Tonight, Tonight

As GA perused tonight's meeting agenda, this jumped out at me, Resolution No. 12:
12.* Resolution instituting an investigation by the City Council of the reasons for unpaid Legal Services invoices dated in the CY 2011 (sponsored by Councilman Russo) *
 Oh, boy.  Can you give us a break?  As in, We the People who are paying your salary.

Councilman Russo, how's this for an 'investigation': check the DATES on the invoices.  So if they were received in 2012, that means the City wasn't billed until the work was complete or the not-to-exceed limit was reached. 

Here's an idea of how are legal expenses are disbursed from the 2012 Introduced Budget from Corporation Counsel's Budget presentation last month:

Well, the meeting is about to start...


  1. Can we do an investigation in to how Russo can be so stupid, disingenuous & dishonest?


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