Who's Watering Tim?

That was GA's first thought when I saw this:

Specifically this part:
There will be face painting, balloon animals, and snacks for attendees.
GA's a veteran of many birthday parties.  I know what that would cost for 12 kids for 2 hours.  A few hundred bucks.

 Oh yeah.  Just ask this guy:

Mr. Chuck E. Cheese

That rat chewed a hole in GA's wallet twice.

So, if that's what a party runs for a bunch of kids, imagine the price tag on face painting, balloon animals and snacks for the 8,152 residents of the 4th Ward?

Holy cow.  

But... but... didn't Timmy just ask for a $4,000 raise?  He claimed the money was needed for "communications".

So, if Tim is so hard-up for cash he's asking taxpayers to fund his 4th Ward mailers, if he's that reticent to dip into his own pockets to market himself in his own ward, if he doesn't have enough of a warchest to pay for his OWN communications but has to tap our wallets then:
WHO is paying for Timmy's party?
Because he ain't.  So somebody is.  Don't you want to know who they are?

Are they the same guys who painted Timmy's overpass in the 4th ward of Jersey City?

WHO is watering Tim?

Presumably the party is being sponsored by people  trying to buttress his political career, to keep in in office or move on to bigger things.  A political donation.  Will the public see who picking up the tab?

Clearly this is a Timmy-promotion, touting his Hercualean efforts to make 4th Ward green dreams come true.  But, there are Two sides to every story.

Here is Tim's:
"I’m very proud of this accomplishment and would like to celebrate with you and your family. I have been advocating for the upgrading of these parks since the fall of 2010,” he said in a release.
Here's the other side- what someone  said with inside knowledge of the development and planning of the 4th Ward parks told GA:

"Occhipinti has had no constructive role behind the scenes. He's done nothing with respect to lobbying the administration for them on behalf of his constituents nor working with them on the development of either of these parks."

So whom do you believe?

Back to the original question.


  1. Tim-witted Occhipinti is the clip-on tie equivalent of a politician; very two dimensional.

    Unable and unwilling to do any of the work he was bought - I mean elected - to perform for his ward, he instead sends out press releases and orchestrates a photo-op.

    That said, one can only be so angry at the mentally deficient. After all, these ideas, like the money needed to create them, are not his own.

    Enjoy the face-painting Tim. I'm sure they have just the right shade of shame for you to wear to go with the egg you so often don.

    1. I love Tim-witted. I'd like to add Narciscivic-minded to the lexicon to denote people who are functionally incapable to distinguishing between self-promotion and the public good. See synonyms at "Masonic".

  2. This buffoon, like his Old Guard Handlers and Enablers is absolutely shameless. It's kind of ironic that the core members of the Old Guard who consider themselves loyal Democrats (and criticize the Mayor for seeking and/accepting assistance from a Republican Governor)can lie and dissemble with a straight face as much as George Bush, Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney can. I like to believe that there is poetic justice in this life, so I hope Timmy gets what he deserves (i.e., jail time) for allowing two elections to be purchased on his behalf, for lying at every Council meeting and for taking credit for other people's hard work. What a poor excuse for a human being!

    1. Seriously, WHO is paying for this?

    2. Do you think they want you to know? I doubt we ever find out.

  3. Go there and ask a face-painter who paid. I'm sure the answer is fascinating. You can cross Tim off your list for starters. Whoever it is will now be owed a massive favor. So you may be able to figure it out after the fact.


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