions of THIS post were done between @ 10:16pm-10:37pm. Another deletion of THIS post between 10:49-10:57pm Another deletion of THIS post occurred around 11:02pm Another deletion of THIS post occurred around 11:05pm More deletions occurred of THIS post and 4 others on Saturday around 10:50AM and again at 11:03AM, 11:20AM, and again around 11:45AM, noon, and at 12:05pm"
This wailing to Claire went on ALL weekend. (GA gets automatic  messages from Patch with copies of others' comments)    On Saturday alone, CG spammed Patch 50 times, OOC spammed 59 times- and all were deleted by 'magic hands'. 

GA Note: I found this hysterically funny; these 2 getting a taste of their own bitter medicine, better known as 'censorship'- and NOT liking it.  And NOT handling it well, either- in a most entertaining way.  Why is posting on Patch that important to these critters?  Paycheck or compulsion?  Dr. Shrill?

PART-4: Claire Speaks!

At 11:06 pm last Sunday night, Patch's editor Claire Moses posted this:

We are aware comments have been disappearing from articles. Patch has not been deleting comments. We are looking into the matter and a new comment moderation system is coming to the site this week.Apologies for the confusion and thank you to all of you who have alerted us about the problem.

All the best,
Claire Moses, editor

GA Note: The comment moderation reprogramming would have been approved at AOL level, and none of us have much input into what they do next. IMO, AOL/Patch needs to stop the multiple-ID capability  and make it one ID per IP address, not one ID per EMAIL address the way it is now.   Whatever AOL does, GA suspects it won't be welcome on the Dark Side.

PART-5 New Scam!

Last night, GA got an email from an individual claiming responsibility for the deletions, and blaming deletions on the lack of civility:
I hope I have the correct email. My name is Gabriel and I live here in Hoboken with my wife and children. We are avid readers of Patch and so are many friends and colleagues of ours. We started a deletion team recently and took down many of the posts on Patch in recent days. Yourself and many others really do a huge disservice to Hoboken when you all routinely crap on each other, finger point, call names at people, make fun of people for eating twinkles and so on. Are you aware that your behaviors cause some of us a lot of trouble with trying to get friends and family to visit us here in this town? Just recently a family member of mine was going to move here and due to the obscene and grotesque comments by you adults, this person doesn't want to come here, she calls it "wasteland appearance" and I've tried to tell her it is not. The same goes for lots of others. You are grown adults, you sit on boards for the town yet you act like little kids and you are slowly killing this city. I am a REAL person, i am not some "operative" as you people put it. Please stop it with the name calling, please put the word out as I have wrote to the editor of the Reporter as well in hopes of reaching everyone who is combative and vulgar on that site.

I have emailed Claire at Patch and she has promised me to not amend her flagging system. So please keep your comments cool, mild and without hatred or we will take them down, not Claire and I assure you there are more of us that care about this town and will make sure you kiddies behave yourselves. 3 clicks and a post comes down. We take turns monitoring you little babies. If you want us to consider some of you adults, please act like adults, only fair right?

And the back and forth I had with this person got stranger. I forwarded the emails to a friend who said:
This guy is an uneducated creep. Very weird. Almost childlike. CREEPY!
'Gabriel' also posted this on Patch:

Guess what?  Last night, 'Gabriel' deleted his own post and ALL discussion about it.  GONE!

'Gabriel' was a fabrication, if you didn't figure that out. 

GA Note:  The Mason operatives unleashed the 'censorship genie'  on March 15.  The mass-deletions have forced Claire/ AOL to respond because this will ultimately hurt page views and revenue.  IMO, the Dark Side decided tightening moderation was a bad idea and sent 'Gabriel'  to assure Claire that change was not necessary because of his "deletion team"  was handling the riff-raff. And 'Gabriel' asked me to tone down the Twinkie-talk... hmmm.   Funny, how of all the MORE prolific Reform posters on Patch, GA was the only one named and contacted. I call that a 'tell'.

Claire, take a lesson from history.

Hoboken411 had a terrific, diverse discussion forum until a few militant loons took over 'moderation' and enforced censorship that drove 99% of their audience away.  Traffic plummeted. The site's been discredited. It's a ghost town.

Who were these militant loons?   Curious Gal and prosbus.

It looks like they've brought their special brand of poison to another community web site.


  1. Quite pathetic how many uneducated creeps Mason attracts.

  2. GA, your post on Patch from this morning on the topic is already gone!

    1. Whenever I've tried to post on Patch anything that disagrees with Lane or Kim Bajardi, it disappears. I've stopped visiting that blog aka ambien for the stroller set.

  3. A little factoid: Gabriel, the "messenger of god" or "hero of god" is believed to have a female spirit - which is not the same as a sex.

    If only flagging Beth Mason and her colleagues, hangers-on and paid operatives as inappropriate three times were enough to make them go ***POOF!*** and disappear.

    1. To paraphrase Cole Porter, Gabriel blows.


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