Earwitness Rumor

Here's one that'll wake you up- new stirrings reported about town from our friends, the Feds.

Yes, they're ba-ack. 

An earwitness reports that the F.B.I. is poking into another Hoboken public institution- and it's not City Hall.

Wow. Have the Feds been been reading GA?

Remember what deep-disher Not E. Sophie-Gus predicted:
What you've seen is validating the belief and opinions of people. Anybody who understands the criminal justice system and the process its in the early stages in the public portion of the process. But preceding that there's been a ton of investigative tools: wiretaps, surveillance, flipping people early and getting them to turn, cooperating witnesses. Typically there would be a period where the investigators evaluate what's been given them and take it where it leads them.. They follow the money. That’s normal and typical and this process needs to be no different other than the amount of data sent to the prosecutor to evaluate, which was enormous An entire city's IT department was seized and turned over to the Feds. I don't think it’s ever been put in its proper perspective what's been done when the Feds came in and took over. Which is understood by someone who has experience in this world and understands what was made available to prosecutors. It's unprecedented in terms of the amount of data turned over voluntarily. Turned over voluntarily because the mayor found out cyber crimes were committed by people on the city payroll. So she asked authorities to come in and asked to investigate. which was the proverbial camel's nose under the tent. Now they have the data banks of a city of 50,000 to go through. And they’re going to track and trace various other relationships. This has tentacles everywhere.
"This has tentacles everywhere"... and according to our earwitness, it's spread beyond City Hall.


  1. This is great news. Under previous administrations, as still practiced by some members of the Old Guard and their supporters, city hall was not the only fertile ground for corruption to thrive in.


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