Timmy Wants an ALLOWANCE

...so you can BUY yourself this card

chutz·pah \ˈhu̇t-spə, ˈḵu̇t-, -(ˌ)spä\

1. Utter nerve; effrontery:
2. Supreme self-confidence : nerve, gall

ידִישׁ (Yiddish) is a language colorfully suited for an elected official who robbed his city's taxpayers of $4.5 million of their own money THEN came to those SAME taxpayers with hand outstretched and a tin cup... begging for an  ALLOWANCE.

An allowance for WHAT?

To pay for marketing himself (glossy mailers,  Mason-style newsletters) to his constituents!

Simply put:

The _____________ flushes your money down the toilet then asks you for MORE to buy him a 'Thank Me' card.
(insert any of the following words into the blank)

שמעגעגע: shmeh∙geh'∙geh......buffoon
שמאָק: shmok......contemptible person
אידיאָט : idiot ......idiot
גנבֿ: ga∙nef ......thief
גזלן: gaz'∙len ...... robber
דרייקאָפּ: drey'·kohp ......swindler
פֿאַרברעכער: far∙brek∙her ...... crook

Which one did you pick?

I chose crook.

We hope Tim can soldier on with exporting photo-op fluff to Hoboken411 and Facebook, sparing people like us from letting this fool waste MORE of our money.

GA doesn't get the public's apathy.  

Mike Russo, Beth Mason, Terry Castellano and Tim 'Thank Me' Occhipinti stuffed $4,500,000 of OUR MONEY down the toilet then FLUSHED... it's gone forever. Yes, a simple parking utility bond refinance which would have netted the city up to $100,000 was voted DOWN by 'Thank Me' Tim.

And the result of 'Thank Me' Tim's 'NO' vote?

Our city was forced to pay $4,500,000 to service and reduce its existing  debt.

This money came straight out of our surplus.

Instead of tax relief we got robbed.

These 4 menaces are empowered to damage our wallets until we can vote them out... tell your friends and neighbors what they've done, spread the word.  

And NO, Timmy.   No allowance for YOU.  Buy your OWN 'Thank Me' cards.


  1. WTF? This man spends a fortune on street workers already and now he needs more money to run his PR campaign? Perhaps he should take that money he already spends on $40 checks for voters in his ward and use it to pay for some mass mailings. The man doesn't need more money, he needs to learn to use it more wisely.

    1. Is a "street worker" like a hooker, only less socially respectable?

  2. I'm still miffed that Brian Stack got access to my personal information and sends me a birthday card every year. Like I give a f*ck about some politician wishing me a happy birthday.

    1. Ha! Do you get yours on time? Mine usually comes 3 months early.

      Well, I hope he puts a coupon or gift card in it this year. Better yet, a pass to his gorgeous Union City pool.

    2. Mine comes very late and it's in English and bad Spanish dialect.

  3. He actually thought that it was "illegal" to take more than $3.5 million form the parking surplus. He should have been around when Mayor Russo gutted the utilitie's $40 million reserve to plug budget holes. When it comes to finance his handlers really should tell him to just be quiet. Better yet he needs to find new financial handlers.

    1. In addition to raiding the HPU's coffers, Russo was rumored to have forced the directors of that department to hire his Latina girlfriends.

    2. Was Papa Russo a player in town? That I did not no. Stands to reason as one completely void of an iota of moral fiber in his business and political dealings (basically at his core he is a crook first and politician/teacher second) would likely be the same as it relates to his family. Not to mention, he probably wasn't all that thrilled to see what his own legacies were shaping up to be so maybe wanted to get a couple of illegitimates out there that might have more "Russo" in them. I keep seeing the scene from the Sopranos where Tony looks on at Anthony Jr in disgrace and says to his wife....and this is my legacy? I can so see that same scene occurring in the Church Towers the night Mike came home to his taxpayer subsidized apartment and stopped at his parents taxpayer subsidized apartment to tell his felon father that he just struck a deal with a developer to trade a $5,000 campaign contribution for support on his projects in Hoboken.

    3. The stories and rumors are legion and if only half are true, they give sleaze a bad name.


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