Numb-Nuts Timnology

vs. Emnet Technology.

Which would YOU choose for flood remediation in Hoboken?

GA will introduce both, then you decide.

Numb-Nuts Timnology
Timmy was at the Biergarten with Ruben Ramos when his ward flooded last August.  Thank goodness Dave Mello was on the scene to help 4th ward residents!

What is Numb-Nuts Timnology?

Numb-Nuts Timnology is the flood remediation proposal endorsed by Councilman Tim Occhipinti.

It consists of watching the Weather Channel or asking a 4th Ward mom for "free information".

From the 2009 "Tim Occhipinti Statement on Flooding": 
Pumps alone will not fix the problem. That’s true, but what I don’t support – which Councilman Lenz and the administration did - was to spend $160,000 of taxpayer money to put “sensors” in the ground to monitor flood levels. We don’t need sensors to tell us: high tide + heavy rains = FLOODING. You can get this information for free from or from any mom in the 4th Ward. Had this technology been worth the paper it’s printed on then the North Hudson Sewage Authority would be funding it and endorsing it but they are not.*

(* Wrong, Timm-o. The NHSA jumped right on board with the City on implementing Emnet.)

This technology, which the mayor and Councilman Lenz still stubbornly support, has been discredited by a number of studies, including one from Steven’s Institute, which found that it would “be of no value.” We are under sea level and this technology simply won’t work to alleviate the problem**.

(**Wrong Timm-o. Emnet is a monitoring technology that is integrated with our existing infrastructure and new pumps to convey information in real time, optimizing performance, relaying information to 'smart valves' and expediting the dispatch of crews where needed)

The company called EmNet, which got a no bid contract to “provide proprietary provisions and professional services to initiate and maintain a real time flood monitoring system,” got paid $160,000 (no bid), $50,000 of which was for travel and living expenses since the company is located - in INDIANA.

Holy sh*t!   Indiana?    Where the hell is that?


Forward to 2012.

Like the wind rustling through a hollow cave Occhipinti's belief in  Numb-Nuts Timnology-  flood remediation via the Weather Channel or asking someone's mommy, remains the same. 

From Tim's letter in this weeks' Hoboken Reporter:

In his letter, Mr. Stuiver confuses Mayor Zimmer’s no-bid contract to Emnet, for flood sensor technology which cost the city over $160K of taxpayer money, including travel expenses for the Indiana-based company, to tell us exactly what we already knew – that a significant rain event combined with high tide will create flooding in our ward. I am 100 percent against this taxpayer waste.
160K is about 0.14% of the City's $100M budget.  Or... Ricky Mason's  weekly take-home pay.

OK, so that was flooding relief Occhipinti's Numb-Nuts Timnology way.

Timmy hid out in Boston when Hurricane Irene hit.  Timmy was at a bachelor party as his ward flooded and HHA residents lined up for fresh water.

Emnet Technology

What is Emnet Technology?

From The Atlantic Cities:
EmNet’s Combined Sewer Overflow Network relies on wireless sensors installed on the underside of manhole covers to monitor water levels at various points across a city. The sensors broadcast data via simple radio waves to a central monitoring facility, and can send messages telling smart valves to open or shut during times of peak water flow. When EmNet was formed in May 2004, scientists estimated that combined sewer overflows result in the release of 850 billion gallons untreated wastewater each year, leading to contaminated drinking water and human and animal sickness.
(South Bend, Indiana) estimates that the $6 million the city spent on the system has knocked as much as $120 million off the half billion dollars it plans to spend to bring its aging water infrastructure up to state and federal standards. These savings will show up in local water bills.

CHOICE (A): Lower water bills in perpituity for a one-time 160K investment (Emnet)
CHOICE (B): Watching the Weather Channel and higher water bills (Numb-Nuts Timnology).

I don't know!

Which would YOU choose?

Partying with Ruben Ramos while his ward floods- last August.


  1. Combine stupidity with arrogance, criminology (bought elections), lack of spine, and a sense of entitlement and you produce politicians like Tim Occhipinti. 4th Warders who still support this clown need to wake up and smell the coffee. He doesn't think before he speaks and he doesn't think.

    Tim- Just in case there is any doubt, this is Kurt Gardiner and I am saying it to your face. Your handlers read Mrs. Pincus' site so I know the message will get back to you. Clean up your act. You are a disgrace to good governance with the slimy people you surround yourself with and the poor decisions you make. One noteable exception - Bonding for the 4th Ward Park.


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