The Best Thugs Mason Can Buy

Let's see... one Beth Mason employee, Tim the videographer, was recently seen lurking outside of the mayor's home where her 2 sons live.  And he showed up at a zoning board meeting then threatened to call the police after I addressed him politely.  Clearly, he was there to provoke an incident.

And film it.

The other Mason employee, Matt Calicchio, who goes with her everywhere, has a long history of harassing political enemies of whomever is paying him- like in 2007 when he harassed City Council candidate Dawn Zimmer while she was out walking her dog. 
On Friday, Zimmer was walking her dog when she got into an argument with an 18-year-old wanna-be paparazzi. Campos initially said he didn't know who the amateur photographer was; now it turns out it's Matthew Calicchio, the little brother of one of his supporters. The Campos campaign says they no longer want to talk about the incident. It's obvious that the confrontation between Zimmer and an 18-year-old wanna-be paparazzi on Friday was a political stunt.

Calicchio then filed a simple assault complaint against Zimmer, saying she cursed at him, grabbed his wrist and tried to snatch away his camera. Zimmer denies that also, saying at first she smiled and bantered with Calicchio as he snapped away, but became frustrated because he kept moving in front of her to block her path.

She says she asked him where he lives, and he said the Fifth Ward - though he's apparently registered to vote in the Fourth Ward. (His older brother told the newspaper they are moving to an apartment on Marshall Drive that is currently being renovated.) She also asked his name, but Calicchio told her he didn't have one.
And Calicchio's been at it ever since.

Here he is caught on a dry cleaner's security camera last year stealing Jen Giattino window signs while on the Mason payroll.

But it gets worse.  Much worse.

Back in September, GA had seen Calicchio outside of Wallace School after recess.  In fact, he stood at the playground fence and stared at me as I searched for my daughter in the crowd.

How bizarre, that an adult male would be lurking at a public school playground, political operative or not.  That crosses a line no decent person would ever cross- sending one's employee to a SCHOOLYARD to harass a parent in front of their kid.   No, this behavior goes against all normal parental instincts. Dispatching one's political operative to perform thuggery at a school with children  present.

One would have to be completely immoral or... crazy.

Well, Beth Mason has MORE to answer for.

Her employee, Matt Calicchio has a court date next month for (allegedly) stalking a School Board member in the company of her small daughter.  Calicchio had followed the two into an eating establishment where he sat across from them and stared, and stared, and stared while the child ate... ordering no food for himself.   On the street, he made threatening remarks to the same mother with her little girl at her side.

Mason's response?

Calicchio's got a high-priced defense attorney and she's dispatched 'prosbus' Bajardi to trash the mother on Patch.

You follow?

She doesn't give a damn.

I asked a friend who knows her how to explain this comfort level with employing thugs and dispatching them to stalk and harass political opponents.
I think her comfort with thugs comes from the fact that her narcissistic personality disorder requires attention – even when it comes from unsavory bullies. That she has to hire mentally challenged people like Calicchio, or surround herself with easily unhinged people like Lane, Kim, Ines and Sara, is an indication of how she really has scraped the bottom of the barrel. The ladder to claw her way to the top (or middle) of anything in the political arena in Hoboken or beyond will be Ricky’s money and I don’t believe the Old Guard has much use for her beyond the checkbook.

Well, as Calicchio's trial date nears expect more questions to be asked about the relationship between Beth Mason and her Thugs.

Like WHO is paying for his high-priced defense.

Because you know what that tells  me?

That she is responsible to pay for the consequences of what he was assigned to do.  

Think about that.


  1. You call this reporting! This is political slander -- no wonder this isn't reported on any news outlet. A few minor errors need clarity before any news media outlet can pick it up -- "Well, as the trial date nears expect more questions to be asked about the relationship between Beth Mason and her Thugs, and who's paying for Calicchio's defense." Who are the thugs, and where they convicted of any crimes? (years and dates) What crimes have they've been charged with? What connection they make or have on Beth Mason, who is Beth Mason? This blog lacks investigative reporting, and is only political slander -- not real news reporting. And the pictures are not worth any news organizations time on investigative reporting.

    1. Welcome to my blog, Omar Dyer.

      Folks, Omar is nuttier than a Planters factory.

    2. That's the point nit-wit. It's NOT reporting. It's a blog, someone's thoughts, opinions, observations. Go bother the pigeons.

  2. Hello Omar and welcome to Hoboken.

    MSV broke this story last week and it's already being discussed here and other places in the Hoboken blogosphere.

    The hearings are past and the trial is set for next month for Beth Mason's employee against a Hoboken mom who is also an elected official on the Hoboken Board of Education.

    MSV stands by its story.

  3. You're calling me nuttier than a Planters' Factory. Are you serious, please report real news. And then maybe your blog could be picked up by Fox News or CNN. Here's a real story that was covered nationally, and I didn't need to use political slander to get my point across.

    1. Could you hire someone to at least edit it before you ask us to read it? The whole article is so full of mistakes that I just stopped reading it after a handful of lines.

    2. Fox News is not a legitimate news source.

      Blogs such as this are filling the journalistic void left by local papers such as the Hoboken Distorter that refuse to cover anything that makes the Old Guard or corrupt machine politicians look bad.

  4. Videographer Barbie is a hoot.

    Don't feed the Omar.

  5. The CROOKS of Hoboken are well known,and I am not surprised about any of the above. I've seen Calicchio yell at people on the street if they would carry Zimmer's signs during the election. I am glad that someone keeps the fire on, so thank you Nancy!

  6. will matt take the stand? if he's a little unstable, he might crack under pressure and blow up, or start spilling the beans on mason and other handlers. they guy could really incriminate himself.

    1. I hope he does take the stand.

      He will either have to admit he works for Beth Mason - or lie under oath. And the next question will be, was he on the clock for Beth when the incident occurred.

      Beth can then be asked at a city council meeting if she approves of Mr Calicchio's behavior and will continue to employ him. Further what are we to make of her judgment and fitness for office for hiring such an individual in the first place.

    2. We didn't need one of her paid sycophants to misbehave - again - to realize that she's unfit for office. The only thing she's fit for is throwing one. No, that dye was cast even before Ines began to spin for her, Lane bored us to tears at the mic, she bought Occhipinti's election and she continues to try to do as much damage as possible to Hoboken, our budget and our schools.

      She's not wise and talented enough to ever be an honest public servant, and she's clearly too stupid to be a corrupt one.

      Soon, Beth's political "career" will be over, her kids will be off to college and if she stays in our town where she and Ricky are reviled by every sane and reasonable person, she'll be left to tend to the Masonic temple and abuse the help.

    3. None of us have respected her for some time. But she, Lane and Kim all play a game called "blogs don't matter." But if Calicchio is demonstrated in court to be a hireling, and possibly and on-the-clock hireling, it makes the papers. I don't have any special regard for the papers. But they still have a place.

      We have all known how Timmy won his seat, why Lane is no longer at 411 and had to get a job, why Russo Civic Assoc closed, and who got those letters from Ricciardi. But us knowing it hasn't changed much. I want the rest of the town to know what we know. Not sure what that will take, but Matt telling the court he works for Beth and she's paying for his attorney is a start.

  7. I wonder if Matt understands that the lawyer he is using may be more interested in protecting the person paying the legal bills than in protecting Matt?

    1. if so, that lawyer should be disbarred. isn't that some kind of violation of their legal commitment to serve those they represent?

    2. An unethical lawyer? I'm shocked!


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