Call an Exterminater!

After yesterday's startling earwitness report GA is concerned there may be a bug infestation at 1200 Washington Street. 

Do you know that address?

It houses 2 entities: an art gallery, Gallery 1200, and the headquarters of Councilwoman Beth Mason.

According the Wachtell Lipton Rosen  & Katz bio of husband Richard Mason:
"Together with his wife and children, Mr. Mason founded the Mason Family Civic League, a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to providing educational, art and civic support in Hoboken, New Jersey and beyond."
The Mason Family Civic League.  Has a nice ring to it.  Like The Russo Civic Association.

Gallery 1200 is sponsored by Mason's Civic League.

Sharing 1200 Washington with the gallery is Beth Mason's political headquarters.  There one can find   employees on her payroll- like Matt Calicchio.  

Calicchio is going to trial next month for stalking a member of Hoboken's BoE- a Mason political opponent.  It is believed Mason is funding the defense of her stalker-employee.  Did you know that his  victim is a mom who was with her small daughter when the incident occurred?  GA can attest to seeing Calicchio loitering at the Wallace playground at recess last September.  He stared at me as I searched for my daughter in the crowd of children.  Why is Beth Mason sending her employee to a public school to intimidate mothers with their children?)

Here's another Calicchio incident- which occurred at the corner of Washington and 12th Street, outside Mason headquarters.  An openly gay pro-Reform activist was passing him on the street when Calicchio simulated oral sex with his hand and mouth.  Was that an invitation or gay-bashing?

Charming that Mason's employee made this crude sexual gesture within feet of her headquarters.

Another Mason operative seen there: Sara (Timmy's Brain) Stojkovic who is in the above pic and the blown-up portion below.  Here she is, taking my pic.

There's the gal who texts Timmy at the City Council taking my pic after she scurried out of Mason's HQ

Mason also employs Tanya Garcia, the sister-in-law of BoE member and HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia. 

GA hears Ms. Garcia is a lovely woman.  And other than being forced to write endorsement letters for her employer without disclosing her relationship to said employer- she is not an operative as far as I know.  Merely an employee placed in an untenable situation by her boss with an assignment like that.  Take a look:

Yikes.  Poor Tanya.  If she wasn't held at gunpoint (figuratively) it must have been Stockholm Syndrome.

So, GA is concerned about Ms. Garcia, Matt Calicchio, Sara Stojkovic, and all the other workers at 1200 Washington Street.  You know why?

If GA's earwitness was right, then the place must be infested.

Federal investigations are long, slow information-gathering operations that unfold over months and years. Which makes their indictments air-tight- and their ability to flip minor players into cooperating witnesses a certainty.  Because the Feds are after BIG Fish- they aim to decapitate the head of the network and that's how they do it.

From the bottom up. Which takes time.

GA is going to exhume some posts that appeared on MSV last May from a poster that GA always suspected was a...  oh, never mind.

Note that last May when these posts appeared, it was the earliest days of the Ricciardi case; he'd been suspended- not arrested, and the Feds had only just received the City's data banks.

Certainly, many of those we know (or suspect) to have been interviewed by the Feds had not yet been.  So we can assume  that after a year of surveillance, wiretaps, tapping informants, interviews, and custody of the entire City's data banks, the scope of the federal investigation has grown. 

And in that year, the role of Big Fish in financing election fraud or hiding payroll from the IRS or participating in  the data theft conspiracy has been revealed by Little Fish. 

One way to get Little Fish talking is when the Feds present evidence gleaned from infested political headquarters.

Like this one.

You see how these infestations can be devastating.   

If it happened at the Russo Civic Association, can it happen at the Mason Family Civic Association?

The infestation I'm referring to is not the American Cockroach (Latin: Periplaneta americana) but with this creature, the Eavesdropper (Latin: Fedsara listening).
1200 Washington infested with Fedsara listening?
 Did you know that today's Eavesdropper can now "Listen-In" to your room conversations from truly incredible distances? That innocent looking Electric Outlet at the base of the wall can actually be picking up and transmitting every word . . . and every whisper . . . of your most private conversations. And, that harmless looking lamp can be hiding a Miniature  Eavesdropper that is revealing your most confidential discussions, or leaking out valuable information to agents in Newark? What about that illuminated sign projecting above your front door?  It may be stuffed with Eavesdroppers.

Wow, that is one pernicious bug.  I think there is only one way to get rid of it.  Like they did at 420 Adams.

On that note, this song goes out to my infested friends at 1200 Washington Street:


  1. The only way to get rid of the bugs is to first get rid of the rats, skunks, snakes and walking piles of horse manure who infest the building.

  2. Did you know that today's Eavesdropper bug can .......
    i always wondered about those red speakers the hoboken fire dept has in all applied bldgs. There are fire speakers loud...loud...right out side all doors that can be heard on other addition another speaker in the apt. I always wonder how they know if an apt speaker is disconnected especially if its at the end of the wire line? Its like over kill...... just wondering....
    and good job with detective work.....makes sense.

  3. Audio surveillance is in order, but may be unnecessary when Mason states publicly phrases such as: "until there's proof otherwise, I'm going to say..."

    More brilliant strategy is on display for her little shop of horrors (whose change of MULTIPLE uses has yet to be approved by our zoning board of adjustment) when these geniuses decided to call it "The Mason Family Civic Association" This is just one letter shy of being associated with a slightly less evil and destructive "Manson Family". It also implies that they have a family or that they're civic-minded.

    Still, Beth Mason does have certain attributes that seem to define her:

    Style (as in "what's out-of")
    Grace (as in "dis")
    Class (as in "lower")
    Honest (as in "dis")
    Appeal (as in "filing upon conviction")
    Generous (to a fault: "Ricky's fault")
    Moral (as in "A")
    Ethical (as in "non")
    Wise (as in "guys" she knows)
    Friendly (as in what can be bought)
    Faithful (as in who's she pandering to today?)
    Relevant (as in "ir")
    Articulate (as in in "in")
    Committed (as in "needs to be")


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