BUSTED: The Patch DELETER is...

This guy (email to GA):
My name is Gabriel and I live here in Hoboken with my wife and children.  We are avid readers of Patch and so are many friends and colleagues of ours.  We started a deletion team recently and took down many of the posts on Patch in recent days... We take turns monitoring you little babies.
Who is also this guy (posted on Patch):

Who is also this guy (texted to GA):

Wow, thanks for the text, anonymous, creepy censorship-guy!   You've even got a Secret Agent name, like Agent 007... only you're Secret Agent 2017770411.  

Unless... that's your PHONE NUMBER.

Oooh, GA loves puzzles.

So, if 2017770411 ISN'T a cool Secret Agent name, then it's the telephone number of the person who has deleted hundreds of comments recently on Patch message boards,  driven down their traffic and continues to do so... kinda like a cyber-terrorist.

And if GA could find out WHO 2017770411 IS, then perhaps the motivation behind the malevolent cyber-attack on Patch's discussion forum could be 'understood'.  Hmmm...

GOT it.

Oh,  my goodness. Did you see that?

Secret Agent Cyber-Censorship  Deleting Man is... Perry Klaussen?


So, this mass-deleting is not a (wholly)  POLITICAL operation, this is an ATTACK on a business competitor.  

Klaussen has deleted hundreds of comments in the last weeks, in an effort to hurt Patch's business- the way he killed his own- by moderating registrants until they leave, disgusted.

Now, could ONE person do this deleting?

YES, if he/she uses proxy IP software, he/she could come in under the 3 separate IP addresses to flag a comment as "inappropriate."  Klaussen could be doing this either with 'help' or solo.

It doesn't matter.  Patch/AOL has a problem.  I've notified Claire.

GA's gotten quite a bit of email from 'Gabriel' this week- unpleasant, creepy stuff. Now that I know it's Klaussen, the rantings about Patch- and Claire (I'm redacting those- all lies) 'make sense'.  Here's an example:

You're aware patch used to be 1500 employees and it's now 200 right? You really think Claire is going to help you w a comment protecting device? Patch lost 150 million last year, if you think aol will spend a nickel thn you're foolish. Claire Said (redacted) They fired their sales guy. Patch will be under by summer. You're on your own sweet cheeks and every time we see nonsense were there to help clean up hoboken. Enjoy your day!
Nuts, huh?  'Gabriel Ashir' (Gabe Ashir = gay basher) is obsessed, fixated on the death of Patch and is trying to censor it out of existence.

Can AOL stop him?

GA doesn't know. They could make an example out of him, if they wanted.

But at the end of the day, is Klaussen'a cyber-attack ILLEGAL?

I think AOL can prove malice and premeditation- I've turned my emails over to Patch. But... this is what GA has a legal department for.

Not-Stempler... yoo hoo.

In the meantime, if your comments have been disappearing on Patch, now you know who is repsonsible.  And he may not be working alone.

(Update, 11:00 am)
Just for the record. a commenter on Patch, Capt Jack'd, posted earlier today that Klaussen's number may have been 'spoofed' (faked), because he could not believe he'd be that stupid.  I'd never heard of spoofing- don't know how the hell that works.  That's for the record.


  1. wow, incredible...yet at the same time, not surprising at all. what a sleazebag. i wish patch were stronger and had the resources to focus on this attack, hopefully their lawyers will be in touch with perry shortly. and hopefully this is a wake-up call to claire that no one on that side is actually her friend. they are using her the same way cammarano used bajardi (or not).

  2. Good work GA. Saw him last night at uptown Sparrows with his girlfriend and their dogs. Wish I had seen this then. Must be extremely jealous of the amount of comments on Patch.

    1. Even if you exclude all the deleted comments from the count, I bet Patch gets more comments in a day than Perry sees in 2 weeks.

  3. You got that right, GA, he's not working alone, he's working with me and Counte$$ all the way, baby! We get paid a bonus for this project! Cameraboy Tim is outside your window right now getting candid snaps to get back at you for exposing our scheme, and our Keystone Cop friends are on their way over to embarrass you again and shut you down once and for all. Counte$$ will see to it that Mason411 has no competition and we get our numbers back to a level to justify another swipe at getting city funds for "legal ads."

    We're down but never out! One day, sooner than you think, we'll SHOW YOU ALL!!!!!

  4. well maybe patch should put a limit on anyone who flags a post....one time ok...second time shaky, third time they are nuts and ban them..lol especially if its causing loss of business and censorship....

  5. btw, anyone notice the disappearance of prosbus and curiousgal this week on patch? i've only seen a couple of posts from p, almost none from CG. maybe they took the little one (the child, not lane) to disneyworld for school vacation or something.

  6. So not only is Perry Klaussen a pornographer, but he's a homophobe too? (Gabe Ashir = gay basher). And that's how Beth & Ricky Mason roll...

    Well, Gabriel has blown his horn once too often and skillful blowing may be just the ticket where he winds up.

    One thing that's not clear: If gay-bashing Perry the Pornographer was deleting posts he didn't like, was he also deleting Kim & Lane Bajardi's posts? Wouldn't that be an act of treason in the Masonic kingdom?


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