Dancing with Elks

GA's happy to report that last night's Wallace Spring Disco Dance at the Elk's Lodge was a smashing success!

Did you know that annual dance is a fundraiser for Wallace School's Field Day?  Aside from the crowd of parents and teachers who attend,  it usually attracts a slew of politicos. 

Not this year.

GA was genuinely surprised at the poor showing.

Here's who I saw: 5th Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham, Freeholder Anthony Romano and ALL 5 members of the Kids First School Board: Rose Markle, Theresa Minutillo, Ruthy McAllister, Irene Sobolov and Leon Gold.

Noticeably ABSENT: ALL other School Board members. No Carmelo Garcia, no Peter Biancamano, no Frances Kearns, no Maureen Sullivan (not surprised since GA heard that she advised parents to pull their kid out of public school- YES, stay tuned for that one)

I guess election year Field Days get more love from those running for office. Although I don't think the kids notice the difference.

Also missed was regular-attendee Frank Raia, who has always given generously no matter what the season- and paid his own way.  Unlike other Old Guard weasels who'd show up late so they could slip in without paying.

Anyway... as usual, LOTS of fun... disco dancing, great food, and of course BOOZE- enough to soak everyone's inner- Funky Chicken.

Much appreciation to Peter Cunningham and his Funky Chicken for their support.

And to all who came out to dance for Field Day 2012.  

LA (Little Avenger) and all the kids of Wallace love Field Day- it's a day of non-competitive sporting events with the emphasis on teamwork and fun.

From last night:

He's terrific on the City Council AND can dance with a drink in his hand!
Freeholder Anthony Romano who did NOT spook these geese last night.
BoE members Theresa Minutillo and Ruthy McAllister with GA's fave
Canadian redhead
Lovely ladies with Wallace's beloved Teacher's Assistant
Miss Delores and BoE member Irene Sobolov
Kurt Gardiner dances with GA while former BoE member
Jean Marie Mitchell laughs at us and look- it's the lovely Liz Mulholland!
Is that BoE member Leon Gold's Funky Chicken dance?
Beautiful ladies at the bar.  See what you missed horny single-guys?
There's the gorgeous and much-loved Wallace 2nd Grade teacher
(don't know her married name!)
Are we funky or what?
Thank you, lovely Wallace Parent Team President Barbara Melfi for
a great job!  Pictured with her handsome hairless hubby.

And there's Wallace Principal Jay Medlin with his wife.  He's tall-
at least 6'-4" and she's teeny-tiny.  Aren't they cute?

See you there next year!


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