BREAKING: Earwitness Bombshell

WOW...  GA heard this TODAY from a reliable (second) source.

It's not exactly a 'rumor' nor can it be confirmed since the original source, a born and raised Hoboken 'old timer' is not saying more but... (are you ready?)

Here it is, what GA was told verbatim:
The FBI's targets are Russo and Mason.
Yup. that's the breaking earwitness report. And aside from GA, there was a 2nd earwitness to this very bombshell revelation.

Was this 'news' based on the people interviewed and questions they were asked?  A leak from Ricciardi (out on bail awaiting sentencing)?  A leak from the Feds to solicit witnesses?

Who knows. 

 It's been made clear the (original) source doesn't want to talk. So...

Stay tuned.


  1. you heard this from two different sources?? oh man...where there's smoke, there's fire. especially in "you do for me, i do for you" land.

  2. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let this be true.

    We need to rout all the inbred, logrolling, quid pro quo, trash from Hoboken politics

  3. I will be cracking open a very expensive bottle of wine if this ends up being true.

  4. Available to join Redrider when that fine wine is cracked open. Oh I so look forward to toasting the Boys of Summer in Newark.

  5. If Beth is, in fact, arrested and indicted, I wonder how Ricky will explain it all to the other partners at his prestigeous law firm.

  6. Hmmm. Let's see (paraphrased for expediency): "...unless there's proof I'm going to say I haven't seen any e-mails..."

    Just a hunch, but that may not be the shrewdest turn of a phrase to throw off the investigators.

    Or in terms of wheeling, having a party line of (again, paraphrasing) "it's my money and I'll do what I damn well please with it, in whatever quantities I see fit", again, just my crazy hunch, that might not ingratiate one to the authorities either.

    As far as others may be concerned, they've already caught them with their hand in the cookie jar on a basis you can set your watch to, they just need something airtight to bring to a grand jury.

    C'mon, this isn't political intrigue, it's freakin' "Punch and Judy".


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