Free Cone Day!

Here was the scene this afternoon outside of Hoboken's Ben & Jerry's at 405 Washington Street.

That's right...  because today was Free Cone Day-  Ben & Jerry's annual thank you to all of us.

Well, let me tell you that when LA (Little Avenger) found out it was free cone day, boy did she get excited!  Which was interesting because she never pays for her ice cream.   

I do.

In any event, I took her over there for a free cone today. Walking east toward Washington Street, we saw packs of teens headed in the same direction.  Where do you think they were all going?

Hint: FREE ice cream.

So by the time we arrived the line was substantial- maybe 50 or more were waiting.  Teens and young adults. 

And check this out: two guys were holding signs that said "Jump the Line for $5".  Wait a minute,  the 'free' ice cream cone can't be more than $3.50 retail... so what kind of schmuck is going to pay 5 bucks to expedite their 'free' $3.50 ice cream?

I should have asked who the sign-holders were- if they were B&J employees.

But we didn't stick around. LA and I hoofed it to Rita's instead- where the ice cream wasn't free, but no wait.

Listen, if you don't mind the wait then head over there.

Here's what I know: people LOVE free stuff. Especially food.

I'll never forget one hot, hot summer's day in Chinatown; it must have been 95 degrees but felt like 100... I was walking along the Bowery toward Canal, and noticed a huge line of people- all Asian-standing in the heat; it stretched around the block.  Literally.  I got very curious about WHAT they were waiting for, as I passed each person on the slow-moving line. Finally, near the corner of Canal I saw what they were waiting for.  All the way at the front: a hot dog stand.

Yes, they were waiting in Hades for a free hot dog.

I'm sorry people.  I love my freebies, too but I'd rather starve than stand in an inferno for a frigging hot dog.  Ice cream, maybe.

Anyway,  did you know that  Ben & Jerry's is a generous, progressive company that provides grants to non-profit organizations aligned with the company's interest in social justice, environmental protection and sustainable food systems? If you ARE one of those or KNOW one of those, you may be interested in checking the grant programs on their website.
The Foundation awards about $1.8 million annually to eligible organizations across the country and in Vermont. Our philanthropy is employee-led by non-management, employee advisory groups who consider proposals and recommend grants. The Foundation administers five grant programs, listed below.

All of our grant programs utilize an on-line application process.

Cheers to Ben & Jerry's: a company does good things and makes that fabulous Peanut Butter Cup ice cream. AND gives us free ice cream one day a year.

Hurry, go get yours!  Hours are from noon to 8 pm.